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Character Age


Character Species


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Character Appearance

Milk white extending to his shoulders, straightened. A dark overcoat covering his torso, overlayering a maroon button up dress-shirt. The coat itself extends down to his knee's, resembling a trench-coat. His legs sport dark leather jeans and on his feet Leather biker boots. More detailed (Coming soon)

Character Personality

Often Hot headed, confident, sometimes even coming off as arrogant. He acts distanced from those he surrounds himself with, but the truth is he'd do anything for anybody.

Character Likes

Burgers, Pizza, entertaining television, music and many more to be revealed.

Character Dislikes

Demon's and other wicked forces.

Character History/Story

Abercio Quinn is the reincarnation of the Angel Laos, whom in his reign was notable for terrorizing humanity in any way he'd seen entertaining. Abercio now days tries to atone for the destruction and chaos his former self caused, by acting as a Paranormal Mercenary for hire to hunt and extinguish Demons and various other traumatizing problems that may arise. In addition he's known to assist humans with whatever their troubles are, from big to small.

Character Inventory

-The Legendary Sword of Decadence- A powerful Relic that contains great power and gifts it to it's wielder. -Two 1911. 45 APC Pistols customized for his purposes. These are relics in themselves, that prove effect against Demons. -Red Amulet in which was given to him in return for his promise, his word for a past client whom he became close with. It's a relatively mundane artifact and provides no additional bonus, rather it's sentimental to Abercio.

Character Abilites

As a 10D being, angels are capable of accessing, channeling and guiding the various templates which provide a plethora of abilities. The most prominent being spiritual energy (etheric) also known as Angelic life force.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, Gore, Action, Adventure

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