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Character Appearance

Tall ( about 6' 4" ) Short jet black hair, a small swoop in the front Average build Gray eyes * but when provoked, eye will turn red* Has his covens brand on his left forearm, *but as a cut down the middle to show that he is band

Character Personality

-Willing to die for the ones loves -Willing to brake the law to get things done -Takes awhile to trust someone -Has a dark past the he hides -keeps to him self but when needed will work in a group

Character History/Story

Limerik grew up as a coven leader's son, wen he was at the age of 17, his father asked him to kill one of the opposing covens members of the royal family, the daughter. As Limerik was about kill her, he had a change of heart, fell in love and ran away with her. A few years later both covens found them in a far town, both sent assassins to kill them, in a battle that lasted many hours, his love died. he was so angry that he killed every one in the town, men, woman and children, he walked away from a blood bath. He set out to kill the man who set the assassins. his father and her's, took many months to find away to sneak around, due to the fact he his wanted man.

Character Abilites

-See at night - when angry can move faster then normal - can hear better then normal people

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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