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She is can be quite childlike at times and comes off as flirtatious to those she talks to, but at times she can seem condescending as she does view humans as below her. It doesn't change how she feels about them though, it's kinda like how humans view dogs.

Character Likes

Learning about humans. History, Myths, Legends, Anything. She has spent weeks at a time in libraries just reading and learning. She loves poems and often quotes them when she talks to the annoyance of those around her.

Character Dislikes

Anyone who wants to hurt her humans will know wrath unlike any other. Even the other of her kind who specialize in destruction feel fear when her wrath is kindled. "Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw? Oh curst Effects of necessary Law! How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan, Beware the Fury of a Patient Man." - Dryden

Character History/Story

What came first? The god or the Universe? Even she doesn't know. The first thing she remembers is time starting to move, but she doesn't know if she doesn't remember anything before that because there was nothing to remember or because she didn't exist. She was alone for many.. days? years? eons? Time was different back then so it's impossible to tell but eventually she came across others like her. They traveled together through the large expanse of nothing until they finally reached the one spot of light in the universe. Until then they all thought they were the same, but he was different. Stronger. He taught them about their powers and how to use them as he created all that exists. It was just after this that some of her kind decided they wanted to be like the One and plotted to overthrow him, but it failed and they were cast away from the light. Since then there has been fighting between the two sides, but for the most part the universe is peaceful and unaware of their existence. Her kind slowly spread out across creation doing as they pleased while the One continues to work and expand creation. Kieran wandered from planet to planet until she stumbled upon earth early in the development of the Human race. She was instantly captivated by them unlike she ever had in the past and ever since then has lived on the planet. She tries not to interfere directly in their actions and instead travels around watching and learning. She even went through the lengths to create a flesh and blood body to truly mingle with the earthlings while her true body lies hidden on the dark side of the moon. The only time she really uses her powers is when another of her kind, or some other powerful being, threatens to destroy her pets. She does enjoy playing tricks on people, and isn't above giving certain people special items, like a powerful sword that just happened to be in a lake, to ensure things go the way she wants.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

(Ok I got tired of the past character and changed it. Im sorry if it causes any inconvenience. Also, I am aware that god-modding can be an issue with this character, but the way i'm going to play it is that in her human form her powers are severely limited. )

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  • ~ Thank you for inviting me! Are you available to plot?

    Sesshy =^.^=

  • (Yes. Start us off :)

  • Mai is no fool to underestimate anyone when it comes to supernatural beings, nor is any tactic strange to her. She wouldn't last very long in her field of work should she think that a child-like attitude can't kill anyone. Instead of attempting to pull the trigger in a finger is place in the barrel of her shotgun, she decides to trap her. A white diamond-like material begins spreading over her gun, and latches onto Kieran's hand, gluing it to the gun. Mai pulls her in with the gun, then pushes her to a wall. She doesn't receive threats very nicely.

    "No, it won't be easy to kill. I told you, I'm FBI. Captain Mai Ortega. I deal with supernatural beings such as our selves who decide to prey on humanity. Now care to explain why you're here at my crime scene?" She demands from her. Her work isn't easy especially considering most of the people she runs after could punch her through a wall. Not that she couldn't get up after, and punch them through several walls, but she hates the property damage. Not to mention possible hurting others in a scuffle. Her patience with others runs thin when they poke at her weapons, or suggest how hard it would be to kill her. 

  • Humanity has a reply for when supernaturals get out of line, and it isn't a very nice reply. The FBI formed a team of non-human individuals to hunt down, and detain any and all who would work to see humanity destroyed. Mai Ortega, the Captain of the team, is damn good at doing just that. She was at her home going over evidence when she received a call telling her that someone is approaching the scene. That's either the one who did it, or someone who knows who did it. Either way Mai isn't going to let them leave without answering questions first. She moves quickly in leaving her penthouse and speeding over to the scene on her matte black GXR 600.

    It doesn't take much longer for her to arrive. She's wearing her black boots, with navy blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. Her black motorcycle helmet collapses into small black metallic square pieces and folds into a small black box. Mai pockets it and pulls her shotgun from the side of her GXR. Her mint green hair falls below past her shoulders as she begins scanning the area with her emerald green eyes. She dismounts her bike and pulls the bolt on her Benelli Super 90 shotgun. With her gun at ready at her shoulder she begins her approach. "This is the FBI, hands up, don't move. Who and what are you?" 

  • Oh I like that idea. Then perhaps they can go off together to find out who did it. Would you please start us off?

  • I'm open to plotting some. Did you have something in mind?

  • You're welcome, and thank you for sending one. I like the concept of your character. ^^ I think Kieran and Mai would get along nicely. Would you like to do an RP? 

  • So for some reason my character's history isn't displaying on my profile. Is there a length limit? Do I need CSS? 

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