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Fine specimen of a German Shepard

Character Personality

Loving Protecting Caring Warm Brave Loyal.

Character Likes

Protecting his owner and master Raven Vakaria Getting treats long walks Playing Catching (and occassionally killing bad guys)

Character Dislikes

Anyone who hurts Raven will meet his fangs and have their throats torn out.

Character Abilites

Genetically enhanced Can run faster than a cheetah, can jump several feet into the air, his fur works as a soft yet strong protective hide, will live far longer than any normal dog, fangs while also stronger and more endurable but if they fall out new will grow out in a matter of a few days.

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  •       Catherine Chandler, a detetive for the New York Police was on patrol duties for the evening, and it all seemingly quiet on her end, or where she was patrolling at this point in time.  It could have been near twenty minutes later however, she would heard her cell ringing, and without missing a beat, the detective pull off to the side of the road, then she would swipe her forefinger along the front of it, letting the call be opened.  Her professionalism, yet willingness to help would have already kicked in, as she answered in this way.


    Detective Chandler Speaking."

          A long pause would occur, before someone's voice came on the other end, and she would remain anonymous, but had alerted the detective to a disturbance, not too far from where she lived.  'A woman's shouts, or cries for help' to be exact.  The location, address of where she believed the cries for help were coming from exactly, also given to her, before the call was ended.  Here was hoping she would show up in time, and now, it just might be a race against time, so to speak.  Without wasting a single moment, the detective changed her path a little, now heading straight for this scene.

    ┈      ┈      ┈      ┈


          Near ten to fifteen minutes later, flashings lights, and sirens would be heard as the detective's vehicle approached the area, to announce her arrival, somewhat.  Removing her seat belt, then opening the car door, she climbed out, to close it behind her, yet still leave the car running.  In the meantime, she called out.

    "NYPD.  This is the police; Detective Catherine Chandler.

    Is anyone here?"

          Walking on foot somewhat, scanning the area a little, but so far, nothing had come to her.

  • Akatora*)

  • (Yeah. I like to try and write as much as I can pump out that is good lol. So length shouldn't be a problem with me! And that's awesome. I haven't written it out quite yet but so far my rough idea for Veronica is that she's a girl on the run. Her parents died supposedly when she was young, so she was brought into this organization really young. Probably four or five. She was renamed by the organization and taught a slew of skills. Being used to rob places and assassinate people. But at 20 or so she broke free from them and has been on the run since. Burning through a few Aliases. Now she's settled on Veronica Azalea Grym, with a daughter of hers. Trying to lay off the Radar and what not. 

    Maybe she runs into Akadora and maybe offers her a place to stay as well as food and other necessities. Cause she has her own animals, a cat and dog.


    Not too sure on ideas lol.)

  • ±smiles happily and giggles as Akatora licks her face, wrapping her arms around him she hugs him tightly±

  • Akatora! Akatora!!! Yayy Hi Akatora!! I've missed you!!

  • (I'd be happy to plot something out! I'm still thinking what story I really want to have for Veronica. But I think I have a good idea right now lol. Do you have any ideas or preferences for a roleplay?)


    //Thank you for the friend invite! :D


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