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Hello fellow writers! Hope you all are having a wonderful day or starting off the week good; it has come to my attention that I have some inactive writers on my friend's list and I also have 18 possible threads going for me at the moment. So, here is what's going to happen, I will be removing people and cutting off some threads, I've notice that not many people are really into roleplaying with realistic animals which I can understand as to why and but at the same time, it's just a waste of time if you're just sitting on my friend's list and not gonna bother writing with me or attempt to write with me am I right? 

So, I will be removing people and also be looking for a couple of more threads for this character before I close threads for her completely; if you wish you try and write with me then by all means, you can either message me or add me as a friend; I don't want to take in too many threads to the point where I'm being overwhelmed or anything, just a small few more threads and that's it. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this, hope you have a very nice day or week! 

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  • (( I totally understand and I have been there my self recently. I have had to remove threads that have been inactive for months with no explanation. I also understand that time is limited on here for some people due to life situations. <3

  • Yep! I'm already going through a rough patch at the moment and my time getting on here has become limited for me at the moment until I get RL taken care of, as people say, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

  • |. I've had to do that too. I'm looking to do the same thing off another account as well. You gotta do you,right?

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