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Basic Details? I am looking for roleplay partners who believe they may fit the world setting that Dorian's story takes place. If possible, I'd like action, romance, mystery, adventure, and fantasy to take place. Dorian has a distinct interest in men, so female partners may participate ONLY as allies or acquainted friends. 

In-Depth Details? Dorian's setting is an alternate version of Earth, accommodating all of our modern ideals, tech, and history, with some minor adjustments. These are listed below, in shortened detail (full explanation available on my profile). 

  • Dorian is part of the ancient Marrik family- the First Borne of the Vampyre species, which have existed for over two aeons. The group are incredibly powerful, and are resistant to most damages. How they became vampyres is rather intricate, as it involves a story of blood, magick, and chaos. 
  • The main settings for the roleplay will be Paris, France; London, England; Scottish Highlands; New York City, NY - US. All of it in modern day, 21st Century, 2018. 
  • Supernaturals of any variety of welcome, though witches may be held at length due to their association with his curse, and only flings...
  • Dorian runs a secretive organization known as 'Black Gate', which is only known to those who are active members. Among the members are Alexander the Great, Raphael, and Napoleon Bonaparte. The phrase to access their organization, or get details from them, is "Aeternitas quod post mea oculi." This translates roughly to "Eternity is behind my eyes."

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  • I'd be intersted in writing with you. Lovely page, by the way.

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