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➺ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ᴡᴏʟꜰ { main arc }

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 ᴀʟʟɪᴀɴɴᴀ ᴍᴄᴄᴜʟʟᴏᴜɢʜ

 ᴄᴀʟɪᴥᴛᴇ | ʙʀɪᴀʀ ɴᴏɪʀᴇ

 ᴀᴠᴀ ᴋᴀɴᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴᴅʟᴇʀ

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  • Watching in interest as the wolf shifts and then has an woman laying in the same spot made Marc arch a brow, a shifter, she honestly hadn't expected that, which might make it easier or harder. Unsure if she had clothes in her car that would fit her, hers probably wouldn't, but she did have some of Liam's old things in the back. Those would have to do. Meeting the woman's gaze and saving her modesty she holds her arms out to her sides, showing she was no threat, knowing better than anyone trust was earned. Heck Marc had been in this same scenario often enough, though under different circumstances but the same scenario. "Please... Please let me help you, I don't know if you can tell if I'm lying or not, but I'm not. I just want to help you. I won't take you to my safe house, I'll take you to a neutral location and remove the bullets, I have what I need in my car. My name is Marcella, I'm most often called Marc. "

    Shrugging she tried to keep her voice calm and under control, but her worry was prominent within her tone, and hoping an decision would be made by the woman, before she fell unconscious, because once the other woman lost consciousness Marc was going to move forward and help the woman. Not the best to earn trust but once she was unconscious then there wasn't much she could do, and she would deal with the repercussions later on. "You can count me as an ally.... You need help, those bullets need to be removed and honestly I'm not sure how much longer you have before some others find you here... I would rather you make a decision now on your own, then having to act once you fall unconscious, because know this... The moment you fall unconscious, I will transport you to another location and remove the bullets myself, then I'll deal with your ire and anger. I know your not the wolf involved."


    Completely honest Marc stood her ground waiting on the woman to either make an decision or fall unconscious, her muscles slightly tense as she prepared herself for either outcome. 

  • {Hello, I'm ready to plot whenever you are :). Welcome back }

  • Normally, Valentine's Day wasn't all much of a special day for Vexx, if anything he always hated Valentine's Day with a passion but not this time around, oh no. He had a completely different reason why couldn't hate it now, who would have thought that he would be celebrating a day just as special as this with his mate? But fo course he wasn't to treat this day as a special day....cause every day with his wife was always special so Valentine's Day was no different for him but he figured that his mate hadn't celebrate Valentine's Day either and so he wanted to do something special, he wanted to make it a day that she would never forget. A day where she could always look back on and just smile about when she thinks about it; so all day ever since early this morning Vexx has been away from home trying to get everything ready for his wife back home. With the days passing them by, it wouldn't be much longer now until their offspring would be born, he could tell plus her belly was full and round. Every night he would find himself holding her in his arms and rubbing her belly, every now and then one of the twins would kick in various spot but of course he thought that the two of them were always fighting with each other whenever they kicked, he even went as far as to read the twins a bed time story before going to bed.....something he didn't think that he'll ever have the chance to do.


    He made sure that he had everything that he needed before he got home, everything was accounted for plus some of the gifts were already back at the house, he just hid them so that she wouldn't find them or anything. He came to a red light as he made a complete stop, a soft sigh escaped from his lips as he turned his head to the passenger side, sitting in the seat next to him was a large stuffed wolf with the seat belt on....well....two of them actually though the other one was in the back seat that would be going into the nursery room when he got home. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't really been able to spend time with his wife with work and all, plus not to mention she hasn't been able to work lately herself because she was pregnant of course but he didn't mind though, he wanted her to get some rest and to take it easy, he could take care of everything else. He didn't want her stressing about anything, that was going to be his job until she had given birth to their children. The turned green as he started to move the truck on down the road as he headed home finally after being gone for most of the day. He had been out doing some last minute shopping that he had lost track of time, he needed to hurry and get home before it got late or anything like that and she started to worry....he hated when Abbey worried about him.


    What was worse was that her mood swings had kicked in and boy did she have her days when she was happy one moment and pissed the next, it got so bad one night that she cried for nearly 3 hours because he accidentally left the light in the bathroom on which he didn't mean to do it, but he didn't blame her nor ever get mad at her for her sudden mood swings because I mean....there were even some nights where she got horny and let me tell ya, those some of the best nights of their life. He glanced over at the clock on the dash board, he wasn't far from the house, maybe about a good 10 minutes from now he would be pulling at the house soon, but how was he going to carry in the stuffed aniamls without her seeing them was beyond him at this point.


    Back at the house, as to the knocking noise that Abbey was hearing....could have been anything really but it wasn't nothing scary or bad....it was just the cat being an asshole as Vexx would like to call it. It seems that Joker had gotten into the cabinet under the sink again and was scratching against the wood in the cabinet to make it sound like something was knocking, it was still amazing that Vexx hadn't killed that damn cat yet after all this time. A soft meow could be heard coming from the kitchen before Joker pushed the cabinet door open, poking his head out before stepping out the cabinet and wandering over to Abbey as he rubbed himself against her leg, purring loudly and softly wanted to be picked up and petted by the woman it seems...

  • Happy New Year's to you too baby! 

  • "Oh yeah, would you look at that."


    He watched as the little snowflakes begin to fall from the sky and down upon mother nature but it was beautiful....he always loved the snow, growing up his mother would always take him to the park to let him play in the snow, make snow angels and to help him build a snow man, though of course he was only able to celebrate only 4 Christmas with his mother before she died; but his wife on the other hand seem excited about it. I guess that's the kind of reaction you get when you see snow for the first time in your life, especially watching it fall from the sky like it was, the way it was falling was so peaceful and calm like, you could just fall asleep watching the snow fall from the sky right now.


    "No more but another.....maybe 20 minutes or so?"


    The drive to cabin wasn't a long one, but it was a short ride either, it was a good ways out into the mountains of course away from the city and whatnot but there was a small town about 3 miles from the cabin if they needed to get anything but he was sure that he made sure that he had gotten everything he would need for the cabin before they went anyone. Plus, the cabin was rarely used, it was more like a family home honestly now that he thought about it, his mother used to own the cabin before she passed it on to Vexx though he didn't know nothing about it until he was 21 years old that he read her will stating that she left him the cabin home for him to have should his father didn't want to have anything to do with him after her death. But now wasn't the time to think about that, what was important now was making new memories with his wife and his two unborn children who were currently growing inside of their mother's belly.


    "Well, it is a family trip after all; I'm pretty sure that they are going to enjoy every second of it love."


    What better way to spoil your kids already when they weren't even born yet to see it, but he was sure that he would bring them back again to let them play in the snow and watch the snow fall; this would be his first time in years since he last came to his family's cabin in the mountains, it had been sitting up there for ages, though he kept the place dust free and everything of course, always kept it clean and sure enough, he even decorate it for the holiday season.


    "I love you too Abigail.."

  • Same old shit, different day.. It was almost amazing at how apropos that quote was as Marc left her targets house, slipping away into the shadows as she left the body hanging by the neck, making it look like a suicide. Though the who and why was another story, her attention on another matter at hand, the wolf howlings echoing in the air made her pause as she frowns slightly, the wind rustling her curly dark brown locks as it lay perfectly styled going down her back, a single shrug of her shoulders as she slipped her cell phone from its holder on her hip and presses a single button to dial a well known number, listening to the broadcast she frowns and shrugs. Guess she wasn't an assassin anymore, for this time at least, good thing she had finished her hit, though she didn't have a time limit she preferred too act in the first week or so depending on whom her target was.

    Walking over to her car she slips in, an graphite shadow mercedes benz g63 amg 6x6 weistec, starting the vehicle she turns on the radio to listen to the police channel, stepping on the gas she drives down the street then speeding up gradually as she heads to the scene, curious at the report of the wolves mutilating bodies and wanting too take a look for herself. Parking her vehicle a couple of blocks away she travels the rest of the way on foot, stiletto heel boots clicking with each step she takes, glancing to the patrol cars as they set nearby, pausing as she overhears radio chatter about a wolf that had ran, and that screaming woman now silent thanks to the help of a paramedic giving her an intravenous line and administering Ativan to help calm her down. Frowning as she looks around Marc then disappears from scene and goes too look for this wolf that had run, after hearing reports that it possibly might be wounded, having a bad feeling and also wanting to look into it.

    Stepping into the shadows Marc glances around shedding her leather jacket she folds it up and hides it, closing her eyes she focuses and hisses in pain as she shifts, it was always uncomfortable when she did, but some seconds later where she stood was now a Sumatran Tiger. Padding away she sniffs around and then picks up her pace as she follows the scent trail of the wounded wolf, heading to Central Park, arriving in Central Park and close to where the trail ends of where the wolf was. Slipping the small bag she held around her neck off she concentrates as she shifts back to her human, kneeling close to her bag she pulls on her clothing she had inside. Moving forward on foot she holds her hands out from her body, assuming an non threatening position, she wasn't hear to harm the wolf. "Um... Hello? I'm Marc, I want to help.. I have a feeling you weren't the wolf involved in the attack.."


  • He couldn't wait for that special day, the day when his children will be born. They say when one hears the baby's first cry, the feeling in your chest grows so much that....the feeling was so surreal, the feeling that you brought life into this world, they say it was the greatest feeling that a parent could have in their life. He wanted to feel that moment, he wanted to share that moment with his wife when she gave birth to them. Is this how it felt for other couples that were expecting their first child? This feeling of warmth, love and compassion for another life form that was being created as they stood there. It was the best feeling that he could have ever felt in his life, he was going to be a father....he was going to have children that will look up to him and love him and in return....he knew that his love for his children will grow stronger....just like how his love for his wife had grew stronger with each passing day.

    "I love you so much Abigail.."

    It was the honest truth, he loved this woman to the moon and back; its amazing that within a year their relationship would have carried them this far down the road. What if he hadn't made eye contact with her on the fateful night at The Butterfly Room? What if he hadn't came by the club every now and then to check up on her? What if he hadn't took her on those dates or....what if he hadn't made love to her on that special night they took their relationship to the next level? He was grateful that he did all of it though, he was grateful that he had a wife like Abigail by his side, someone like her he couldn't let get away so easily. If he could, he would do it over and over again just so he could fall in love with his wife each and every time all over again and each time he fell in love, his love for her would only grow stronger, his heart would always skip a beat whenever those gorgeous green eyes stared into his chocolate brown eyes...

    Yeah...there was no place like home....but she was his home to come back to.

  • Little ones.

    They weren't just having one child....they were having two, they were having twins. Vexx still can't believe that he's going to be a father, it still shocked him really but then again, this is a blessing to them after all after they had lost their first unborn child. He still never forgave himself for the loss of their first child, but they were given a second chance at starting a family and he was going to be sure that he was there, he wasn't going to leave her side no matter what. His hand still over her stomach, two embryos....who would have thought that there was life growing inside the she wolf, he can just picture it now...two little bundles of joy wrapped in a blanket, they looking up at him trying to figure out who he was to them. He knew that both Abbey and him was going to love their children unconditionally no matter what.

    "You know, I still can't believe that I'm going to be a father..."

  • "See...why you always gotta spoil the fun babe..." 

    He would mumble against her lips as he embraced her into another deep and passionate kiss, he loved this woman more than anything in this world right now. She was his whole world and without her....he wouldn't have a world to even live in if she's not there in his world with him. Not to mention that they were expecting to new house guest to be living with them in the next 9 months, his hand moved to her abdoman, fingertips brushing over his slightly round belly as he smiled against her lips.

    "We're going to be having company real soon love..."

  • They were going to be okay right? Of course they were, they were going to be just fine. A new chapter of their lives was about to begin for them, with the news of her having twins and him proposing to her, it seems like everything was finally falling into place like it should be. Never in a million years would Vexx thought that he would be getting married to the one he loved, he was actually starting a family with this woman....it was just so amazing if you think about it really. He loved her. He loved her with every fiber, she made him feel things that no other woman would be able to make him feel.

    "You are my sunshine baby...you make me happy..." 

    He was serious too, she was his sunshine and she did make him happy, even when they have their bad days, she still makes him happy regardless. That tingling feeling he would get in his stomach whenever she was near him, or how his heart would skip a beat when his eyes laid upon her, it was pure magic between them. Its hard to believe that they fell in love just by sight alone, sounds crazy right? It was love at first sight for the two of them honestly, he doesn't regret falling in love with her, he's happy that he fell in love with her....

    Cause she was someone that he needed to hold on to and never ever let go..

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