Maybe your character is in need of a psychologist, or maybe he/she likes fast sexy cars and participating in illegal street races?

Lys can do both.

She's a passionate therapist who cares about her patients (maybe a bit too much at times), tries to help them as good as she can, listens carefully and at times might not act as professional as she pretends to be.

Maybe your character has a troubled past and would like to talk about it with someone? Or he/she is forced to see a therapist by a family member/friend, but doesn't really want to do therapy? Whatever the reason may be, Lys will take care of him/her in more than one way.

I don't know what else to say about her as a therapist, so I'll leave at that.


Your character prefers the night life? No problem. Lys, in the street racing scene known as Josie, runs the streets of NYC ( I can place her pretty much anywhere for a short period of time, though). Not only is she participating in illegal races, she also deals with prescription drugs, often treats others like their complete garbage and thinks of herself as unimpeachable. Someone might want to teach this woman a lesson...

Maybe someone has a character from an form of force of law, trying to blow up the street racing scene in NYC? Or simply someone who likes the sight of expensive cars and partying. I'm open to pretty much anything.


I'm also open to some other ideas. Maybe your character is evil enough to kidnap her kid and blackmail her.

We could also throw her in jail and have a prison RP.

There are many possibilities with her.


If anyone's interested, send me a friend request, a message or comment here. I'd really like to have some more people to write with, even though what I wrote doesn't sound intriguing at all...

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