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Hello! For those who don't know me as Samantha Giddings, I'm also known as Mouse/Whoever/Sketchy. I run another profile *Multicharacter for OCs*, but at the moment, I'm not interested in writing on there, or adding any more threads on there. No, I am requesting for more plotting on my character, Sam.

If you don't know who Samantha is, she was one of the main characters in the video game, Until Dawn. She's rather adventurous and resilient, but also very unlucky and way too compassionate at times. She has a lot of potential as a character, and I would want to play her in a more modern setting. IF you have any plot ideas, just add me as a friend and I'll check out your profile.

As far as length goes, I tend to write up to three paragraphs, and sometimes more. I'm not too picky what amount my friends write, just as long as it's somewhat decent writing. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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