"You're a shapeshifter. You're never going to change the world."



Australian born beauty
Twenty-nine years young
Emerald  eyes 
Red hair
A fat, spoiled goldfish named Rocket
A heart of Gold

"She is rare because she is real." - Mark Anthony



 She hails from the arid lands of Australia, an island continent surrounded by vast unpredictable oceans and inhabited by everything that could possibly kill you. Including the Drop Bears.

She was the first. A hybrid brought to the arid lands of Australia in the womb of her mother, a convict from Great Britain convicted of theft and prostitution. As heavy machinery replaced hands-on workers, more and more people were laid off from their jobs, meaning that more people turned to petty theft; stealing anything over one shilling - a day’s wages for a working person, the cutting down of trees in orchards or stealing livestock was punishable by transportation. Due to the overstocking of prisoners in the jails, many were sent packing, bound for Australia’s penal colonies and Botany Bay.


Thus begins Abigail’s story~
Abigail’s birth came with complications. Her mother would survive the ordeal. But barely. For months after she would be kept under the watchful eyes of officers and a nurse, a gentle, able-bodied older woman with kind features and a heart-warming tone that settled even the most uneasy of nerves. Abigail was kept in a small carrier alongside her mother during her stay in the medical station of the camp. Conditions weren’t great and disease wiped out of a lot of the earlier convicts. A reasonably sized tent with a raised bed was given to Abigail’s mother along with a carrier. This made the other convicts green-eyed with jealousy. By the time Abigail was a year old, she was walking and starting to talk. Her red hair had thickened, the color a bright and unnatural shade and her green eyes were wide as she explored the world around her. By the time she was three, Abigail had developed much faster than the other children. Raised by her mother until her untimely death in ‘65, Abigail was left in the incapable hands of a woman that had traveled with them on the Prince of Wales, a transport ship that carried fifty convicts; one male and forty-nine females in total. Abigail would be conceived on this ship after one of the transport officers, a man named Josiah Windsor, repeatedly raped her mother then abandoned them once they’d made port. He was never to be seen again. Abigail was born less than a year after their arrival. Unlike her mother, Abigail was born with striking features; bright red hair, emerald green eyes and skin so pale it looked as though she’d been kissed by the moon itself. Her mother was nothing special and many of her fellow convicts wouldn’t bat an eyelash at her. But Abigail was something else.


She calls herself the She-Wolf.
Teeth bared at the first sign of danger.
Abbey is explosive in this form.

 All that pent up aggression is unleashed and the damage has often left her having to vacate her residence. It is because of her wolf that she tends to avoid relationships at all cost. With too many bridges burned and heartache caused by unfaithful and untrustworthy partners, she tends to keep to herself. Which is kind of the opposite seeing as the job requirements for being a Butterfly meant that  being flirtatious and overtly sexual was part of the job description. Thankfully she was just a waiter and not one of the other higher paying women that either went topless or opted to give men up close and personal lap dances. 


 Her last lover had been the abusive sort; the kind that puts on a front that leaves one wondering just what he's thinking about or getting up to. Before work colleagues and friends he was this ambitious, down to earth gentleman who worked hard and played harder. But at home, behind closed doors, he was a madman. Dangerous, easily angered, and unafraid to lay a hand upon a woman if ever she spoke back or raised her voice at him.

Abbey had been his most recent victim.

But she is a survivor.
A fighter.

 "...once a monster. Always a monster." 

the Southpaw Pack
the Wolves of Botany Bay's Convict Colony.

No one knows just how many shapeshifters stepped off the ships that year.
Abbey was one of the few born early in the colony. A number of other children were also born around the same time, some able to shift long before herself. They were more often than not taken from their parens and separated into stationed quarters for observation by officers and medical personel. 


"...you won't always be protected, Abigail." Raynor snarls. He rears up, jaws snapping viciously at the shifter. There's nothing she can do, her 'fight or flight' responses have failed, so fight it is!

He lunges for her throat.
And misses.


For a moment she's got the upperhand. Throwing out her paws and snapping her jaws at the elder wolf. She hasn't done anything wrong. Hasn't done anything to deserve being case aside. 

She just wants to be part of a pack.
Part of a family. 


Thє Shαpєshíftєr;


He was a ghost.
She was the damsel in distress.

She was a hurricane. And like most uncontrollable forces of nature, no one stuck around long enough to see the rainbow that would emerge after every storm. Life was spent mostly alone. Sure, she’d had a handful of lovers in the past, and maybe once or twice there was the prospect of a marriage proposal, but nothing more. Nothing ever stuck. And so, here she is again focusing on herself, working herself to the bone, and who should walk into her life? A ghost. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him during her shift, even making sure the table he was seated at was always looked after.

He was… something else. 





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  • (Yeah we are and no worries :) )

  • He didn't have nothing else to do, hell every night it was same for him honestly, he would normally just go for some drinks and then head home, though he couldn't stay out as late tonight like he would since he did have work in the morning for a change this time around. His chocolate brown eyes stared down at the woman in front of him, he would be more then happy to offer her some company tonight and to have a few drinks with her...I mean, he did kinda owe her a date still and yet he didn't know exactly where he wanted to take her as of yet; but of course she had some business to take care of with her ex boss which he could understand and he didn't mind waiting for her to do what she needed to do and the two of them could be on their way to wherever she wanna go to grab some drinks.


    "I have nothing else better to do so...you go take care of what needs to be taken care of and I'll be out here waiting for you Miss."


    He offered her a smile, hands in his pocket and whatnot as he was going to wait for her to take care what she needed to take care of. He leaned up against the wall of the club, turning his head seeing that the line got even longer then it should have gotten and people still waiting outside to be seated inside the club, though he never understood what was so great about a gentlemen's club, not that he was judging or anything; don't get him wrong The Butterfly Room was a very awesome club and all but after what he witnessed tonight and what he had to do, it seems that they needed better staff or something, cause Vexx couldn't even begin to wander what would have happened to the woman if he had stepped in time to save her. She could have been scarred for life and her boss wouldn't have probably lifted up a finger or anything like that...but he was there and he did save her in the end so that had to at least count for something right?


    Now that she mentioned it, there was a local bar in the area not far from the club where the two of them could grab them a few drinks, nothing fancy or anything like but he was a regular at this local bar so...he was debating if he wanted to take her there or not but then again, it wasn't as packed as it would usually be on any other night and tonight was one of those nights that business was slow at that local bar that he would normally go to, He was good friends with the owner of the bar really, even some of the customers that would come there sometimes late at night would greet Vexx. He turned his head back to the club again, waiting for the woman to walk back out again, a soft sigh passing his lips as he leaned his head back against the wall behind him.

  • He remained where he was standing for a moment, he was now starting to have second thoughts about approaching the woman...but why? He honestly didn't know why but it was like his feet wouldn't move for anything in the world right now, it was almost like his body would refuse to move towards the woman to see if she was okay or not. She was standing only a couple of feet away from him and yet, he couldn't find it in him to even more towards her for whatever reason there was. Despite the noise that was going on around him, he could pick up the woman's voice...she was talking to herself...more so...she was talking to him. She knew that he may have been in the area still, just couldn't see him, she was looking for him, maybe to thank him for saving her life in the club, which he felt he didn't do anything but just moved the guy off her.


    The line from in front of the club was still long, people were still trying to get in and two of the bouncers that were at the front door was trying to keep the crowd under control from outside, it was long after that the pig and the other bouncer inside the place was brought out by two other bouncers and the boss lady herself. Oh? Looks like she did listen to him after all and to the woman that tried to explain what happened. He watched as the man was throwing a fit as to what had happened in the Blue Room of the club, but still that didn't make the situation any better. This was the second time that this happened, not the first but second time, which he still hadn't forgiven his friend for the first time he tried to have his way with her, hell he didn't even return none of his phone calls or messages. It had been only 2 days since the incident and then something like this happens again...he sighed softly, rubbing the temples of his head as if he was thinking on what he should do...should he walk up to her or not?


    It was a semi-second debate in his head and of course he went with his first instinct and that is to approach the woman and that is what he did. He took a few steps to the woman, walking up behind her while she was on the phone with her ex boss from the club. Compare to him, she was small, petite even and yet standing this close to her, he was like a giant to this woman honestly but he wouldn't let her size fool him, she may have been on the petite side but he was sure that she could pack a powerful punch behind those small hands of hers....he would know cause she knocked out his friend with one of her deadly punches. When she was off the phone with her boss, he still didn't say anything for a moment, a small smirk formed on his lips before he spoke.


    "Are you stalking me now or what Miss..?" 

  • It never fails for him, it happens every time whenever he tries to do the right thing, to only be judged for his actions as being wrong and cast aside like someone who was in the wrong in the first place but it didn't matter. The woman was about to be rape and it seems that the bouncer didn't give a damn to stop the commotion and the fact that the boss let the bouncer get away with it, god only knows what could have happened if he hadn't stepped in to save her when he did. He was now glad that he did come tonight, had he not came who knows what could have happened to the innocent woman. Though, it was clear that he may not have been welcome back in the club after that incident but it didn't matter to him, his only and main reason for coming here tonight was to seek out the woman from the night before, that was his real reason for coming in the first place, he only came for her and that was it.


    He brought his hand up as he removed the cigarette from his lips, discarding it on the ground somewhere close by, blowing out the last bit of smoke from his lips as he pushed himself off the wall and started to head on home he guess? He didn't have anywhere else to go, no point in sticking around the place to make matters worse for the boss or anything like that. Any second at this point, she would be coming out that door, looking around for him, she didn't have to, she didn't have to quit her job because of him really. She didn't cause he was only doing out of pure instincts and she didn't have to quit her job for him, now he feels bad that she quit her job because of him; even if it was her choice and the way that they treated him, he was quite use to it regardless. He didn't want her to be without a job because of him, hey he would even help her get her job back if he must but something was telling him that she did it cause it wasn't fair as to how they treated him, thinking that Vexx had done something wrong when he didn't.


    He didn't make it far, the moment she came out that door was the moment her scent quickly enter his nose which made his paused in his steps for a moment. She was looking for him now, it was clear that she wasn't about to let him just walk away, he knew all along. He knew that the moment he left there she would soon follow behind him to stop him, he was right all along. He turned around in the opposite direction and looked in her direction, he knew that she was looking for him, that much he knew but why she quit her job...she didn't have to do that, he would have waited for her outside until she ended her shift at the club and just walked her home end of story.


    As for his friend, he was now walking out the club himself not long after the woman had walked out, still with the access card in his hand as he looked both ways before walking the opposite direction that Vexx took, but before he could get half way down the street he spotted the woman again, looking around...like she was looking for someone. His ocean blue eyes narrowed for a moment when he spotted Vexx standing in the distance; he knew it. She was looking for him and that made things....are the more better so he was right...that woman was starting to have a thing for his friend Vexx. This was perfect! Now all he had to do was get himself in the picture to get himself closer to the woman and then BAM! Capture her and bring her to his boss, now all he had to do was let Vexx do all the dirty work for him, sounds bad I know but he had no other choice.

  • Just before things could get started in the area, that's when the bouncer outside heard the commotion going on in the Blue Room and seen Vexx standing in there while the other guy was on the floor in front of him, how in the hell did he get in? There was no other way for someone to even get to The Blue Room unless they passed him but how he managed to do it without being caught was a whole different story. Vexx glared at the bouncer that was now making his way towards his, ready to fight if needed be and that was when the boss lady herself had walked in. He didn't notice her until the last minute when she yelled out at them. His eyes turned to the woman as the clipboard went flying in the air and landed on the ground nearby, of course they would think that it was him, plus he wasn't even suppose to be in there to begin with but at the same time, the bouncer wasn't going to save her worker from being raped from a customer so he had to step in and do something right?


    Just before he could defend himself as to why he was here, the woman stood up and spoke for him, explaining the situation as to what happened and why he was here in the first place and it was like she said, had he not shown up when he did, who knows what would have happened to her if the bouncer didn't do anything to stop it. Plus he probably had the wad of cash in his pocket to prove that he turned a blind eye to someone in need of his help only to be paid off as looking the other direction but at the same time, Vexx didn't want her to lose her job because of him, he was no one special and she didn't have to stick up for him the way she did. He walked over to the woman's clipboard and picked up off the ground, reaching down in his pocket as he pulled out his wallet and opened it, pulling out 500 dollars in cash as he clipped it onto the woman's clipboard and handed the board back to the woman. Again, he wasn't try to pay his way out or anything, he did cause a bit of disturbance tonight and it was his way of saying he was sorry for causing some trouble inside the place tonight. He didn't want the woman getting in trouble because of him.


    "Here, sorry for the trouble ma'am, I seen one of your workers was about to become a victim of rape and seeing that your bouncer wasn't going to help her any time soon, I had to step in. I didn't come here to cause any trouble or anything ma'am, you all have a good night and Miss, take care."


    That last part was directed to Syn, aka Abbey; he didn't want her to get in trouble because of him, he didn't want her to lose her job over something little like this. He would feel very bad if she got fired because of him and it was probably best if he left now before it got worse for her part. He offered the two woman a smile but the smile was more directed at Abbey as he took his leave from the Blue Room, making his way towards the front as he walked out the door of the club and back onto the cool city streets of the night, though he didn't travel too far, just a few feet that was it. He didn't know why but he had a feeling that the woman would try to follow behind him and try to stop him. He leaned against the brick wall, placing a cigarette between his lips as he lit it up and inhaled the smoke in his lungs, exhaling softly through his nose gently as he leaned his head back against the wall of the building.

  • He sat at the table, waiting silently for the woman to bring him his drink, looking around the place everyone seems to be having a good time and enjoying themselves; he took a glance over his shoulder to try and spot the woman but he didn't see her anywhere on the main floor serving drinks or anything. That was weird, he continued to look around for her, that was when he notice a section of the club named The Blue Room, he hadn't seen that there when he came here the first time, but he knew that it would be kinda hard for him to get seeing that a bouncer was guarding that area as well. It was then a woman that was fully dressed had walked into the building, Vexx kept his eyes glued to the woman as she made her rounds, he would assume that she was the boss and owner of the place as to how she was carrying herself. He narrowed his eyes a bit at the woman, he could tell that the woman wasn't around to take care of her section like she was suppose to, which could only mean that she was bound to be in trouble which was hardly the issue here.


    He got up from his chair, he made it seem like he was walking towards the Blue Room section, the bouncer there was eyeing him, ready to stop him if he came any closer but instead, Vexx walked the other way in an attempt to confuse the man to thinking that he was about to try and go in when he wasn't, besides Vexx had other means of getting somewhere without people's knowledge but he couldn't do it out on the main floor or anything, too many eyes would be watching him and he sure as hell would have raised holy hell if someone caught him. He walked to the back to the men's restroom, pushing the door open as he walked inside and into one of the stalls, closing the door behind him and locking it. Something was off, it wasn't like her to up and disappear like that, let alone take so long to return back to her work at that, something was wrong, he could feel it in his bones. Being what he was, it would have been easy to track her down with no problem because quite frankly, she was still in the building, her scent was still strong meaning that she didn't go anywhere far from the place, that she was still inside the place but somewhere that she's not suppose to be it seems.


    Like any other shadow person, his body begin to mainfest itself once again...nothing but a light, black smoke stood in his place, this smoke took on no form whatsoever meaning that it would be kinda hard to even tell what exactly what he was at the moment. Like a snake, he quickly darted out the restroom without being noticed, of course by the place being dimmed on the lights and whatnot, it made his job all the more easier to remain in the shadows and to remain hidden from prying eyes. He got to the Blue Room and without dectection from the bouncer, he managed to pass his way through and inside the section, he looked around. It was pretty empty for a bouncer to be guarding but then he knew why the bouncer was guarding the area. He had found her yes, but she was in a position that she wasn't suppose to be in; the guy who wanted to have an overnight stay with her had force himself on her. He could see the fear in her eyes, her body language told him that she was scared, that she was trying to find her way out of this position but there was no way of any means of getting out of it. Now, it was all starting to make sense, this bastard paid the bouncer to turn a blind eye...Vexx was right about him, he was one of those guys that could pay his way to get what he wanted from people.


    He then stood there, quickly he manifest back to his 'human' shell as he glared at the man that was now leaning over the woman. Those beautiful chocolate brown eyes of his glowed golden yellow, a low and soft growl escaped from his chest as he slowly made his way towards the two of them. It was guys like this that made his job all the more harder then what it had to be, it was clear that the man was forcing himself onto the woman and that didn't settle well with him; it was like with his friend from last night all over again, the only difference was that Vexx was here now and he could protect her at least from a horny pig of a man that was standing in front of him. Once he was standing a good foot or two away from the guy, he tilted his head to the side, his wolf side wanted to do nothing more but to rip the guy apart right now, but he told himself that he wouldn't lose himself again like he did the last time. Taking a deep breath, he leaned over and grabbed the guy by the collar of his shirt and pulled him off the woman. When he did so, he stood in front of the woman in a protective manner, you would think that it was a boyfriend or a brother of sorts but that was hardly the case her, what he had in mind to doing to the woman was something that Vexx wouldn't allow.


    "Didn't your mother ever teach you to keep your dirty hands to yourself? Its rude to touch others when they don't want to be touched sir..." 

  • He waited silently as the two women in front of him were speaking to one another, his chocolate eyes stole a quick glance from the red head woman before he turned his attention elsewhere, giving the women their little moment as they spoke in private in front of him. He turned his attention back to the entrance where he could see people coming in by the minute, when one table was empty, a group would soon come in and claimed that empty table and start their night by having shots of course. Though, his attention went back to the table that he had once seen his friend standing at before he had up and vanished into thin air but he knew that he was still lingering around the place; his scent was still strong meaning that he didn't go anywhere too far in the building or anything, Vexx was sure that his friend Vic wouldn't go no where too far with beautiful women walking around the place, handing out drinks and whatnot.


    With Vic, he managed to get ahold of a bar tender's uniform in order to get into the back, using the woman's access card, he slid the card and the door unlocked as he pushed the door open but of course, he ran into a new problem. Because she was just an employee, she didn't have access to everything which could only mean that her card was only good enough to get into the employee's room where the women get dressed for their shifts and whatnot for the night. Well shit, that wasn't going to help him, he needed to find another way to get the woman's personal information if he wanted to pull this plan off but seeing that he ran into a problem with her access card, he needed to come up with another way to get her personal information. His only other choice was to use his friend Vexx, by all means he feels bad for doing it but it had to be done, he needed Vexx to get close to the woman so that he could get close to her himself and once he has her right in the palm on his hand....she was as good as dead in his book.


    Back on the main floor, both of the woman turned to look at a guy sitting at a booth near the stage, Vexx turned his head to look over his shoulder at the guy too, not that he was the kind of guy to judge really but someone like him willing to buy the woman for a night? He looked like one of those men that...pretty much talk with their money for really, those kind of guys that people had picked on in school to only regret it later on in life but in his case...what in god's name was this guy thinking? Like hell was Vexx going to let that sack of shit buy the woman for a night, he didn't care if it was allowed or not, she was too good for him anyway to begin with. He skin started to crawl a bit, remember, he had to keep himself in check he didn't want to give himself away to her or anything like that, he didn't want to freak her out nor did he want to give away his position as to where he stood in the area with people. It would have been too much of a hassle to move elsewhere when someone found out about his true nature.


    "Oh yeah, a beer sounds nice thanks..." 


    He smiled at her and headed to an empty table in her section, as he was turning to walk away, out the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the guy grabbing the woman by her arm and dragging her off elsewhere, to another part of the club which he was pretty sure that he may not have access to or anything. Those chocolate brown eyes of his suddenly glowed golden yellow, eyes narrowed a bit, it took almost everything in him not to rip the bastard's throat out but still...he didn't have to handle the young woman the way he did...

  • To be honest, he find it cute that she was flustered and nervous, he didn't know why but it suited her in a way, a smile formed on his lips as he continued to watch her. She almost told him her actual name, but it would have been a secret between the two of them, even if she did tell him his name, he wouldn't call her by her actual name at work seeing as how most of the women in the club had 'fake' names to hide their true identity which he could understand, this kind of work could get someone hurt or killed so its not surprising that this place was secure on that with their workers that worked here. Another waitress had walked up to them and leaned over, whispering something in her ear. Now, they would think that he wouldn't hear them but he could hear very loud and clear and from the expression on the woman's face, she was shocked herself.


    'Someone willing to...buy her for a night...?' 


    All of the sudden, the wolf within him begin to grow a bit ruthless then, why was he caring whether someone wanted to spend a night with her? It wasn't like he was her body guard or something but still, it didn't settle right with him that someone wanted to buy a night from her. She wasn't property to be sold, even though that how they run things in the club and all but still, to treat it like an auction didn't settle right with him, even when it came to her. Now he was curious as to who would want to have a night with her, probably some powerful guy with a lot of money and connections just looking to get his dick wet or something, those kind of guys that think that they can get whatever they want just by pulling a few strings to make it happen. Now that he thought about it, he turned to look over his shoulder at the table that his friend was sitting at, only to find that the table was now empty, where the hell did he go that fast?


    Vic was busy doing his own research on things, he pulled out the access card from his pocket, now he wasn't dumb. Of course he wouldn't be allowed in the back from how he was dressed, there was no way he could fool anyone in the back that he worked there so he had to look the part in order to get the information that he needed about the woman and he was sure that he would find what he needed to know about the woman here..somewhere, he just had to look around in order to get what he needed.

  • He made his way through the crowd, making his way over to the bar to meet her, he didn't know why he grew nervous all of the sudden, he just wanted to make sure that she was okay right? So why was he getting nervous out of the blue? It wasn't like him to get nervous around someone, if anything it was the other way around that someone got nervous around him. His chocolate brown eyes landed on her as she met him halfway, he smiled at her, her scent....she smelled nice. But, it was kinda funny considering that she had ask him out on a date without knowledge that it was actually him last night that came to her rescue. It was...kinda weird seeing her like this, it felt like she was exposed in ways that no woman should be exposed. She was like this innocent child that had seen the dark side of the world that should have never been seen, it was almost like he wanted to shield her from the dangers that threaten her every day....he couldn't exactly understand why he was starting to feel like this around her...


    "Yeah well....you never know with me...but I actually came here for a whole other reason to be honest. I uhh...heard what happened the other night with my friend and all....and I'm so sorry that you went through that. Its not like him to act like that and he had no excuse to assault you the way he did....I came back just to make sure that you were okay."


    She looked to be okay, but that may be just a front to put up until she got off work, she may dread walking home alone after that ordeal the other night with his friend and he don't blame her, he wouldn't want to walk home alone either just in case something like that were to happen to someone like her. Although, he was gonna stick around for a bit until she got off work, not that he was going to tell her or anything like that...he didn't want to make it awkward between them or anything. In that moment, when his eyes met her green ones....in that instant, he seen his mother for a split second before Abbey was standing in front of him again. Oh yes, she caught his interest alright, the worst part was that she bore a striking appearance to his mother since his mother was also a red head with green eyes but she was from Russia instead of the states. 


    Out the corner of his eye, he could see his friend sitting at the table from the night before, so he was here after all but he was too busy in phone to even notice that Vexx was here. Why was he here though? After what happened, you would think that his friend wouldn't come back but he did so that made him all the more reasons to stay here and keep an eye out for Abbey while she worked her shift tonight.

  • Vic waited outside of the place to get in, he made sure that he had his golden membership pass with him when he get to the front doors to show the bouncers at the door that was scanning people, making sure that no one was carrying any firearms or anything like that on them. But like the first night of its grand opening, the place was crowded yet again and Vic was pretty sure that he seen some familiar faces back here tonight from the first night, even people who weren't able to get in before may have a chance to get in tonight. He was hoping that Vexx would be there tonight to help carry out his plan and to make things run smooth but he doubt it, if anything, he doubt it if Vexx wanted to have anything to do with him after what happened the night before with the young woman. He reached into his pocket, playing around with the access card that he had on him; when he reached the front door, he held his arms out so that he could be scanned from head to toe, he flashed his golden pass as the bouncers nodded their heads to let him inside.


    Vic walked inside the place and of course it was just as crowded on the inside then it was on the outside of the place, he looked around for a moment, hoping he would spot the woman from the night before working tonight which he would think that she would be working again tonight but he could be wrong. Though, her luck would have ran out at any given time since he now had eyes on her, those eyes of his were glued to her, she still had the same section that she had from when he and Vexx were here on the first night and wouldn't you know it, even their table was open for grabs. So of course he makes his way to the table and took a seat, getting himself comfortable as he leaned on the table, pulling out his phone and he went through his phone. Though, at the same time, he wasn't sure if she would even want to waitress his table if Vexx wasn't with him so what better way to get close to someone? Use someone else of course and so...he would call his friend Vexx to come to the club tonight  just so he could get the woman to serve his table cause he knew that she probably didn't want anything to do with him after tonight.


    'I can't believe that I came back here...' 


    He said to himself as he stood in line from the club waiting to get in, though if only he could cut and just go on ahead of everyone else but he doesn't have golden pass like his friend do. He thought for a moment, he didn't really have to wait in line to get inside....he could by any other means get in without being spotted or anything by the bouncers that were at the front door and more then likely at the back door of the place to make sure that no one tries to sneak in through the back. Vexx stepped out of line as the person behind him moved to his spot, and as for Vexx, he ventured into a dark alley, looking over his shoulder to make sure that no one was watching him or that he was being followed, his body begin to fade. Manifesting itself into a black shadow like object, he stuck in the shadows so that he could slip through easier as he went through the back room, though by doing this he wouldn't be spotted or anything like that, it would be like he had been let in by the bouncers that would have no knowledge of ever seeing him in their line or anything. Once inside the club, he manifest back to his 'human' shape, it seems that he was in the storage room of the place, meaning that he was in the back but he needed to be out front with everyone else.


    He turned the knob to the door quietly as he slowly pulled the door opened a bit, looking around to make sure that coast was clear as he slowly stepped out the storage room, shutting the door behind him as he made his way to the front of the club. Pushing the door open again, he slipped into the main area of the club, and like before it was busy and packed with many people like before. Chocolate brown eyes looked around, this time the women were wearing something else from what they had previous wore the first night it opened, guess it was like some sort of theme that they had going on but Vexx wasn't interested in that, he was more interested in finding the woman from last night. He knew that she was here....he could smell her, her scent didn't fade away, oh no her scent actually linger around the place and could probably pinpoint her exact location in the club somewhere. She had a very rare and interesting scent to her, its a scent that he himself couldn't miss nor would he ever forget. He then spotted her sitting down at the bar it seems, a small smile formed on his lips as he begin to make his way towards her.

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