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So who wants to chill with a demoness?

Opening up threads for this character. She is inspired by the tv show Supernatural and her meatsuit that she has claimed. Draws from the Arrowverse. Looking for anyone that wants to get into some trouble with a demon.

She was a creation of Lucifier to be a backup, backup plan for his mission of making Hell on earth and bringing about the apocalypse. She was designed to help replace the Knights and Princes of Hell, if they failed Lucifier. She was layered deemed too dangerous to trust without a leash and more of a nuisance then she was worth. He would've killed her but didn't want to waste all the work he did and thought she be still useful to him.

So she was kept imprisoned in Hell and has only recently escaped her prison and Hell. Unlike many of her fellow demons that care about getting human souls, creating Hell on earth, killing big shot hunters- to make a name for themselves, or climbing the power ladder in Hell. She is more like two of the princes of Hell that could care less about Lucifer, his plans, or anything to do with Hell. Like two of the princes, she only cared about her own hobbies and having fun.

She is all about self indulgence and having a good time. So she likes to do things like take over the body of some rich fat cat and transfer all their money to an offshore swish bank account. Give herself free money basically. She likes to possess celebrities and live their life until she gets board and body hops to someone else. She loves to hijack some random person's body and then Commit some crime to get the cops to chase her. Only for her to flee the body and watch the horror on her victims face when they get arrested and sentence to jail for crimes she committed in their body. Cow tipping, putting flaming dog shit on someone's porch, doing a dine and dash, throwing rotten eggs at someone's house or throwing apples from a rooftop at people jogging.( From Ted 2), possess someone's body in order to sleep with their lover that she wants to sleep with, ruin someone's public image for the Lulz, she likes to do bad things cause hey, she is a demon and it's what demons do. You won't see her apologizing as she knows people see demons as evil incarnate and so she just lives up to people's expectations of demonic behavior. More or less anyway.

She basically likes to do very petty crimes and be more of a Royal pain in someone's ass then act like a typical demon would. She loves to mess with cops, criminals, nuns and priests, high school & college freshmen, teachers and professors. Like a demonic prankster or like Harley Quinn and the joker. When she has a psychotic moment here and there. Little mental imbalanced for being locked up for an insanely long amount of time.

Themes will include:: pissing people off, messing with the police, robbing criminals or helping them when she is bored, violence, foul language , couch surfing, being a freeloader, a lazy good for nothing, a moocher, petty crimes, pranks, grand theft auto, Netflix & chill, basically a buttload of Shenanigans .So if you think you want to engage in mischief and mayhem, have someone to Netflix binge with, girls night, someone to paint the town red, etc.Well then. What are you waiting for? Let's get on that highway to hell, that she enjoys speeding on and causing vehicular accidents.

(she is secretly looking for her girl Friday, her BFF, her partner in crime. )

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