"You'd better watch your step around that one, they say he knows black magic"

(Story is a work in progress)

Brown eyes | Black hair | Bronze skin

Zeke has a strong athletic physique. The man is fond of boxing and has the body to prove it; his muscles are toned and bare real strength as opposed to being simply for looks. His skin is unblemished and bares no tattoos, his only scars exist on the palms of his hands where he has used blood for rituals and spells. Zeke stands six feet and four inches tall making him quite the intimidating man though often his eyes tell a different story; filled with unpredicted friendliness even toward strangers. These eyes can however turn into quite the haunting stare should someone make themselves an enemy. It's rare Zeke dons facial hair though if he does it is light and never longer than the hair on his head; which is always kept short. Zeke prides himself on his appearance and is admittedly somewhat vain.

Healing | Spirit summoning | Curses

Ever since Zeke was a child he was able to speak to the dead. Over time this connection has only grown stronger. Zeke can only see the dead if he concentrates his power, though their voices never fully leave him. Selecting a specific spirit, Zeke can summon it and allow it to speak through him- this can be a particularly dangerous act for if he finds a powerful demon it may not wish to leave his body or latch onto someone else if he is holding a seance. Zeke can also bind a spirit to a person, object or building providing there is no blessing on the object or building ahead of time. If they have not been blessed prior to the binding the only way to remove it is to seek forgiveness from Zeke and ask him to remove it or get some divine blessing more powerful than the spirit bound. Zeke can also curse people, surround them in a negative aura and cause unlucky things to happen to the specific person. An example of this would be causing the loved ones of the cursed person to die tragic deaths within a specific time range. The bigger the influence the more power the curse requires and energy it drains from Zeke. Each curse eats away at a section of Zeke's soul meaning he uses these very rarely. Zeke's primary subject is healing. Despite all the harm he is able to cause for his own personal gain healing brings him more joy than anything else he's able to do. Healing always requires ingredients and participation from the subject's side though over time he has had a complete success rate. This could bring him fame and fortune should he share his gift with the world however he chooses to keep it mostly secret along with the rest of his powers. Some people are simply meant to die and immortality is much more a curse than a blessing.


Zeke is a fragile little human. Please don't permanently damage him. A few scars are alright but a missing limb is not.

I'm open to any sort of subject, providing it fits in with the storyline we roleplay. Violence and dark themes are more than welcome here.

I can't be here all day and night, I'm also on a different time zone to most on here. Please bare this in mind.

Threads: Open


Starting again.

Please give me patience, I've been away from roleplay for over a year and I've mostly forgotten how to use the site.


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