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Hey, everyone.  Recently got back into the rp game after taking a brief furlough, and now selectively accepting new threads.

For those who are curious, I'm open to most kinds of rp - with the exception of romance-centric scenarios.  If banter's your speed, that's cool with me.  If you're more of a thread and plot person, fantastic!

Message me here if you're interested!  I'm always looking for new and thrilling adventures with new and fascinating people

Let's have fun and write some magic together!




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  • {Hey, guys - apologies for the long silence, but you know how RL can be sometimes. . .
    Deirdre, Robbie, if you're still interested, I'd be more than happy to start rping with you!}

  • I would love to have our two marvel cannons cross paths.  I can see Robbie having to deal with some sinner who is magically gifted and ends up crossing paths with Dr Strange. Maybe tales of a flaming skull person might be distaken for Dormammu at first? Since he got like a flaming skull head too. Sorta.  

  • (I usually try to sketch something out. ^^ If you do not mind, I would appreciate getting something simple to start with.)

  • Deirdre - {Sure!  I'm always more than happy to rp with fellow magic-users :) would you like to sketch something out, or just wing it?}

  • (Hello friend! I would love to try to RP with you if you are interested. Since Dr. Strange and Deirdre are both magically inclined, I think they could learn from each other a bit.)

  • {ah.  Gotcha.}

  • {try sarcasm. ;D IC sarcasm, though.}

  • Val - {sounds good to me ;) }

    Obergeist - {I don't actually speak German, friend, but I'm fluent in Google Translate. . .should I take that as a compliment?}


  • "Niedlich."

  • >> We should pick up or start over on what we had going on in RPages.

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