She hails from the arid lands of Australia, an island continent surrounded by vast unpredictable oceans and inhabited by everything that could possibly kill you. Including the Drop Bears.

Nαmє: Abigail Philippa-Laurel Windsor 

Nícknαmє/s: Abs, Abbey, Abby,  She Wolf. 

Agє: Twenty-eight {28}

Bírthdαч: August 10th, 1960

Spєcíєs: Hybrid

Plαcє σf Bírth: Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia

Currєnt Rєsídєncє:  N/A - she's traveling around America!


"Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder. My life is a storm."


She was the first. A hybrid brought to the arid lands of Australia in the womb of her mother, a convict from Great Britain convicted of theft and prostitution. Due to the overstocking of prisoners in the jails, many were sent packing, bound for Australia’s penal colonies and Botany Bay. Abigail’s birth came with complications. Her mother would survive the ordeal. But barely. For months after she would be kept under the watchful eyes of officers and a nurse, a gentle, able-bodied older woman with kind features and a heart-warming tone that settled even the most uneasy of nerves. Abigail was kept in a small carrier alongside her mother during her stay in the medical station of the camp. Conditions weren’t great and disease wiped out of a lot of the earlier convicts. A reasonably sized tent with a raised bed was given to Abigail’s mother along with a carrier. This made the other convicts green-eyed with jealousy. By the time Abigail was a year old, she was walking and starting to talk. Her red hair had thickened, the color a bright and unnatural shade and her green eyes were wide as she explored the world around her. By the time she was three, Abigail had developed much faster than the other children.


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

From Botany Bay to Fraser Island on Australia's eastern coastline, Abigail's small feet carried her through dense bushland, red dirt and across warm sandy beaches. When she arrived, her little white dress was in tatters, her feet were bleeding, her skin was riddled with mosquito and insect bites, and she was starving. But she was alive. Alive and breathing and surrounded. Over the next four years, Fraser Island became home for the youngster. In that time she would come to know the inhabitants of the island like the back of her hand, especially the Dingoes. One in particular, a pup she would choose to name Riley, after the teddy bear she’d long left abandoned back at the settlement. Riley was a playful creature with thick amber fur and bright curious eyes. They became instant friends. Abbey didn’t understand why she was so drawn to the pup, but in time she would, and it wouldn’t be pleasant. After two years on the Island, Riley’s pack would enter the picture. They’d spent enough time watching from the dunes to understand that the child that had wandered into their territory was of no threat. Riley’s pack accepted Abbey as one of their own, even going so far as to encourage her to sleep and eat with them in the thick brush, away from potential dangers. It was nice to feel like she belonged. At least for a time. Then one evening after the storms of yesterday had passed and the ground was waterlogged, Riley and the pack were nowhere to be found but Abbey was covered in blood. A lot of blood. 



"For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack!"


Currently being re-written! }

Owner of a Lonely Heart... 

Less than a handful of lovers have crossed paths with the shifter. Her sexual encounters with others began in the months following her mother’s death. An average standing convict with little muscle definition to his arms and legs, hands calloused and face unshaven had approached her while she was playing in the mud, alone. He would lure her back to his tent with the promise of sweets and toys, but instead he would beat and rape her repeatedly. Unlike the other children, Abbey’s differences allowed her to withstand the abuse, though her poor body was ruined until dawn when the man would throw her back into the mud, bleeding and without clothes. She would endure through the countless acts of violence and sexual abuse until her little body could take no more and the officers were called. Years would pass before she would introduce herself to the company of others once more. Only this time things were different. She was different. Inside and out. She’d grown, changed, her voluminous red hair and smoldering emerald green eyes lured men from their bar stools and into the back alleyways behind businesses. But not once would she allow the men to touch her. The first being a gentleman; sculpted like a God and handsome too. He was kind and gentle and teased her in ways she could not understand at first. But it wasn't all bedding and romance. The fights that followed were horrendous, and by the time Abbey had found herself with child, it was too late. The stress of everything had left poor Abbey childless. Such a man she thought cared only proved once more than she was of little worth, and upon the expulsion of the dead fetus from her womb, would find herself once again alone in the world. Loneliness grew like an entanglement of thorns around her heart, closing her off from the world until Abbey found herself in the presence of one, Camden Zagurian. He was only a few years younger than her and a doctor who traveled back and forth across the country for work. For the first time, Abbey would feel something one might consider as being “love”. Camden took care of her and showed her that she could be loved, and within a few months, she would find herself pregnant with her second child. But like the others, he never stuck around. Something came up and without a single word of warning, Camden had packed all his belongings and abandoned their home by the lake. Distressed and pregnant, Abbey did the unthinkable. She threw herself down the stairs of their home in order to abort the child. Upon the fifth attempt she would be successful. Was the world to deal her such a cruel fate time and time again? She persevered and would focus on traveling and staying as far from civilization as possible. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and Abbey would, in her stubbornness, refuse to look after herself. She had become a shell of her former self. Borderline emaciated and ready to give up, a friend from once upon a time would find her and nurse her in her sickness back to health. Baby steps were taken and three years later Abbey, though far from her usual self, would be well enough to flee from the watchful eye of her carer and once again disappear. 

You are the vision I'm looking for. Make me remember all I forgot.

Watch me become just an animal. Naked to nothing more than who we are.

~ Feral Hearts ~

Fun Facts:

  • Never had candy until Lo introduced her to pop rocks. 
  • She hates the color maroon.
  • She wanted to be an astronomer or an astronaut.
  • Mangoes are her favorite fruit.
  • Dragonfruit are her second favorite fruit.
  • She once tried befriending a kangaroo and ended up eating it instead.
  • Swears she's cursed in relationships (or so she believes). 
  • Not once has she celebrated a holiday, not even her birthday. 
  • She is Dyslexic!
  • There is a small, crescent moon-shaped birthmark on the inside of her right groin area
  • Moonflowers {Ipomoea alba} are her favorite flower. Alongside sunflowers, Jasmine and succulents.
  • She has a thorough dislike for felines. >.>
  • Despite not having an apartment, she knows how to bake! 
  • Three instruments she'd love to learn to play; the flute, the piano and the drums. 


Author's Notes:

  • Please do not alter or make any life changing decisions that may drastically affect my character/s without consulting me first.
  • If you rape, assault or force my character/s into a position without speaking to me about it first, I will have to report you. I am nervous enough as it is being back on the roleplaying scene that I don’t need the  unnecessary stresses of writers who don’t respect boundaries.

  • God-Modding is a major no-no.

  • If you have questions, concerns, issues with threads, characters or myself, the writer, please contact me and we can discuss the issue privately.

  • I’ve worked hard on my character/s. All are OC’s that I’ve spent almost a decade creating and perfecting. Of course there are no perfect characters and I am still learning about them as I go, so please don’t steal any of my hard work.

But aside all of the above, please have fun and make beautiful words!!


Forget about Prince Charming.

Go for the wolf.

He can hear you better.

He can see you better.

And he can eat you better.




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  • (It is nice to see you have returned. Welcome back :)

  • // IOU: Lorenzo & Rodrigo \\

  • The moment she made contact, something like a snarl rips from him, a warning to her.  He's in no good state of mind and this was business here. The wolf was pissed and isn't about to stop yet, even as much as he wanted to make sure she was okay, which his gaze did linger upon her for a moment, to access what damage he could see from this angle. He saw the blood. Hell, he's smelt it since the beginning and another growl rumbles from him at the the fact these bastards had hurt her.  He's about to turn his gaze back on one of the bastards watching them warily from a distance, when he hears another click.

    His head whips around in time to see her move to stand between him and the other hunter. No...NO! Another snarl, expression fixed in a ferocious anger as he hardly hesitated to leap towards the bastard. Adrenaline is a savior when he hardly feels the bite of the blade plunge into his chest. The hunter, seeing him coming was fortunate enough and smart enough to toss the gun in favor of releasing his blade from it's binding. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop Lo. The beast nearly grins pushing, allowing the blade to sink deeper into him as he gazed within the mans eyes long enough to see the realization of " Shit, I fucked up" before his jaws are upon the mans throat, cutting through so easily and tearing away in a mess of blood spilling like a waterfall down the mans front, his head barely even connected to his body anymore, severing fully when his too heavy head falls back.

    There's no hesitation as he quickly turned back for her. With quick leaps, he bound over to her, nose coming to nose in a gentle nudge. When there came more noises wthin the brush around them, Lo bared his teeth and stepped over her form, protectively.  Something like a brief pause came at the sight of a bruised and bloody Raffaele.  The young man shows shock, staring at them two before dropping his weapon and putting out his hands, placating. Again, Lorenzo let out a growl as Raffaele started to come closer. know me..sorta..I'm not with them, remember? I promise. Please. " Lorenzo could smell the stench of fear on the young man. He recognized Raff of course, although it had taken a bit to realize that through the fog of anger, fear, concern and overall the instincts to protect. He proceeded not to attack as Raff came closer and closer, looking from one wolf to the other. As he get;s close enough, he's allowed to touch her. Raff kept Lo in his sight, afraid he'd make the wrong move, but as he's allowed to touch Abbey, he's careful to observe where she'd been hit. Lo had backed off, enough to let Raff close enough and then he's changing, painful grunts and noises, Raff keeping his attention on Abbey so as not to stare even though he was curious to see the process.  He only looks over at his great uncle again when a naked Lorenzo is standing there, reaching for the blade buried to the hilt in his chest, between his ribs. 

    Oh, dude, I wouldn't.. " Too late. The blade is released and tossed aside. Blood spills sluggishly down his side. Then Abbey is changing and... Lorenzo steps forth in front of Raff and bends to her, allowing his hands to wander before he's grabbing her up and pulling her to his chest in one fluid motion.  Raff knows there's no time to comment on the fact their both naked, so he turns an eye away and leads them. " Let's get the fuck out of here. " Raffaele suggests, more than ready to escape this madness. 

  • Between Lo's punch and Abbey's next onslaught of attacks, the creature is disoriented. Too many blows to the head will do that to you. Skull against skull and the beast is stumbling back, swaying in it's steps. It'd barely had any chance at all, but that hardly meant the fight was over, of course. By the time she jumps to deliver another attack, the creature is recovered enought to see her place of aim and try to counteract it with a downward swipe of it's meaty paw to her back to try and dislodge her. 

    Meanwhile, Lorenzo was still wrestling with the other man. It's already a bloody fight when the two take turns delivering blow after blow to one another, but it seems Lo definitely has the upper hand being more a practiced fighter, not to mention his brute strength and the uncanny ability of speed considering how much more a slimmer build he had to the other man.  There's grunts and hisses along with the sound of flesh upon flesh. In the other corner, Raffaele was staying back, loaded and ready to aim and fire. When one of them men try to snag him, his quick hunter skills are in motion, trained senses allowing him to twist and hit the man in the face with the butt of the gun before firing off a round in his leg, sending the man onto his other knee, screaming in pain. Human as he was, he was no weakling.

    Things seem to happen all too fast. She manages to shake the bear and get away, but one of these men were a bit more coordinated in their tactics and.. Lo hears the click and the following fire like a distant echo. His heart drops when he hears her cry of pain to follow. he's moving, throwing the other man away with a mighty shove and turning and twisting to run for her when he hears the second fire of the weapon. He doesn't hesitate.  Raff hears it and all but stop, shocked, the distraction enough to give his opponent the upper hand and lunge for him which then throws him into a battle against the stronger man.

    Lo isn't super fast, but in a blinding panic, boy can he run. In the midst of panic, the change is triggered. The beast comes forth and is ready to fight with everything it's got. It comes rather quick too, because in one breath he's on two feet, punding into the forest floor and then, he's on all fours, a harsh and dangerous growl ripping from his throat. The moment he sees them upon her, trying to bring her down, there's just this thunderous roar as the beast rips through the brush and descends upon them. Spittle flies from his maw, eyes blazing in rage and..well fuck, he's just quite the monster right now. Them man trying to keep her down is the first to go down because he's the one touching her and..oh how DARE he. It's a gruesome sight when the beast grabs the mans arm and rips him around like a rag doll until his arm rips fully from it's socket. Unlike Abbey..Lo had no problem killing when he deemed it necessary.. 

  • (not really no, just send the starter whenever ^_^)

  • \\OOC// Owing Rodrigo [comments], Lorenzo [Inbox] & Thason [Starter].

  • He had his elbow prop up on the little table and the palm of his hand under his chin looking down at the book he had in front of him currently reading that he got from the libaray not long ago; it was an interesting story that he was reading and found himself caught up in the book that he started to ignore everything that was going on around him at the moment while he was waiting on someone to chow up at the coffee shop. He wrapped his fingers around his cup as he brought it to his lips,taking a sip of his Latte as he licked the cream off his lips and set the cup back down again, his eyes scanning over the words that he was reading from the book. He turned the page once he finished and kept his eyes glued in that book, it was a short notice to ask Abbey to meet with him at the coffee shop of course, but at the same time, it had been a while since he last seen the woman after their first encounter and since then, he befriended the woman.


    He had learn some things about Abbey, like how she was a hybrid and that she was from Australia which he thought was pretty cool, plus she had some pretty green eyes that he has ever seen before but what really got him was the fact that Abbey had ran into her mother a while back before he decided to come out and search for Kanesha. When Rodrigo learned that, he was excited to have finally got a lead on the whereabouts of his mother but of course, it had been a very long while since Abbey had last spoke with his mother and hadn't heard from the lavender eyed woman since their last meeting which she had said happened one night when she left town for reasons that Kanesha didn't quite explain to Abbey before leaving. After a couple of minutes of staring down at his book, he finally lifted his eyes from the words on the page and looked out the window of the coffee shop, watching people walking by here and there, luckily he had the off day from work today and didn't have to go back till Friday, so he was pretty much free for the most part and for most of the week.


    "Hm, she must had been busy or something.."


    He turned his attention away from the outside world and back down to his book that was in front of him once more, his eyes following along with the words on the page before him as he was captured back into his book again. Again, he started to block out the light chatter that was going on in the small coffee shop with him and the sound of the coffee machine beeping when a coffee was made and done, the smell of coffee beans filled the cafe giving it that welcoming smell when someone came through its doors and it had a friendly enviroment to it in a way..

  • Their scents were familiar in some way but not in the way he's come across these particular people before. Shapeshifters, but of some kind if different type and not the one that took to forms similar of theirs. Raffaele couldn't exactly make out this, but he knew danger when he saw it and wanted that gun for a means to protect himself and them if he had to, but he wasn't about to make any sudden movements either.

    His attention doubled slightly when he felt her hand curl around his causing the muscles clenched their to ease a fraction. He didn't want a fight, but these guys weren't exactly here to make friends and he wasn't about to endanger her or Raffaele.  " Surrender? Perhaps you can enlighten me on just what you mean? Maybe even tell me who you are and what it is i've done that has you here."  He wanted some kind of explanation, something to trigger the memory and allow him to act accordingly.

    The man who seems to be the leader of the small group grinned, something like amusement in his dark eyes. " It may or may not have to do with someone's life you wrongly took. I Think you ought to recall, I'd hope it haunted you when you realized what you'd done. " That didn't exactly narrow anything down because there were many lives he's taken in the line of his past, but most of them had either been other werewolves or humans here and there. These guys weren't neither and then finally it hits him. Back in 1978.. That mutt fight in Oregon. An outsider who tried to jump in on the fight and ended up getting killed in the crossfire. A young mans face flashes briefly in his inner eye and then he's closing his eyes. He hadn't completely forgotten. Of course not.

    Before had can have much to reply with, there's a noise behind him and that of a snarl. He glances over at her in surprise for a moment. The other men paused to look over at her and then tensed. " If she doesn't back off.. You'll all suffer. " The man snarls himself looking back at Lorenzo who met his gaze. This wasn't going to end well no matter what. Raffaele was slowly trying to get closer to his great uncle and theirs just this moment of sheer tenseness before they all act at once.

    Raffaele grabs the gun and Lorenzo releases it in order to lunge towards Abbey when he saw one of the men shadows shift into something else. A bear. The massive creature is ready to take her down all until Lorenzo is at it again in delivering a hard punch to it's snout while Raffaele is aiming at the others and firing off shots which causes the men to disperse in different directions. One of the man lunge for Lorenzo and tackle him while the bear is recovering from the blow with a shake of it's head. They weren't exactly as strong as a werewolf not to mention Lo could pack a mean punch when he needed to.

  • eady had his nerves been on edge when Raffaele had had his gun primed and looking all the ready to try to kill them and even the young man had explained himself, Lorenzo's nerves were still shot and now they had the threat of these people and one dared to even grab Abbey and that certainly won't do. He's ready for a fight if that's what this has to be, fists tight and ready to do damage. 

    The light was blinding, but he tries to see past it to the figures beyond and figure out how many of them there were. Raffaele had said he'd seen four, possibly five, but so far Lorenzo only made out three figures. He barely registers Abbey leaning into him where his focus was on the threats, but a hand did reach back to touch her, brief, as though to make sure she was safe there and to reassure her as well. The three in front of them weren't human and this isn't good. 

    The realization that he may have brought this upon them makes something in his stomach drop. Behind them, Raffaele looked from the men to the gun Lorenzo was still holding onto. He could hear her rambles behind him but then one of the men behind the lights were talking, the one Lorenzo had punched snarling in pain, nursing a broken nose. " Well well well.. You were just too easy to find, y'know that? And there doesn't have to be a fight if you just surrender now. "

  • It was clear that the young man had regretted Lorenzo finding him in such a threatening position, but another part was at conflict, the part that had seen what Lorenzo's kind were capable of and wanted to protect humanity from them. Still, this was family and that made it all the more confusing to Raffaele.

    The gang related matters weren't at top priority but when would they be and what would she think, never mind what she'd want to possibly know also. He could only hope it wouldn't change what they had here.  His eyes snapped to Abbey and he sees the panic, the fear at learning this. He feels it too, but perhaps is a little better at keeping himself guarded. Raffaele doesn't seem to know what to do as he stood there awkwardly looking from her and back to Lorenzo as he started to near the frenzy that was Abbey, but she's quick movement and he tries to call her name instead to get her to stop. If that didn't work, after a glance at the younger man, Lorenzo would go after her.

    When he sees the light ahead come across her form, his heart stops. They were already here.  Raffaele was a little ways behind, but stopped the moment he saw the lights ahead too, sucking in a breath. The moment their hand met Abbey's flesh however, something was triggered within the werewolf. In comes Lorenzo, a sharp punch to the jaw of whoever dared to touch her, knocking them away from her and even further leaving Lorenzo to put himself between them and her.

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