RP Anyone?

Hi!!  I am new to this site and seeking an RP partner or two for long term.  I have a set character on here but I am open up to playing many more male characters and in some case females.  I am a future author that writes a lot of gay romance 18+ I am working on plots.  I have to get better on less smut and more plot lol.  But I write what I'm good at.  If you're good at plots and are interested hit me up.  Even if you're not we can still work something out.  I'm more of a loose planner and more of a off the cuff wing it type of person.  I believe in ooc communication before and hashing out an idea slightly or open up to ideas for the future.  Whatever is t may be.  I have just about all the genres in my stories.  I am pretty easy going am understandable and learning to take criticism.  Like I said I wrote a lot of gay romance and 18+ scenes.  So give me a buzz if you like and we can hash something out!!

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    1. Hi i'm new  here too but have been rping for years. I think we rp the same stuff, so maybe we can chat and decide on a rp. I can show old work, to show my rp style. 
  • Welcome! I hope you find some people to write with here :) I'd love to read your book when it's done!

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