Hello! My name's Danielle though I'd much rather prefer you to call me Dani! I believe that it saves time and is just overall easier to remember. Anyways, I'm rather new to this site but I've been roleplaying for a few years now though it's been a while since I've actually been able to take it seriously. This thread is what I'm hoping will help me get back to the more fun and realistic side of roleplaying again with cool people! 

 {A bit more about me}

As before, my name is Danielle. I'm 18, going on 19 on the 7th this October so....About a week from now? That also makes me a Libra- Not like my zodiac is that relevant to anything lol.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about before!

I've been roleplaying online for almost three years now but I've done tabletop roleplaying (D&D) for twice as long so I'd say that I'm pretty experienced at this. I can write anything from plain one-liners to detailed ten-paragraph responses if I'm given enough info and such to work off of someone else's post. I don't have any preference for it either so whatever way you like to write, I can easily adjust to it. I also roleplay a wide variety of different genres such as adventure, fantasy, slice of life, realistic, supernatural, and too many more for me to think up off the top of my head! I also don't mind platonic or romantic relationships between characters (+18 themes are welcome as well but of course I'd prefer to talk that part out if it's something you want to include in the rp)

 {Pre-Thought Plots}

{Washed up} My character gets thrown out into the sea by herself after the ship she had boarded was sunken and ends up waking up on the beach of an island where she meets your character.

{Roommates} Though she had been living in a home meant for two, my character had been there alone for a whole year. You could imagine her shock when a new person walked in claiming to be her new roommate.

{Unlikely Meeting} While my character had been taking a casual walk around the neighborhood, she caught sight of someone who she couldn't take her eyes off of. She opted to watch them from afar when she got the chance to but what happens when she's forced to work with him?

{Catching Up} After years of adjusting, Marie finally settled into a new and comfortable life. Somehow though, she still found her past coming to haunt her... Or rather her past came to her. Someone whom she had befriended in her late years of high school managed to bump into her and the two ended up hanging out to re-learn about each other.

 Of course, I'll always be open to suggestions and ideas so don't be afraid to tell me a few, I promise I don't bite!

Also, know that I also play as pretty submissive characters. Even with Marie being the snappy person she is, in the end, all she really comes out to be is a brat.


PM me if ya need me!

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  • Would you be interested rn?

  • I'm looking for roleplays too! Do you wanna rp with me?

  •  Welcome to the site! Your faceclaim is pretty :) happy early birthday as well! I don't mind plotting something out with you, though my character is supernatural - not sure how they would incorporate.

    This site is a great place, with more updates on the way as I've been informed :) I hope you enjoy it here!

    <3 Mel

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