Name: Adelia Giese

Nicknames: Addie, Del, Delia, Lia.

Gender: Female.

Species: Witch-God.

Orientation: Pansexual.

Homeworld: Asmiara.

Location: Estyrar.


Height: 5'7.

Figure: Slender, Curvaceous.

Hair: Blonde.

Eyes: Grey-Blue.

Skin Tone: Fair.

Tattoos/Markings: N/A.

The Past:

Adelia was born to the Giese Clan during a time period known as the Age of Enlightenment, a time which was considered by many historians as the height of witch society. A time of philosophy and learning, a time historians say, that with a few exceptions saw the birth of the greatest witches known to their society and is a time many seem to romanticise, with stories of their most beloved heroes taking place in that time. From the time she was a young girl, she loved knowledge, loved to lose herself in books and discover more about the history of her world. She collected books, building herself a library within the Clan's main estate. During the time when the clans were divided her grandparents were heads of two different factions of the Giese Clan who fell in love and eventually married around the time the King was uniting the clans into cohesive wholes, it was from that union that her father was born.

She came into her powers when she was a young teen with the onset of magical puberty, she specialised in a form of shadow manipulation, as well as shape-shifting, causing people to begin believing that she was the darker aspect of Aine. This was eventually proved not to be the case but people do still revere her as such. As she aged she reached the level of power to achieve ascension into Queenhood, but it wasn't until the onset of the Dark Ages that she actually took the throne and ruled as Queen of the Witches for a spell of time. She stepped down from the throne when she ascended a second time into a full deity. Taking on the position of Patron Goddess of the Giese Clan.

Given her position as the clans Patron Goddess she had a close working relationship with the current head of the Giese Clan and thus was able to witness when he adopted a boy from one of the lower class families who showed a great potential, a boy whom had survived quite a trauma when his birth father abandoned him and his twin sister in the forest to the wolves. But it wasn't until the boy grew to take over the role of Clan Head from his adopted father that the two became close, his name was Kyrell Giese and the pair would grow to love each other and be married, having two sons, Kieran and Keir Giese, together. However the relationship between the pair would dissolve and end in divorce when she grew annoyed at him for wanting to replace her as his first wife with a human woman he'd grown to love.

It was shortly after this, when her sons were only young that she would be kidnapped by a stranger from another world and spirited away to another world, however due to her ability to shape-shift and her penchant for going by aliases on occasion nobody noticed when she went missing because another person appeared almost right away claiming to be the clans patron goddess. While the impostor was causing trouble and driving Adelia's sons to hate her the woman in question was doing everything in her power to escape her captor. A feat she finally managed but with the side effect of losing her memories. She returned home with only broken flashes of memories and began the process of reconciling with her sons when her tormentor returned and in a moment of blind panic she ran.

The Present:

After some time of being missing without a trace once more, she appeared bruised, bloody and traumatised with torn and dirty clothing, she shied away from everyone who tried to help her to the point the servants had to retrieve her son and bring him to her. If not for Kieran she might have stayed curled in a ball in the foyer and not moved but trust in her son allowed her to lean on him during her time of need. It was revealed that during the span of time that she was missing, her tormentor, whom believed she belonged to him decided to punish her for running away, she was beaten to within an inch of her life and raped before she managed to get away again and go to the one place she felt safe.

She doesn't know yet, least not for sure if the incident will have left her with a permanent reminder in the shape of a child as well as the mental scars, but knowing her luck it's possible. She's on the long road to recovery now but at least she has her family.

It would come to light that she was in fact pregnant, her son Kieran's wife Aiyana Lavoie having sensed the life force of the child growing within her given that the girl was the reincarnation of the Concept of Life much in the same manner that her own son was Nature reborn and his father was Fate. She wasn't sure how to take the news at first, but one thing is for sure. Being kidnapped had deprived her of raising Kieran and his brother, perhaps this child could be her second chance. 

Important People: 


Jayvion Giese (Father, Deceased.)

Aitana Giese (Mother, Deceased.)


Rylan Giese (Brother, Status Unknown.)


(Undecided currently)


Kieran Giese

Aiyana Lavoie (Daughter In Law)

Keir Giese-Vesela

Aradia Giese-Vesela (Daughter In Law)

Davina Giese


Kurval Lavoie-Giese

Dinah Lavoie-Giese

Kian Giese

Kira Giese

Father's of her children: 

Kyrell Giese

Dasan Black (By shifting into Kyrell.)

Maddox Corello (Kidnapper. Davina's technical father.)

Please Note:- 

This Profile is technically a Multi-Chara Profile. All the Characters on it have connection to a specific storyline. 

Alea Zagurian.

Melinda Devry.

Davina Giese

Liliah Zagurian-Giese

Kalila Lavoie

Kienan Aysea

Briar Kincaid

Tavia Kincaid

Tatia Lavoie

Ianthe Koryne

Anais Eirwen-Devry


Varya Declain

Annora Hasina

Kenna Lehrer

Malorie Nekare

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  • She nodded. It was indeed beautiful. She thought as she stopped letting herself float down the water feeling almost solid like walking on a waterbed on the path inside the city. She could see solid floor where small pods dropped off those who couldn't breath underwater or mermaids guiding them in. The mermaids had walls of water that were along the sides as they swam here or there. It was made for both visitors and those who dwelled under the sea and it seem constructed such allowing one to pick the route to get to certain places.

    The walls of water had what seemed like living art that moved showing scenes of life under the sea. Vast waterfalls tumbled to the ground landing in pools of sparkling water. Some rooms were nothing but water and if you looked in you could see fishes or mermaids or other such beings going about their lives.

  • She nodded her head as she watched Mel move her tail around. "It is something. It makes you wonder how many people get to see this." She said allowing the thought to fade. "That should be it." She said as she started to move towards the city. Everywhere she looked fishes or mermaids would be moving about doing their own thing. Just daily life under the sea as some would swim past them so close you could reach out and touch them if you wished. 

    Her eyes looked up as the city slowly came into view. You could make out shapes from the distance as she stopped to take in the sight from afar. 

  • She broke out laughing at the blush. "You know that only makes you cuter." She said with a tease as she moved out of the way just in case Mel decided to kick sand at her or something. She watched as the water seemed to swirl around them creating a tail that seemed to flow and move with them almost like it was controlled by their whim. Cool. She thought as she looked over at Mel before she went under the water to test breathing. "Hey it works...and I can talk too." She glanced around to see if Mel was around as she watched the fish swim by taking in the colors around them.

    Fish of all kinds moved about and they could see coral and pretty rocks that she had never seen on the surface before. If she looked down she could see just the slight beacon of the city Astoria from the distance.

  • She shook her head. "Nope not late." She said as she wrinkled her nose. "You look cute Miss trying to hide." She said her tone teasing as she looked out over the water. The waters of the crystal sea were so clear you cold see fishes swimming around in them. Of course you could only see as far as your eyes could and not to the bottom but some said if you could see that far it was all clear. She wouldn't doubt it. Lucky for them the water also tended to be warm. 

    She wasn't so great with water magic but she had gotten a potion for them from her grandmother so they could swim under the water. She could just teleport them but something told her Mel would like this way better. She took out a vial and handed it to the other girl. "So, this is suppose to make it so we can breath under the water and swim like a mermaid. Grandma says the water forms a tail and such. I figured that it would be cooler to do it this way." She took hers and drank it as she moved into the water waiting for Mel to follow.

  • Gavi stood along the shoreline the water lapping across her bare feet as she waited for Melinda to show up. She had promised to take her to see Astoria, the mermaid main city if you would. It existed deep in the crystal sea. She was dressed in a pair of cut off shorts and a bikini top since they would be going in the water no sense of being all fancy or nothing. It was strange to be waiting for her girlfriend. It was her first relationship and it was going well. Unless you counted  her grumpy brother but he still thought she should stay locked indoors. Lucky for her Mel was too nice to be bothered by him.

    She was pretty much too nice to everyone. Gavi tended to worry that she was going to 'help' her way into trouble. She was always trying to help people. It both made her want to smile and shake her at the same damn time. 

This reply was deleted.

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