Hey, everybody.  RL intervened and I was out of the game for awhile, but now I'm back - and selectively accepting new threads.

For those who are interested, I'm game for most kinds of rp - excepting romance-centric scenarios.  If banter's your speed, I'm all right with that.  If you're more of a thread and plot person, wonderful!

Leave a message here if this is something you're interested in!  I never turn down new and thrilling adventures with new and fascinating people.

Let's have some fun and write some magic together!  The Doctor is in.


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    "Not since I became Sorcerer Supreme."

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    [Would be more than happy to.]


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    "Tell me Dr, ever try blood magic?"

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    {I was delighted to hear that you're back!  I know what it's like for RL to interfere with RP for awhile,

    and what it's like to come back after a long hiatus ;) }


    "Absolutely.  Let's do this."

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    { I am attempting to kick the dust off of this top ol' top hat and I would be honored to speak with you again. :) }



    "Whadda you say, Doctor?" 

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    I’m  ready to ride and write

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