Not gonna be hella detailed since the plot is complicated as all hell 
Well at least to me it is? For a band it is.

Murdoc met 2D by crashing his car into the music shop 2D worked at, the bumper hit 2D in his eye giving him only a single 8-ball fracture and it even put him into a coma. Murdoc SHOULD'VE been arrested, of course, but in stead he was charged with a sh*t ton of community service. And taking care of 2D while he was in his coma.

Then one day Murdoc and his stupid car crashed
2D and his skinny and frail body body, practically weighing NOTHING, went flying out the windshield 
and dented his other eye on the curb

And that's where he got the name 2D, short for 2-dents.

The original band only consisted of 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and a girl named Paula Cracker that I hate with a burning passion.
If you saw her freaking face you'd probably hate her too.

Who is Mrs. Cracker? She was the girlfriend of the pretty blue haired boy for a while, and the guitarist.
Together they formed 'Gorilla', not 'Gorillaz'.

Noodle put the 'z' in gorillaz 

Anyway, Paula fucked Murdoc and Russel caught them so she got kicked out, no one hurts the precious baby boo, she cheated on 2D!

So they put up a sign for wanting to hire a new guitarist 
Then is when Noodle appears.

A 10 year old Japanese girl shipped herself from Osaka to their front door in the UK
Bold, bold
Thus Gorillaz was born.

Most everything after this is headcanon and about my 2D personally mixed in with canon stuff.

In a relationship, 2D is even more of a sweetheart than usually. He'll make songs and not show Murdoc, the leader of the band, and sing them to his significant other exclusively. Either he'll make his own or sing cheesy Disney ones; taking his time on learning them on any instrument he knows. So far he's successfully mastered about four or five. His favorite though he doesn't like to admit as the movie /is/ extremely mediocre, is Sterling Knight - Hero. The show is sort of obvious as to why he likes it so much, "Jessica Olsen goes to Los Angeles with nothing more in mind than visiting her grandparents while her sister tries to meet the best popstar Christopher Wilde. One night she meets Christopher Wilde. They go on an adventure around Los Angeles and start to like each other. When Jessica returns home, Christopher, on national TV, says he doesn't know her, and never met her due to wanting to protect her from paparazzi and such but she doesn't know that." You could see why 2D, a goodhearted singer, songwriter and instrumentalist would enjoy that song now, right? 

"I know it- uh... it ain't the... most best song ever but... I enjoy it and if I don't enjoy it I don't think it'd be as meaningful. Or summfink.. let me just get onto the song."

Other than that, he's extremely clingy. Reason being artists are usually very emotional and 2D is apart of that bunch. Due to major insecurity he thinks his lover could be getting bored of him by the second. Not to mention who he thought he was in love with, a girl named Paula Cracker, had an affair with his "boss"; Murdoc. Of course 2D tried not to blame Murdoc for it. If Paula really loved him, she wouldn't have had sex with him and 2D is more than aware Murdoc is no rapist. Murdoc said he was doing 2D a favor by doing so, because when Russel, the band member, found out about it he kicked Paula out of the band. Murdoc said she was ugly anyway and 2D could do way better, so by getting her kicked out he definitely did him some sort of God given favor.

As for Murdoc, he's not.. abusive towards 2D. It's a brotherly love sort of bond. The two eyes out was an accent completely, he didn't intend it. Murdoc definitely physically messes with 2D but it's small things like throwing a shoe or smacking him in the back of the head. It's not like 2D is the completely innocent one either, he does take a jab back at him. Maybe not as bad since he's got more morals but he still does, that showing he's not completely traumatized of Murdoc hurting him. So asking about him being abused is completely unnecessary. They have a closer bond than the rest and it shows through the little things too. Murdoc calls Russel "the bands drummer" and Noodle "the bands guitarist". But when it comes to 2D he says, "he's my singer." 

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Character Name

2D / Stuart Pot

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Eye Color: Black (it was blue before Murdoc crashed a car into his head) Hair Color: Blue (it was brown before he fell out of a tree when he was 11) Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m) Age: 38 (as of 2016) He is tall and thin, standing at 6'2", and has black eyes. The reason it looks like this is because of his 8-ball fracture, when the iris of the eye filled with blood also called a hyphema. He has naturally blue hair resulting from when he fell out of a tree at age eleven, causing all his hair to fall out and grow back a deep azure blue. His hair used to be brown. Despite missing his two front teeth, 2-D can sing clearly. His speech, while still mainly clear, has a definite Cockney (or thereabouts) accent: he says "summfink" instead of "something", and "fing" instead of "thing." 2-D is considered the 'pretty boy' and frontman of Gorillaz.

Character Personality

He may be a little dense and slow at times, but he has a warm heart and cares for others immensely. People often think he's deep and enigmatic, but he's just doing his thing and can't imagine how people come to that conclusion. He accepts life as it is and doesn't bother getting into anything controversial or complicated. He doesn't really get into that much in the first place. "Cosmonaut of Inner Space"

Character History/Story

During the pirate attack on Plastic Beach, 2D hid in his underwater quarters. Unwittingly, he'd made himself prey to a far fiercer foe: a great white whale known as Massive D*ck [weirdly, no relation to Moby]. The blubbery beast swallowed 2D in one bite, and swam into the deep. But a lifetime spent eating ocean garbage - and now 2D - took its toll on Massive, and he died. His carcass washed up on a desert island where 2D was finally free... to die of starvation, due to a total lack of survival skills, as he's just a wimpy musician. Unable even to catch crabs which was more Murdoc, his fellow band members, forte]. 2D had no option but to eat his former host. Rancid whale blubber for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With a side order of sand. Several months later, 2D spotted a plane flying along the coast. Moved to tears by this beacon of hope, he set off in its direction. Twenty three minutes later he was in the middle of a full-scale beach rave. It turns out 2D wasn't marooned at all. He had in fact landed on Guadalupe, off the Mexican coast. 2D joined the beach party, ate some strange-tasting brownies, and came third in the wet T-shirt contest. As he claimed his prize, 2D had a eureka moment. He would have a gap year and find himself which turned out to be really east - he was right there. But he stayed the rest of the year anyway until he got sacked from his job weaving friendship braclets. It was time to fly home. At Heathrow, a man at arrivals held up a sign saying 'Wanker'. 2D followed him to his car, which drove him to West London where he was reunited with his band, Gorillaz.

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