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Realm? Idea? Interest? Safe Haven for Supernaturals?

Jezebel Smith runs a run down apartment building called Equinox. It run down. Power goes out from time time. Plaster is repaired badly in hallways. The apartments are simple. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room/dining area and a bath. This is not luxury living. The building is a safe haven for Supernaturals. Jezebel can't turn away any Supernatural that needs a roof over their head. So majority of rents either pay very little or drift through.So, the question is does this interest anyone? Would you like to join this beat up apartment building? Should I make this a realm? Do you want to join the struggle? I had a few different story lines I thought of including in the daily life of this beat up apartment building. From simply idea of days without power to large ideas like magical demons coming to take try to claim it. There are a few NPCs that can also cause mayhem in small or bigger terms.Should I do It?Should I just keep it just with Jez?

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  • Well since my character went from being a hunter of the supernatural to hunting / hunters - who hunt the supernatural. I could see her passing through here. Maybe even plot a story about some group  hunters discover the safe haven of Jezebels. And they plan to raid it and kill every supernatural being that lives there or is hiding out there. Which she then comes into town on the mission to kill the hunters. 

    Just one idea :p

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