Full Name: Adelaide James

Nickname(s): Ada, Ade

Title/Job: Slave to Kieran Giese

Home: Estyrar, Asmiara

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'4

Birthday: November 5


There is a bond of family that some things can never break. This was one of the truths that Adelaide had been taught by her parents before they died. Passing away at a young age, they left Ada and her brother alone. Ada didn't see this as a burden though. As long as she had her brother, she had someone always at her side. The two of them were insupportable, two sides of the same coin on this crazy journey we call life

They had each other backs.Never having much else but family they had learned to adapt. Despite the poverty they were happy with their life. Ada and her brother learned to look out for themselves and avoided being a part of the system building a small place in the world. It wasn't much but it was theirs…

It would appear that fate would have different plans for the siblings. With a twist of the knife, Ada’s world was shattered when her brother got sick. There was nothing they could do. No matter how they fought there was no cure. She couldn't lose the one person she had left in the world, setting out to find another answer she stumbled upon Cole. The man who had promised to help her.

Cole was a witch and not the I am a human who practices magic sort of way. A witch is someone who is in a member of a magically race. His mother was a human like her and his blood was considered tainted by his kind. Such things mattered not to her. She came to care for him as much as her brother. He tried to help her find a way through magic to heal her brother.  With little success, she began to think she was gong to be alone again. That was until she found herself slowly falling for Cole. 

The man who had sworn he would help her. The only problem was his so called tainted blood meant he doubted his family would let them be together. Her human blood would only taint him further. Despite this fact the two of them couldn't stay apart and one thing lead to another and before she knew it she had fallen in love with him. Despite all the risks, she keeps seeing him. Happy for the moments they could share as they continued to cling to the hope of healing her brother who was rapidly decline.

It was at this time she would meet Kieran for the first time. He came to find out why his younger brother was spending so much time among humans. It would seem the secret was out. He would drag his brother back home. Cole begged him to help her brother first. At first it would appear he would refuse. However, upon seeing Ada he changed his mind and healed him. She was overjoyed until she found out the price.

He claimed her as his slave in payment for what he had done. She refused 

and Cole and she tried to let him stay with her brother. It would seem he realized what was going on between her and Cole and wanted to ensure the two didn't run off together. They almost had him convinced to let them just got their separate ways when something changed his mind and he took her with him. Kie told her if she left he would kill her brother and she believed him. Promising to keep an eye on her brother and leave him is if she stayed she had no choice. She agreed to become Kieran’s slave.

The only good thing was she got to see Cole at the estate. It was hard to be around him and not be able to be with him. Kie tried to keep them apart as much as possible but they keep wandering together. It seemed nothing would keep them apart for long. And despite the fact, that they couldn’t marry they could steal moments. It was during these moments she was the happiest. She was even beginning to not hate Kieran despite everything he had done to her. He wasn’t the most horrid of master. It was just she lived a lonely life. Most people not addressing her she wandered around the estate unless Kieran had a use for her.

Life might have gone on like this forever. Full of stolen moments with Cole and quiet interludes if it wasn't for Cole finding someone else. Meeting a young girl with the ability to read the future for the first time Cole had found a suitable wife. The family agreed to let the two of them wed. And while witches were allowed to have other lovers and such Ada found herself heartbroken at the idea of being replaced in Cole’s heart. Followed by Kie’s taking a young woman by the name of Ciara as his high priestess.

This event would lead to a change of sort for Ada. Which would come in the form of her faked death by the hands of Dasan Black? He wanted revenge for Kie touching his beloved, Ciara. And so he faked her death hoping to use her to hurt Kieran. She was reluctant at first however upon find her brother dead in the mortal realm. She has decided to lash out at Kieran for taking everything from her life.

Upon finding out the truth that Cole had killed her brother and Kie had always loved her. Ada gave up on revenge. Cole in his madness over her supposed death believing her brother would not want to live without her killed him believing that he would want to join her in the next life. However, her brother would make a deal with a being from her past. The being that the witches refer to as the dark. The opposing force to their goddess Aine. A being with connections to her past and who is now blended with her brother. 

She is confused by this turn of events but she can sense her brother still inside and as such is fond of the man. She never expected her life to take so many twists and turns. Torn with whom she cared for the most she moved forward with her life knowing that it doesn't matter everything will find a way to work itself out in the end.



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Adelaide James

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