Action Roleplay

Howdy I'm Snake and I'm looking for an action/ crime thriller roleplay.

I have a few plots in mind but feel free to discuss and we can come up with something ourselves. If you pick one of these I can also expand them.

A) Dillon steals from A but when A chases them they slip and bang their head. What happens next?

B) A needs to solve this case (maybe they're a journalist, police officer or trying to clear their own or someone else's name). Someone reccomend they talk to Dillon but Dillon does not seem to take this seriously, infact he just stole A's phone. How will A cope?

C) A is a master theif, highly respected in all criminal circles and well known for their calling card. One day they go after an artifact and it's already gone. The only possible culprit? A short redhead who seems to be a ver bad pickpocket. What will A do? How will they get the artifact?

My timezone is GMT. I'm 18 and I'd prefer if my rp partner would be older than 17. I'm only interested in OC roleplay right now feel free to message me on Discord (The Snake Deity#1812) or reply in a comment here. I'm open to Dillon being paired with males & nonbinaries &

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