Captain of the Briarbend Guard

The general information known about the current Captain of the town of Briarbend is far more cut and dry than people would have hoped for - It is known by file that she has served in the Ava'sorian guard for roughly seven years, from age 16 to 23. Due to an undocumented or possibly restricted incident, she was discharged and placed in the care of the Ardienne's Rehabilitation Facility for roughly two years. 

Shortly upon release she left the city and took up residence in Briarbend's outskirts, becoming a town's guard and serving admirably and quietly for a time. Her prior experience and skill earned her a fair deal of respect among fellow guardsmen, and after several years, and a shifting of the hierarchy, she found herself in the position of Guard Captain with neither great ceremony or lasting backlash. 

By chance, however, her rise to leadership was upon the eve of change for the world at large. The earth itself rumbled and nature seemingly stirred. From the great deepwoods to the North the otherworldy beasts began to emerge, bandit and briggand bands began to grow more bold, whispers of war could be heard from over the mountain ranges... A change of the world is in motion, and for the case of Briarbend, it falls upon the Captain to see their charge safely through the oncoming storm. 


The Wolf 

Name: Aleria Terreth Van-Cyndar

Age: 28

Race: Wolfblood - Alpha Subspecie

Sex: Intersex

Nationality: Ava'Sorian

Height: 6'5" - 6'10" including ears. 

Weight: 240~ lb 

Orientation: Bisexual




Due to her Wolfish nature, Aleria has an acute sense of smell and hearing, due to prior training, she is capable of bloodhound work. 

As with all who're of the Alpha Subspecie, Aleria possesses a near superhuman level of strength, as well as an above average endurance and stamina. 

With a long history of training, Aleria has become a renowned swordsman, especially favouring longswords and zweihanders in combat. 

The Wolfess is considered a trained fusileer, able to work and operate most forms of firearms.

With prior teaching, Aleria has some engineering skills and knowledge on explosives and hazardous substances. 


Tidbits n' Extras

Despite Aleria's indominable presence of command on the battlefield, in common social situations she's considered awkward and inept by her peers. 

Maintains a fairly large garden at her home, and has shown to have a fairly keen mind when it comes to botany and horticulture. 


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