"Of course demons don't exist. That's old and fake mythology." Abraham smiled, waving a hand. "It's just a /costume/, Blakette. Nothing more, nothing less." The bright eyed male smirked. He was pure and anyone could see it. His eyes were bright and his hair a pale blond, skin even paler. A light British accent trailed along with his words, any signs of harshness were nonexistent. The best way to describe his voice was soft, he h

imself gave off a comforting softness. "God wouldn't banish an angel just for going against him, listen to yourself. Vampires, witches, all of that is just... mythology." He started walking down the corridor and gave a shake of his head. "Now, let's focus back onto reality, shall we? Have you even sprouted a single sleazy feather lately? Other than your baby ones?"
"Uh.. no."
"..don't worry, me neither. We're just late shedders, that's all. Say, you want to go to earth tonight? We can just tell our mums we're going for some... observations for studies."
"Isn't that a sin? To lie?"
"Don't you know that's the small ones? Someone hasn't been studying. We can make up for them later."
"What? With holding the door open for someone or something?"
"Oh hush."

Abraham Olson | Young Angel | Male, 17 | Questionable Sexuality


Abraham attends school in heaven. He has many classes at the school, and has all the same ones with his friend, Blakette. There they learn about sinning and read "fictional" books about demons, lycans, witches, vampires, etc. God doesn't want the young angels to know about their existence. . . it's Heaven, so they want the angels born as angels to be comfortable. Though of course there are some questioners of it all. Blakette being a main one, but Abraham doesn't oblige to his persuasion. One reason being he finds it incredibly scary. Going against God, for one thing, and being open about all of it. Of course angels have free speech and 

rights to believe in stuff like that, but they do get faulty grades for being a bit too open about it. Another thing that Abraham finds terrifying about it is that the idea of someone sinking sharp teeth into you and sucking out your blood? A human that can turn into a wolf? A woman that can summon ghosts? Undead people you can't see who can possess you? Who would want to believe in such things? Crazy people, perhaps. People who aren't scared to question the paranormal. As for Satan, God has pronounced him dead. Yes, he did exist, but to them it's like World War for humans. It was horrible, of course! But it's over and done. That one Blakette doesn't try and question, but that's one thing Abraham can try and squeeze some questions about. Only to his friend though, he wouldn't dare to anyone else. "History does repeat itself, you know?" He'd ask usually late at night when he did things without thinking. He has many questions that he'd rather not ask his seemingly judgmental teachers. 

"Are we allowed to be... you know.."
"What, Abraham? Go to bed, it's like.. 2 AM."
"But you aren't sleeping. I was just wondering.. my bad.."
"Fine, what is it? Shoot before I fall asleep."
"Are we allowed to be. Well. Switched up..?"
"Switched up?"
"You know... switched up. You know with Adam and Eve?"
"Yes, what about Adam and Eve? What switched up with them?"
"...if it wasn't Adam and Eve. If it was.. like... Adam and..."
"And who?"
"A guy, perhaps. Or Eve with a girl. Is it allowed?"
"I... don't know. Go- go to bed."

Flight class has many courses, categories and small details to accomplish. You have to study about the wings, birds and the way to flap them and when to flap them. Not only that but there's specific types of feather stages. Right now, Blakette and Abraham are, ashamedly, still in their baby wing stage. It means your wings are still frail and prone to bending, getting tangled up and constant molting. You're the laughing stock of the class if you walk in and you leave behind a trail of feathers which Abraham has experienced more times than he'd like to admit. Having baby staged feathers means you're at the bottom of the food chain, and it's obvious when one has baby staged feathers, no matter how well you try and keep them. How? Well, for starters they are much thinner and bigger than adult feathers. Adult feathers are thick and small but there are more of them, making them bigger than baby feathers. Wouldn't you want to be an angel with luxurious tall wings? Of course angels can hide their wings, too. It's an easy thing to do that every angel should know. The wings seem to turn into phantom limbs during the time they are being hidden away.

As for halos, only angels that are soldiers get that type of privileged. Whenever one would see a soldier wearing their halo, they have to stop what their doing and salute. Abraham dearly wants a halo and to become a soldier in the future but he mentally puts himself down on that. With his fear that he'll never get adult wings weighing him down, it makes him believe he'll never have a chance of becoming a soldier. Way less of a chance than the rest at this point, anyway. The army would want an early bloomer with muscles than a skinny "late shedder". Blakette doesn't help his self doubt on being a soldier, he always talks bad about them and how they "aren't all that great". Abraham sighs and looks down, not giving a straightforward answer to the rudeness of his friend and changes the subject.


[ Optional side character for Roleplay]

Abraham has a very close friendship with his friend, Darkette. He's the friend that could walk into Abraham's house completely uninvited and be welcomed anyway. Abraham's parents don't mind Darkette being there uninvited or constantly - well, one of Abraham's parents. The other is drafted in the army, that may explain the reason for him wanting to go so bad. Of course Darkette isn't disrespectful towards them while under the roof Abraham lives in but outside of it he is. He's a very disrespectful but kind hearted boy all around in the end. He loves to cause problems as any other teenager would, Abraham following right behind but giving a little moral nudge. His own parents are odd, not too bad but odd. His dad is a bit more on the odd side and bends and twists the rules, Abraham usually suggests that's where Darkette got his own disrespectful side. His dad is protective and vulgar, as well as hardcore. Whereas his mom is always secluded and out at work. She's the type of mom to complain that she's doing everything and no one does anything but everyone is doing just as much as work as she does.

"Wow. It's like that really got to my heart and soul. I'm cured! I don't want to be "rebellious" anymore! Hah, pass me a cookie, Abe."


[ Optional side character for Roleplay]

Pyre is the older brother of Abraham. He's completely lost it and is said to be slowly possessed. Of course because of this, Abraham doesn't get to see him often. Abraham is told Pyre is just very sick, as when he visits him he finds him looking.. very messy and unkempt, that's a small reason as to why he lives outside of the house.  Despite Pyre having meltdowns and screaming at the top of his lungs in an unknown language occasionally, he can be very calm. Extremely calm, that is. His voice can turn into silk and he could be very comforting to Abraham, wise, even. Abraham finds extreme joy in sitting next to him and talking about anything at all. It could be serious or stupid, whatever it is Abraham cherishes his time with Pyre as it's very short. He knows Pyre has breakdowns; once while visiting he started to fidget and walked backwards, hitting the wall with his shoulder and slowly sliding down it with a tense drawn out squeak, as soon as that happened Abraham had to leave the room and either wait until Pyre stopped screaming or just leave all together. Abraham usually would leave; he couldn't stand standing outside of the room and hear his brother screech in pain and scream about things he had no idea about. 

"The sun is yelling at me-- it's! IT'S YELLING AT ME! Get it away from me! GET IT AWAY!"
"Do whatever you want, Abraham. Be whatever you want. Just remember there's someone out there begging to be what you are; a kind-hearted angel that lives in heaven. Plenty of humans spend their entire life striving to be in your spot."


His dad, as stated earlier, is drafted in the army. His mom is very sickly, staying in her room half the time, sleeping and taking medication. She's a nice and gentle lady but that doesn't seem to matter too much when Abraham can barley see her. Of course Abraham goes inside of her room to talk sometimes but she always ends their meeting with saying she needs rest, kisses Abraham on the head, tells him to turn off the light and shut the door on his way out. Abraham never ceases to oblige for many reasons. One, he thinks she deserves her rest since she is sick, two, she hasn't done anything bad, she's a wonderful mother in his eyes and should be treated like one and her wishes should be respected as much as it makes Abraham a bit upset. Due to this he rarely gets to visit Pyre, as he has to bring a grown up with him, he dreads his 18th birthday. His mother has long blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes, just like Abraham. The father has blue eyes and black hair, Pyre possessing those qualities other than his one white eye he acquired when he stuck a finger in his eye, it being replaced with the fake one.

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