helllooo~, we're looking for some friends to be RPing with; we're completely open to a wide variety of possibilities. but our main interests lie in, well,

f a n t a s y !!and sci-fi, or eldritch space operas- anything and everything you've got that's got oodles on oodles of worldbuilding potential, and ohhh- we love ourselves some really well thought out characters, magic / tech systems, lore, and everything more, too!!!

don't be shy to contact us if you just wanna share whatever cool stuff you've got brewin up in that noggin; we'd love to chat with ya lots bout anything you're interested in!

for RP, we'll do guys and gals and anything in-between or out-between~ monsters, aliens, beasts, and squishy mortals- we've got no bounds as long as there's things worth exploring to looksie at~ we try our very best to be nice and thoughtful; because we really like niceness, and some good ole empathy! given and received, so I hope we can all be friends if anyone's interested in hitting me and I and us up, you know!~

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  • Nice. I like the whimsical style.

  • Oooo welcome! I hope you find some fun friends!

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