you walk upon a dark forest filled with creepy noises and old-looking bunkers covered in grass moss and wildlife these bunkers are old and damaged and look like they have been there awhile as you walk deeper into the forest you see the "B-Sac" a base that teleports thru different realms... if you've heard stories ((up to your preference in RP if you've heard about the B-Sav)) Of the B-Sac you'd know that most think it's just an old folktale and just lore but it indeed is not there are 2 men outside of the base standing and guarding it you're hidden in the forests trees and wildlife but you could hear talking

Sai *Guard 1* "so we moving soon?"

Kai *guard 2* "I heard at 0 800 tomorrow were transferring realms again"

Sai let out a frustrated sigh "we've been moving a lot lately what is General Alm looking for... We have already found the remains of the calamity war"

Kai "I heard he's looking for more remains or maybe wants to find the old base Project B-Sac Mark 1"

Sai "Mark 1 killed an entire division of men just during startup the odds of us finding it in realm travel are very low VERY low"

Kai "Maybe... But you know he will try hah"

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  • Kiran Westers 
    Lets bring this to direct messages
    Shall we?

  • *they whisper to them selfs* 
    {Sai} It's not human Alm would want to see this we thought only humans were on this planet
    {Kai} Maybe it is human with some kind of genetic modification
    {Alm} *He walked up from behind after appearing in the trees* "Sai Kai back to the gates ill take care of this"
    "Who are you"
    *They ran back after saluting Alm in unison  Sai kai Said*

    "Aye Sir" 

  • Kai "THERE! AFTER THEM"  Kiran Westers
    *They ran after you pretty fast not firing at you though knowing they'd miss because of the trees

  • Kiran Westers

    *Sai looked in your general direction pointing his gun near you* Kai think I heard something come check it out with me
    *Kai put his rifle up also and started walking your way*

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