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  • Multi-verse profile. 
  • Romance for this muse is unorthodox. Would love me some Seph x Aeirth shipping.
  • AU friendly.
  • Preference specific; novella, multi-para, descriptive, etc. (I cannot stress enough, that multi-para and novella, descriptive posts take time. Meaning, I don't rush out my replies. I do not expect to be mirrored, but equally lengthy replies will forever be appreciated and loved.)
  • Semi-selective. I give every thread a chance. But if it feels like it won't work out. Then understand that the thread(s) will not continue. I will notify the writer privately.
  • NOTE: I am fully aware of the story. But as seeing how much I love each and every Final Fantasy VII character. I have my own verse to it. One that I would like to see develope. It's been a fantasy of mine. So apologies to the Zack x Aerith or Cloud x Aerith fans out there. I'm more of a Sephiroth x Aerith pairing. Even if it makes little sense to some. But if you hear my arguement, you'd possibly see the attraction. ^^

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  • In Midgard was for the moment a quiet night, the moon was full and the sounds of  the Mako Reactors was turning and pulsing in a soothing way. Soldier units would be patrolling the city making sure nothing was wrong. All seemed normal until one of those Mako reactors bursted into flames from an outside force. Some soldiers would begin to investigate while others started to   Guard the perimeter. When four arrived  to investigate the situation they were met with the beast known as Ifit.


    Ifrit would breath fire toward the Soldiers would dodge the flames. They would unsheathed their blades and made their way to attack. How ever beforethey could land beams of negative energy came from above them blocking their path. When they looked up finding an airship with a man standing atop it wearing a glowing white suit and his hair was white while his body was glowing black.

    His eyes were pure white while negative energy pulsed in his hands. He would join his hands together creating a large beam of negative energy toward a Mako reactor causing it to explode on impact which caused the city to feel the effects. Pleased by his work, the  glowing man would smile wide before the airship would rise up. Ifrit would begin a running start before jumping up a few buildings and onto the airship.   The airship would move around Midgard to observe their work only to let the glowing man drop down; his name was Mr.Negative, he had been targeting Shinra bases for quite some time and now he is targeting the Headquarters.


    He expected nothing to be around here to interest him. Just the destruction of Shinra and all its work.

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"Aerith was at the church, much like any other day. Seeing to the blooms, cupping them in her palms as she gingerly took hold of them. Never really squeezing, but feeling the petals upon her hand. Firm, that's what each one she tested was. Good, beca…"
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"{ I like the idea. Care to start us off on it? }"
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