Titanic love story. (Reversed)

Titanic love story. (Reversed)


A high-class male and low class maid? Or maybe undercover journalist trying to make her way. Or maybe both! Low class maid who’s an undercover journalist. They meet when she’s maybe running from the authorities on the ship after being caught sneaking around where she shouldn’t be.


“Catch them!”


Carolina ran, lifting her gown as she moved through the isle of tables. Her friend Lilly chasing after. They both had been caught. Sneaking around, looking for new intel to catch for her unpopular paper. However, being in this ship she thought would change things for her. Get her on a good start.


“Lilly!” She chuckled as she moved around many people in her way. Pushing past the women and men in their fancy clothing and muttering sorry as she did so. Her friend caught up to her and grasped at her hand. They both laughed as they ran together.


“Oh no.” Lilly muttered and stopped them both. Carolina looked back and cursed under her breath. They were trapped. Two cops ahead and two behind. “We need to split. You know where to meet.” She says and let’s go if Lilly’s hand, sending a quick nod before running off another way.


“Excuse me…Sorry…” She continued to the right until she reached some doors. She was stopped when she suddenly ran into someone who’d been right outside the doors she was coming out of. She took a look back, watching the 2 men make their way towards her.


When she looked up there was a man standing in front of her. Looking down at her and she sent a quick smile. “Do you happen to know of a hiding spot?” She said with quickness, turning around to look back again.


{That’s when you come in! ^^}

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