As July has long since reached us and summer is in full swing, the Admins at Wrealms want to know how our members are spending the summer! Is it a camping trip? Amusement park? Day at the beach? Let us know what your characters are up to for a chance to have your blog featured!  


  • Entries must include a tagline: Summer Contest Entry or something of similarity in order to be considered.

  • All entries must be posted as a blog on Wrealms. All other entry methods will not be included.

  • Although similarities may occur, please avoid direct plagiarism of other writers’ works.

 The theme of your blog entry must center around the concept of summer, whether it be a summer activity, location, or otherwise, the interpretation is all up to you!

 Please note that collaborations are fine (even encouraged). Be sure that all parties involved in creation are credited, and consent to posting. Collaborated blogs must be posted and entered in only one place.  Feel free to use side characters, canon characters, or invented characters for your submission. Blogs written of real life persons however will not be accepted.


 You will be judged on the following:

  • Grammar/Punctuation
  • Originality
  • Ability to stick to theme
  • Engaging reader/Maintaining interest

  Winners will be selected come August 15th at 12pm(Mountain time) and announced no later than August 16th.

Winners for this contest will have their name and blog posted under our Hall of Fame page. Winner for this event will also have their blogs featured for two weeks, and the Runner Up for one.


Best of luck, and happy writing!

- The Admin Team

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  • Hey there. 

    As far as judging goes, expect it to be relaxed. That vagueness is there on purpose, so don't let it startle you.

    Selections will be made more or less as an 'Admin's choice' type decision rather than an effort to search every sentence for typos, or getting out college writing textbooks. No rubric, open space to make it your own. Feel free to see it however you wish. If you want examples of past submissions, you can always check the Hall of Fame tab, or search back into the blogs for the Valentine's Day entries from the past content (Page three roughly in the blogs section).



    Hall of Fame
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