☨Real Name- kriji7e80596078d22a3193d077b0da6ed1c7.jpg


☨Eye Color- Red

☨Bloodline Spieces Shadow Reaper (シャドーリーパー)

☨Origins- The Void Undead Realms Of Aokigahara Forest.

☨Ability's/Powers- Can teleport anywhere the user wants to go, but will become weak if used constantly. Shape shift into a mist like shadow or a monsterous dog, to trick human bystanders. Speaks in a demonic tongue. Blood color is normally dark like the void, and will infect a person within contact. Uses it's shadow tenrils, claws or long cursed sword if being attacked. There is also a time where this demon reaper could summon ghosts and shadow demons.  








☨Name- Kenji NakamuraJu-Ji-Hoon-3.jpg

☨Age- Around his early 30's

☨ Eye Color- Dark Brown, but normally Orange color. Has to wear eye contacts to had his true self.

☨Hair-Messy or clean depends on RP.

☨ Relationship Status- Single Not Intreasted

☨Family- None, Even though he fakes of having family.

☨Ex-Occupations- Paranormal Police (1982/1987) Quit his job, because of seeing his best friend die. During a Phantom attack. Guardian Of The Forest Aokigahara (1980/Unknown) Has a reason to be connected with this place. Trying to keep every Yuri, and other Phantoms in check. Who had died differerntly inside the forest sometimes it's classifeid on how they died or where.

☨Fake Job- FBI Agent/Becoming Agent X-84, Orignally is a Soul Collector

☨HomeTown- Tokyo Japan (Has started to leave that life behind. Moved somewhere in the US, but occationly travels around.There's even a rumor that Kenji owns a cabin in the forest,at NY.)


☨Weapons-Cursed Katana-He's the only one who can weild it. regular Handgun.

☨Skills & Ability's-Swordsmanship, Night Vision, able to hack into computers, excellent hunting, and tracking, Marksmanship, Parkour,armed and unarmed combat skills,Obsevation,heightened senses,inhuman speed, duraince, and agility. There are even times that he can smell blood from a mile away. Including seeing phantoms or ghosts moving around into the darkness at night. Teleportaion, into both realms. Shape Shifting into a huge shadow like dog. Rapid healing.

☨Blood Type- Type 0 Blood Color red



☨Personality- Having decades long for being overly silent and calm. Kenji isn't very much the talkitive type. Once you start a conversation, he might get into it but all and all. He's very much the silent kind of guy. Sometimes Kenji dose have a bad side to him, getting into a couple of fights with mortal men. He almost crushed one's neck with his bare hand, accidently killing the guy. Including having a bunch of trust issues with others, thinking that their working for someone that is out to get him. After all he isn't really a very bad kind of person, trust is always the main problems, and even he's more into his job then anything. He might come around later and try to become more helpful and kindhearted.He will try his best to even protect that certain person, if he has to. (Sorry I might change this later on.)



  • Mirrors refections, and shadow and set in the true form.
  • Holy Magic, and sage gives off an allergic reaction of burning.
  • teleportation will make the host grow very weak. If he uses it constantly that is. In the human world, he can't send the person he's protecting into the afterlife. Unless they choose to be so, or he has to wait until it's time for the person to be taken. 

Likes- Animals, Cars, loves silent and rainy nights. His long time job, and everything else in life. Like Spicy food, going on a jog, or walk. Hunting and fishing. Quite places- Cemetery's old abandoned places etc.

Dislikes- Seeing friends and other humans getting hurt or killed by something or someone. Hospitals, people who are jerks, or just plain stuck up idoits. Being betrayed. An orginization named Zenro, who will do anything to capture and use Kenji as an experiment or becoming a weapon.








  • I will not be online that much, because of RL. So please leave a RP comment and I'll get back to it in a day or so.


  • Plotting or thinking of ideas for a RP will be great. Including if you want to wing it I really don't care really. I'm a very laid back individual so ya, don't really care.


  • Much as I hate it, I don't like people gmoding or killing off my character. It's very boring, if you countinue to do so. I will ignore or remove you on my profile.


  • No Drama in RL please. I'm sick of that shit. I only talk about normal crap and stuff that is related to RP and RL stuff. But please no bashing me, I'm trying to make friends. Even getting over my depression issues.


  • Warning- Yes I know I messed up on my profile a bit. But seriously it's just minor things, and I might be able to fix it.I've RPed this character many times, but sadly I've been having problems into getting back with this one. So yeah it's going to take a while to get use to.

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  • (Thank you for the invite. Cool character set up you got here.)

  • [[thank you for the invite, if you'd like to plot let me know. I have an comment on my page of 4 possible avenues we can go, then we can plot more in depth]]

  • ||You're welcome! Care to write sometime?||

  • (Beside location. For a plot. I decided when she is not being a ghost on a rampage or hunting down witch hunters and ghost busters and bad people. She works as a psychic. To use her psychic gifts she has developed as an unexpected result of her numerous reincarnations. 

    A means to pay the bills for when she chooses to live in a human body for an extended period and a means to occupy her time and balance out any "evil" acts she carries out in her vengeance ghost state. Looking at your page. He works as an FBI agent, right?


    Maybe his department could hire her? She as her history for modern day I am writing. She works with FBI and law enforcement to help solve cases. Many thought she was a quack until she quickly proved she was legit and the real deal. She works as a civilian consultant to the cops and FBI. So she can easily be hired to help on some case your character could be working on and given his inhuman nature and ability to sense ghosts. Maybe he detects she is not human and soon learn what she is and that can lead to some fun awkward moments or interesting developments.  

    Hope my ideas help you out in some way. Since as you said you have trouble thinking right now. I suffer from those times myself. Currently I am very inspired lately. For the time being and have ideas for this character. So I can help out with the plotting.  Just let me know what ideas may work for you and a location. )

  • (LA is always popular. Or Miami Florida, maybe Washington.  Kinda been fan of Seattle Washington where IZombie takes place. Another part of Washington, Spokane I think, is where Znation took place. Both zombie shows.  Portland Oregon was the location for the awesome show Grimm. We can use one of those places if we want to keep it in the US. Or  try Canada. Or Puerto Rico, since that is part of the US but not an offical state. Technically.  Or Sunnydale where buffy the vampire takes place. Think it was in Florida. Or some other location used for supernatural shows like Mystic Falls or Beacon Hills, maybe Chicago where Charmed takes place? I think. Anywhere is fine with me)

  • Online//Offline For a Bit!

  • (Hello.  Thank you for the friend request. Interesting character. If you like to plot. I am game. Any questions on my character. Feel free to ask.)

  • /id love to rp. lol yeah I know. I'm good about changing my chatater a bit to make a rp work. so with that being said she can be liv with a twist lol.//

  • //thank you for the request. //

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