Just a crazy guy living in a fucked up world

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And so the story goes...

Everything was at peace... Everyone was happy, prosperous, and had life. Until the day she died; in a horrible accident ...


But to Lord Kaleidos, his wife's death was no accident, it was a murder. Limerik was only ten, when a former trading clan's guard mistook his mother and two brothers as  intruders, and ended their lives. This started a seven year feud between the clans, and that's when everything turned into a living hell for the young vampire.

Kaleidos (Kal-lie-dous) is the leader of the Coestahf  Clan. North of the Corvinus Clan; to whom the feud is towards. Limerik is the son of Kaleidos, a cold hearted man, once taught Limerik to be a warrior and a hunter, now disowns his own son for what he's done. 

the ultimate tabboo

***********UNDER CONSTRUCTION***********


f a m i l y

mother | sofia | deceased

father | kaleidos | alive

siblings | ten | two deceased

lover | abigail | deceased

offspring | ruby | deceased

r e l a t i o n s h i p s



a p p e a r a n c e

jet black hair | gray eyes | six feet four inches | branded | scarred


p e r s o n a

loyal | law breaker | cold | lonely | unforgetful past


a b i l i t i e s

nocternal | iinhuman speed | hyperacusis | 


p r e f e r e n c e

Fantasy | Romance | Violence | Rated R | 18+ | Gore | Comedy | Action | Adventure

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  • (New user) Is this character still open for roleplaying?

  • lyubov moya

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  • You sadistic fuck. I love it. ღ

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  • -Drinks the second one- Shots shots shots shotshotshots ERREBODAY

  • -Takes your shot of whiskey- Down the hatch! -knocks it on the counter and takes it full stride-

    Missin' ya boo. ღ

  •  "Damn these wolves!" he snarls- just as a wolf explodes from the foilage to his left, long, curved teeth snapping for his throat.  He manages to avoid it by ducking low, and there's a satisfying 'crunch' as the beast hits the tree he'd just passed.  It yelps angrily as it crumbles to the forest-floor, and then makes a whole new sound when it's arse finds the thorny bramble that grew around these parts.

       Finn laughs sharply, and activates the charm on his necklace that grants him increased speed; the soft thuds of his naked feet turning into rapid slaps, dirt flying from under his heels.  He doesn't stop running until his feet touch pavement.

       Slowing to a stop, he sweeps at the sweat gathered on his brow, then pushes his fingers through his damp red hair, earning him wilder spikes than before.  Looking quietly around to ascertain his surroundings-- a parking lot? He furrows his brows.  "Better than.." he trails off as a chorus of howls rise from the woods behind him. 

       Right.  Better keep moving.

  • The day starts like any other day, a shot of whisky, a smoke and a hot cup of coffee.


  • He shrugs "I could go for a drink, it's been a rough night already and its just beginning" he gives a slight smile looking Millie up and down trying not to be noticed " I'm somewhat new around here, only been here a month or so, what's a good place for a drink?" He asks as he spins the lighter in between his fingers. It's a habit that he has yet not aware of it.  A few seconds go by before he slips the lighter back in his pocket and pulls out his phone. The screen lights up "one missed call" "one new voicemail" He gives a slight sigh and put his phone away, looks up at Millie and gives a slight smile.

  •  " Im not much of a day person." he says as he slips a cig in between his lips " also not much a people person " he smiles looking into her eyes, something about her. He couldn't put his finger on it but she, she made him feel different than other people. " are you sure about the coat, I'm not that cold" he then lights up the cig he's been holding in his lips. He takes a long drag and breathing it all in and slowly lets out. " not to be creepy or weird but what are you doing just walking around at night?  a cute girl like your self, all alone. you should be more careful" he smiles and takes one more hit before flicking it on the ground and stomping it out.


  • Miss you, darling. 


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