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Character Age


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

alan stands about 5”6and is about 138 pounds, he has mocha colored skin with vitiligo covering his entire body, mainly on his right eye, left cheek and lower lip, he has brown hair thats slicked back into a greasy like look, typically wears a black leather jacket, dirty white tshirt and jeans along with dirt covered boots, he has scars covering his body the apparent ones are about a 13 inch jagged scar right down his back ,a 10 inch scar down his side and one 12 inch gashed scar right across his chest, the rest are littler ones of bullet holes and stab wounds littering his body.

Character Personality

Alan is a pretty big flirt rathe it meeting you for the first time or knowing you for a long time, he can also smooth talk his way out of almost anything depending on the person, tho he is also a pretty distant character hiding away his deepest emotions the best his mind will allow it, he doesn’t typically get close to a lot of people mainly because he’s scared of losing them all of the sudden, he also gets a little cold if you pry at him too much about being a shut in, although if you so happen to get close to the other he;s pretty sweet and caring otherwise despite everything around him, in reality his good nature would practically make the other take a bullet for just about anybody even if it was a stranger.

Character Likes

alan absolutely loves anything old or mechanical, he loves reading and usually goes out of his way to scavenge for books or old out of date equipment

Character Dislikes

although he doesn’t enjoy authority he will follow any order given just to save his own skin, typically will also fall in line quickly, he really doesn't like when people go out of their way to break his harder shell, also hates his nicotine withdrawals

Character History/Story

Alan was abandoned by his father at the age of 2 months when he was given to foster care, when he grew out of the home at 18, he lived on the streets most of his life, he got mixed up with a few horrid people which resulted into him getting mixed up in a gang with his group of friends, knowing full well what they do he wants nothing more to get out preferably alive in his taste, he knows clearly there is a pecking order and being just about the lowest rank in his gang, he really has no option than to be loyal until the rare chance he gets to dip out, being incredibly known by the police department from his petty crimes and few felonies he is nothing more than a wild and free person. Really he just wants a nice life with his own family but knowing this options are incredibly slim in his position, part of him wants to find his dad and figure out all the unanswered questions he had, tho as the days progressed that hopefulness about finding his dad turned nothing but bitter hatred. He has a hard time relating to people or comforting them simply because he really wasn’t the homes favorite child, about the definition of a troubled child the only thing he typically loves than his cigarettes and ego is his bike he got from his deceased ex that he loved dearly taking great pride in caring for the 1956 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLH. although as much as he loved his ex, he doesn't like talking about him or about the accident

Character Inventory

mm- depends

Character Abilites


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

ayy! my name is Evan- I've been writing for about nearly 13 years now, and stopped for a little while, but now im back and ready than ever! I can typically match my partners length, love roleplaying on discord mainly. I typically write between 2 and 7 paragraphs, love world and plot building and talking or raving about each others characters!

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