Seeking RP

Hey all.

At the moment I'm looking to involve Christian in Marvel/D.C and/or The Walking Dead universes as I'm growing the character, but just about any and all RP are welcome.

I don't have any post limits, as long as what you provide can help further the story. That said, I find it very difficult to enjoy a story or move it along on posts under two paragraphs. Please be able to manage that much.

I suck at profiles so anyone willing to hold my hand through an overhaul would be appreciated; until then, the blog Reading the Reaper is probably Christian's best character description atm. More to come.

I'm big on long-term RP and developing the relationship between our characters (in whatever capacity) naturally, over time. If you prefer to get right to the heart of things, let me know you enjoy a more fast pace RP, this way I don't drag things and bore you. If you loose interest in our RP, believe it or not I don't expect any from you. Stories fade away and die, it's fine. If you find you'd like to retry with a different story in the future, there's no hard feelings. The only good stories are ones we both enjoy, feel free to be picky. 

Christian is one of three character that I write and RP.

I also play an elemental magician, belonging to an order who keeps balance between natural and super natural, named Warrin Attero.

And an enhanced human who jumps timelines, named Les.  So far, neither are going to get seperate profiles here, but that could change. HMU.


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  • (( I got a Marvel character for ya if you want and I also have not exactly TWD but Resident Evil if you want to do zombies. Could mix the two possibly.))

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