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Character Appearance

A petite girl, Ada is just a few inches above five feet. Her figure is softly curved with hips that flair out deliciously and are accentuated by perky but not to largely endowed breasts. Her pillowy but delicate figure is doted by a sweet face. Her doe eyes are an almond brown that speak of a beautiful soul and her movements tell of a need for nurture. Thick lashes bring out her coy allure that draw attention away from her silky locks. Her hair rolls in gentle waves of blonde down past her shoulders. Which frames her slightly flattened face with rounded cheeks and plump lips that form an almost permanent pout. The girl has a small button nose. The bridge is so low-profile as to be barely there at all; decorated by spewing freckles. That were found through days spent lounging in the sun.

Character Personality

Raised by an incompetent mother, Ada has had her fair share of struggles but lacks the will to be selfish. She prefers to be obedient which is written in her nature but also craves the affection and attention her parents insufficiently provided.

Character Likes

She is rather sensitive and prefers her space to certain extents. But when attached to something or someone she tends to struggle with space.

Character History/Story

Ada comes from old money. Her father was an heir to a wealthy politician. Yet when his reputation is ruined and his family is torn apart by his own affair, Ada's father dumped her and her mother off in a small town and flees the country. Leaving his wife to become less of a mother and more of a lost woman and his daughter to struggle.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello, you may call me Moon and this is a small snippet to get to know me better. I thoroughly enjoy creative writing and the outlet of roleplay. I'm an avid writer and in terms of style, my preferred narrative is the third person. I tend to mirror my partner's length of work. But need for them to have at least a few paragraphs in order for my enjoyment. For my characters I love playing obsequious females, who occasionally push buttons. But, it depends on the plot whether or not I add adaptions or switch characters, as I like developed characters that come to play through plot advancements. Despite my feign of innocence, I love darker plots and anything along those lines. But that's it for now!

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  • Hi there! Very well done char! I'd love to play if you like my char as well! 

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