So, I've decided to update this thread since I updated my profile a bit. The current list of characters is at three, all of whom are available for plots! First, we have my darling Maya, the Siren from the Borderlands universe. Well, one of them. While I'm still looking for her Krieg, I'm open to other plots with her as well! Just be nice to my baby, okay? She's one of my favorite characters to play!original.gif


Then, we have Miss Zoe Hayes. She's a crime boss from New Orleans. She's also your typical human, just with a little combat training under her belt. She can be a joy as long as she's got her alcohol or her nicotine. But she's also a shameless flirt, so be warned. If you do want to write with her, keep in mind she uses a lot of French words and phrases. Every now and then, she'll use a Cajun French term, but she was taught Parisian French on top of that, so she slips into it quite often. 




And, last but not least, we have Aleena Reynolds. She's a bit older than my other two characters, but she's got a heart of gold. She has the ability to control technology, and she can often be found locked in her lab. She's originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Just do keep in mind she's a bit of a klutz, so if you write with her, she's probably going to end up getting hurt a little. She's a joy to be around, though, and she's always trying to learn about other people or other cultures. She's easy enough to get along with if you're okay with a few questions.


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  • Hello. I'm a new user to this site but I am an experienced roleplayer and love Borderlands. I would love to do a roleplay with Maya if that's possible.

  • I'll shoot you a PM ^-^ I'm mostly using the Borderlands 2 Maya, though, just because Borderlands 3 did my girl so wrong lol

  • I would love to roleplay with Maya, though I know little about Borderlands. If your thread is still open, I'm willing to do research as needed.

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