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Hello! I'm completely new here so if this is in the wrong spot I apologize. I'm looking for either a short or long term role play partner. I love anything fantasy, quest-esque, dungeons and dragons-esque. Not really looking for romance. My response length will probably depend on yours and how much you give me to work with. I can rp on discord, fb messenger or maybe you can suggest something? I used to roleplay a lot, and am out of touch with it and want to dive back in so if I'm rusty at first I do apologize. 

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  • I hope you find some great writing partners here!

    Please let me know if you need anything at all~

  • Honestly you sound a lot like me lol.  I have been wanting to roleplay for awhile, but have been out of touch with it... but I have an OC named Zachary I have really been wanting to flesh out.  :/  I don't know too much about dungeons dragons, but I do like fantasy.   I used to do roleplays with about 4 people and it was quite fun for dungeon types. =)

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