*Useless FC Photos*


Let's get a thread goin' because why not I'm curious–

Share your most useless FC pic for your character!

You know, the one that's just too damn ridiculous or out of character to use. 

The one that makes you go 'NOPE' or made you cackle when you first came across it.

 (Keep it PG please I like my job here) 

3... 2.. 1  GO


Image result for jake cooperwhite model


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  • So many to choose from, Precious!



  • 3912289498?profile=RESIZE_930xCan't even recall where this is from but I don't see any future point in my character's story that is going to have her be a zombie or look like one or some undead thing. 

    Also, she wouldn't be caught dead in this predicament with this expression on her face. 


  • Image result for vanessa moe




    There's a few which are like the one above for a photoshoot she did


  • You asked for it.


    Annnd here's one for the road;



  • I've been using Eiza Gonzalez lately for Zatanna, and while she does love some good stage makeup, this would not be the kind of stage makeup you'd ever see her in sober!



    Round 23859489071?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • 3858183669?profile=RESIZE_710x

  •  Yeet me into the abyss


  • 3858082422?profile=RESIZE_930x

    This was around 2012/13.  

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