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Looking for some new threads for the new year.  

One being that Kara is looking for a partner in crime. After seeing how her twin, Supergirl, works good with the flash or batgirl and how Batman and Superman worked well together, Powergirl and Huntress, etc.  She is looking for a supervillian to be her partner in crime.  Maybe even do something like Gotham city sirens.  Or the Birds of Prey.  

Female supervillian partner. Male works too. Comic book wise. 


Or something AU/ Crossover.  Doesn’t have to be strictly DC universe.  Just whatever you think may fit with her in her world or yours. 


Open to other ideas, not just the partner in crime angle. Can do something with aliens, or Syfy meets fantasy with Aliens.  

Like that movie Brightburn coming out , that looks like a story of an evil Superman like being coming to earth as a baby and raised by humans and turns out evil. 

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