The rise and fall of Adria:

"The Ori used me to sneak one of their own over the border."
―Vala Mal Doran

While Vala Mal Doran was in the Ori home galaxy, the Ori impregnated Vala and manipulated the fetus at a genetic level so the child would have ascended knowledge. The Ori aren't able to use their powers to control mortals because the Ancients would intervene, but the Ori needed a leader with power, one capable of leading their armies so Adria was created. After her birth, she was genetically altered to grow to adulthood at an increased acceleration, and was an adult within a matter of days. At first, she was simply called Orici, though Vala named her Adria, after her stepmother. Adria is a devout follower of Origin, saying that it is the Ancients who suck human life forces to gain power, not the Ori, leading Vala to conclude that Adria was complicit in their deceptions. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala tried to kidnap her, but Tomin, her stepfather, intervened. Daniel and Vala were nearly killed in the attempt but were rescued by the Odyssey which had just arrived in orbit. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

"The enemy is led by a young woman of extraordinary powers."

After the Free Jaffa Nation attempted to destroy the crew of an Ori warship with the Dakara superweapon, Adria alone survived, due to the personal shield she possessed. She boarded the ship and took it to hyperspace. She captured Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran after she killed the Jaffa that were holding them. She then revived one of the Jaffa to interrogate him and he told her the weapon that had killed her followers was on Dakara. Upon reaching Dakara, she destroyed the weapon but SG-1 was beamed off the ship by the Odyssey.

After having discovered the location of the Sangraal, she implanted a dream into Vala Mal Doran to get SG-1 to come to Osric's planet. Once they arrived, she impersonated Osric and offered to lead them to the Sangraal. When they came upon one of Morgan's puzzles that trapped the System Lord Ba'al and had to leave her ring in a treasure box, Dr. Daniel Jackson noticed the ring was of Ori design. Once at the caverns, SG-1 confronted her and she revealed herself. She then threatened to kill Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter if they did not help her get the Sangraal since she was unable to do so as the cave held a device which neutralized her abilities. She helped them get past the rest of the puzzles and reach the Sangraal but the Sangraal was a hologram, which also caused the awakening of a Dragon. Adria realized that the dragon was the final test, and Jackson's realization that it was Ganos Lal who was the true guardian neutralized the dragon. However, upon returning to the Sangraal, SG-1 and Ba'al were transported to another planet via a teleportation network set up by Ganos to further protect Merlin from discovery, forcing Adria to mentally examine the planet's DHD to determine their location. Eventually, Adria and her soldiers found the planet in question, where Jackson had the memories of Merlin downloaded into his mind. Adria attempted to kill SG-1, but Jackson gave them enough time to flee through the Stargate, leaving Daniel in Adria's hands.


Adria had plans for Dr. Daniel Jackson, hoping to use the Sangraal to destroy the Ancients without having to risk the Ori themselves. Having seemingly convinced Daniel of the virtues of Origin, she eventually turned him into a Prior, so that he would be able to complete the device and use it against the Ancients. However, Daniel, with help from the consciousness of Merlin, resisted her efforts, partly helped by the fact that Adria was so determined to convert Daniel as she saw him as her only hope of converting Earth. He nearly completed the Sangraal, but allowed himself to be captured by SG-1 so that they could shut down the wormhole currently blocking the Supergate. With their help, he attacked Adria and was able to send the Ori warship carrying the Sangraal through the Supergate. Adria herself later confirmed that the device was successful in neutralizing the Ori. However, Adria was not destroyed by the Sangraal, and she then sent another six Ori battle cruisers through the Supergate.


Powers of the Orici:

Evolved Human-Hybrid: Adria was given several superhuman powers, similar to the powers of Priors. However, she is technically not a Prior, and is between the Doci and the Ori in status. Her power is at least on the level of that of a Prior, although many of her abilities have yet to be revealed. Adria claims that despite the fact that she is essentially Ori, there is still a part of her that is human, which somewhat limits her powers. The Prior disruptor is capable of temporarily preventing her from using her powers.

Telekinesis: She can kill with the power of the mind, restrict the movements of others, manipulate objects and people at a distance, activate DHDs remotely, and activate spacecraft and pilot them. She can do all of these things while multi-tasking her abilities.
Healing Touch: Her powers allow her to heal any injury that she, or others, might sustain and can even revive the recently deceased. However, unlike many other evolved beings, she does not show signs of being left in a weakened state afterwards.
Telepathy: She has been described as a truth seer. Only the strongest of minds can resist her abilities, yet she had to ask the Jaffa and choke him at the same time to find out where the Dakara weapon was although this maybe a playful nature as she does like to play games. Daniel, with the help of Merlin, was able to completely fool this ability, but even without Merlin, he proved resistant to it to the point that Adria interrogated someone else instead.
Genetic knowledge: She was granted a large amount of genetic knowledge, although this knowledge is limited by her human physiology. The knowledge in her mind unfolded as her body matured, causing headaches during her growth. What exact knowledge she possesses remains unknown, but it does include at least basic information such as reading and writing, knowledge of Ori religion and the Ancients, and how to speak and read Ancient.
Energy Projection: Adria is able to project energy blasts from her hands. She uses this to battle Daniel who possessed a similar ability while sharing his body with Merlin. However, Adria is stronger and overpowers him easily.

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Adria is the daughter of Vala Mal Doran and of the Ori. For a year, Adria led the Ori into battle in the hope of converting the citizens of the Milky Way galaxy into worshiping the Ori with her many efforts succeeding and failing thanks in part to the SGC and SG-1 who launched a battle to stop her and eliminate the Ori threat too. Adria's regime finally came to an end in 2007 when her powers and abilities were left severely weakened thanks to the Ancient Morgan Le Fay who chose to engage Adria in eternal battle which finally ended the Ori's campaign for good.

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