Please ignore the fact that my profile is a hideous mess. I promise it does not reflect at all on my ability to write.

Anyway, I'm looking for new writing partners for an old-fashioned scientist of dubious ethics. 

I'm comfortable with writing 18+ content. Gore is welcomed, sexual situations are things I'm comfortable writing, if there's a good IC reason for it (given that Vic's asexual, that's highly unlikely). 

I write para to multipara, with good grammar and spelling, and I would like it if you did as well.

Victor is a scientist from the 1800s, who has some background in alchemy and esotericism as well. He is lonely, paranoid, excessively fastidious, and curious to a dangerous degree. Can your character discover the dark secrets of his work? Or maybe just get him to smile even if it kills him? Would you like to see me bullshitting my way through plausible-if-you-don't-think-too-hard-about-it fake-science explanations of your characters' fantastical powers? Contact now!

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