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Character Appearance

Physical Appearance: 6'2" Black hair, combed back. Icy blue eyes, red secondary eyes (Read character abilities) that almost glow. Well defined jawline with cheekbones that conform with his long, almost gaunt face and pale peach colored skin. Evenly spaced eyes with pale peach skin. Somewhat broad shoulders, jet black wings. Intricate scars all over his body his time as a POW. Usual attire: Blue jeans and a black trench coat with a silver chain hanging from his back pocket. Armor: His armor is pure black, on the back of the armor, two large wings form and press firmly on the back, the metallic feathers are sharp and angular and are mostly black with a bright, glowing red outline. The front of the armor is rather simplistic, flat, the only deviation being the simplistic “stick figure” wings that sprout from the clear dome that house the large, glowing “family” symbol. These wings also have bright, glowing red lines that outline the middle of them. The arms and legs are equally simplistic, smooth and unbroken, only a few lines of the same red glowing material that outline the wings. The helmet of the armor is angular but fits my head perfectly. The face plate is segmented to allow it to retract when he doesn't need it. The segmentations forming something like three V’s stacked on top of each other, the same red, glowing material lining the bottom of each segment. His suit of armor has three main weapons and two secondary weapons, three swords, two of them plasma, located in the wrist-sheaths on his arms. These swords also serve as the two secondary weapons, as they can change into a simplistic plasma pistol. One Anathonian weapon known as the "Sword of Damning Restriction", collected from Commander Lochogos during the first battle that he was involved in, placed on his left hip. Radia's armor is capable of advanced stealth, able to completely mask his visible, auditory and thermal presence, as well as project a hardlight clone of himself from the dome on his chest.

Character Personality

Radia usually seems very withdrawn upon first meeting him, although will be occasionally chipper and up-beat. He often will not opt to be in large crowds willingly, often choosing to be around his friends in Team Wildcard, than being around complete strangers. On his "good" days, where he's less withdrawn than usual and more upbeat, he often talks a lot more and is a lot less prone to anger, panic attacks and depression. Good, in this sense, is relative, as his good days are basically just days where the memories of the War of Iron aren't constantly resurfacing. He constantly describes himself as "Emotionally detatched", feeling numb, disinterested in anything unless it involved Vivian or his children, Max and Asalem. Although, when his late wife, children or parents are mentioned, depending on a varity of factors, Radia will either break down into tears, not react, or put you through a wall...again, reaction may vary, and it's highly ill-advised to stay clear of that topic. He's often exhausted, even if he's barely done anything, will have panic attacks if reminded of his past, often seeks "High risk" pursuits (Such as publically assassinating an Anathonian leader with nothing but a face mask on in terms of protection), Will often over-react to minor situations, (Going off the handle and knocking someone to the ground for simply getting in his, or Vivian's, face.), and occasionally, on his bad days, will isolate himself, locking himself into a private room.

Character History/Story

In late 2000, Radia, along with his family and two other families, landed on Earth. They were taken in by the Federal government of the US as refugees and accepted, allowed to live in the country. The Daku's moved to Maine, living in a small town called Pines' Grove, the Yelands went to Chicago, and the Grethians moved to a town in northern Washington. In 2017, at the age of 19, Radia along with the rest of Team Wildcard, was drafted into the United Federation of Humanity's military . The Federation at the time was three years into a war with the Hand of God, a faction within the Anathonian military, however, Humanity had the upper hand. The reason behind the drafting of these young aliens is largely unknown, however it's said that the team trained for three years before the war started, honing their abilities. Due to their home planet being twenty times the size of Earth, the relatively low gravity of Earth gave them a massive speed and agility advantage. A year later, while on a mission deep in the heart of Anathonian territory, Radia was captured and taken to an unknown location where he was tortured for over a year. It's unknown how he escaped, and he's either blocked that year out entirely, or refuses to talk about it. However, during a recorded therapist session, Radia described a man with bright white, glowing eyes wielding a sword made of light melting the bars of his prison cell and teleporting him to safety shortly before the base was mysteriously detonated. He wondered through the woods of the Brotherhood for hours before running into a Human scout team who then brought him back to the safety of the kingdom. This is where Radia learned that his hometown of Pines' Grove had been attacked and destroyed with only a single survivor, his late wife, a human by the name of Leah Davis. After Radia had somewhat recovered, he pushed to return to the front lines, though each time he applied, it was rejected. Eventually, Radia escaped the hospital, found his team and returned regardless of what his higher-ups had to say. He was on the frontlines for another four years where he made a name for himself and his group. He was known as the Angel of Death, as any enemy that crossed his path would die quickly. This enraged the Anathonian military within the Hand of God, and caught the attention of the leader, Leviathan, who was rumored to be of another, more powerful race. During the final battle in Shanghai, the military leader at the time, Leviathan, had captured Team Wildcard and had a scout team bring Leah to the city where he forced Radia to watch as he killed both his wife and his two children brutally. The screams of his loved ones sent the Coralite Soldier into a rage, where he unlocked the Eighth Stage of his aura. To this day, there are many Anathons who fear Radia for the brutal way in which he killed Leviathan. While the fight only lasted for a few minutes, Radia never let the Anathonian Commander land a hit, but made each blow he delivered more painful than the last before finally crushing the Commander's skull beneath his suit of armor. That ended the War of Earth, and allowed the humans to construct a massive mega-ship that was twice the size of Earth. This ship, named the Carion after his brother, was given to Radia as a show of thanks. Today, Radia explores the stars, picking up any remaining member of his race and using the advanced technologies on-board the ship to assist in repopulating the Coralite race.

Character Abilites

Telekinesis: Rather self explanatory the weight that can be lifted depends on the level of skill that the user holds. True Eyes: These are the secondary eyes that Coralites have, these are black with a colored, glowing Iris. The color of the iris signifies different abilities. These secondary eyes can either reveal themselves involuntarily through anger, or can be brought out voluntarily when needed. Most of these abilities are passive, however there are some that are active. Red: Night Vision Blue: Bullet Time Vision Purple (violet): Combination of blue and red eyes Green: Focus vision White: Medical X-ray Vision Yellow: Infrared Vision Orange: Combination of red and yellow Black: Advanced Telekinesis, super-Coralite strength and speed. (Only in human-Coralite children) Wings: The wings of a Coralite are just as special as their secondary eyes. And just as the eyes, the coloration of the wings of a Coralite mean different things, and give Coralites different abilities. These wings have multiple joints so they can be pressed tightly against their backs, however when in use, these joints that allow this retraction will lock in place, while the ones required for flight and movement remain free. Black: limited future sight (both branched futures and past, only if it includes the seer or loved ones. Can be used in combat, however it requires constant training to be able to do so and cannot be used constantly. If used too much, will cause brain injuries.) White: Healing Blue: Extra Speed Blue (Shimmering): Tougher skin Red w/ black dots: Large energy reserves Red: Extra Strength Aura: A trait that spans across the Coralite race that seems to becoming more common. It has eight stages, each unlocking more power, strength and speed. Usually discovered in situations where the Coralite is in an enraged state. Seven of the eight stages can be unlocked through extensive and constant training that requires a significant amount of self control. The eighth stage, however, requires the Aura user to witness the deaths of their first born child and the mother of that child. While the six seven stages will have colors relating to the eyes and wing color (The main, more primary color being the wing color while the secondary color being the eye color), as well as a more cloud like appearence that thickens and sparks of energy that grow in size with each stage, the Seventh and Eighth stages will look vastly different. The Seventh stage will look like a completely solid cloud matching the wing color of the Coralite and clouds of energy matching the secondary eyes of the Coralite that swirl and mix together. The Eighth stage will look like a fire or flame. The calmer the user is, the more gentle and warmer colored the flame will be. The more furious the user becomes, the color begins to grow colder as if the flame was becoming hotter (Basically calmer = Orange, Yellow and Red like a camp fire. Enraged or furious = Blue and purple and will look more like something like a propane torch in appearance)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

So, to start off, I roleplay a character that's from my own, personal universe (a book that I'm currently writing), the history and abilities are a part of that book, so please keep that in mind when considering my character.

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