• Hi there! I'm Pixie and I use she/her. I'm 18 and I'm looking for a roleplay partner!
  • I typically write a few paragraphs or so per response (approx. semi-lit). Depending on what I've been given, I can write more or less so make sure you provide me with something to work with. I'm new to the platform, so it may take a while to adjust to layouts and whatnot. However, if you're willing to be patient, I'm happy to cooperate!
  • Happy to do romance plots! Neve is bisexual so I'm happy with any ships: I'm a lesbian so my page will always be an LGBTQ+ safe space.
  • I am autistic so clear indications between in and out of character are highly appreciated. If possible, please use tone tags as it can be hard to distinguish tone over texts


  • Must be 16+: if you want to do relationship stuff and more physical things, then please be 18+. Obviously, all characters should be around 18+ as Neve is 24. Otherwise, it'd just be a little weird, y'know?
  • Please understand that I am a university student so I may not reply immediately: I try my best to check the site every day or so but I may not always be as active depending on my workload
  • Quality responses, please! I don't mind if you write just one paragraph or five but please just make sure I can work with it!


  • Neve is very character driven but I can try and offer plot points relating to environments she works well in and what could work for the both of us. I will give loose outlines for now but feel free to suggest your own or develop on these ideas. For example:
    • Crime/Action: Working on a mystery or string of crimes
    • Romance: Meeting in the city (ie in the office/subway) and building on our characters from there
    • Horror: Neve is investigating your killer or perhaps investigating paranormal occurences


The rest is up to you! Feel free to comment here or PM me!


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