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Hello all! Currently trying to test out a new character here; I'm not looking for anything in particular really, just some good storylines to get Moon here involved in, all are welcome. If you have plots that you wish to try out or ideas that you would like to try out with my character then I'm all ears :) Thank you for your time and have a lovely day/morning/evening/night!

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  • I am a Doctor. *Shrug*  Been considering taking some new threads soooo I'm sure we can plot something easily enough.

  • "I think I may need to hire a personal vet or zoo animal doctor to tend to my medical needs. Is there a doctor in the house? Roar! I won't bite the hand that heals me ;). "
  • Alright, if you need doctors and nurses then I'm ya girl for the job Negan

  • Whaaaaa?
    Me? Negan?? Nawwww. 
    But truthfully... People need more doctors and nurses.
    I got eight wives,I don't think I can handle any more booty.

  • I get the feeling that you need me for something more then nursing..

  • -Ahem-
    Would like Negan to try many things with your nurse...
    Since..Everyone's dying and the Sanctuary could use a nurse..

This reply was deleted.