About OOC Writer, And RP Rules
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Since I'm always busy in RL and work is still getting me more and more tired half of the time. I will try my best to get online as much as possible.
I'm a laid back individual and I do have bad axinty attacks. But I will be going to consuling for this problem including depression. I like to meet new people and try to come up with a plot and to think of any idea's with the RP. I am here to RP and have fun, but also trying to get out of RL stuff like drama and all of that crap that's going on with me.

➳RP's are 18 + 21

➳I don't like Gmoding, killing off my character or smutt RP's.

➳My life can get hecktic at times, so if I'm not online. Please leave a RP or OOC comment and I'll try and reply back as soon as I can.

➳Face Claim- Josphe Oda-- The Evil Within 1.


Fair warning- I haven't RPed in a very long time. So I might be a little rusty with doing so.




May 27

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