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Character Age


Character Gender

Female, Other

Character Relationship Status

single [open]

Character Appearance


art by rumi-sama


art by salt (salty)



Character Personality

highly multi-faceted, but typically ranges from cutesy and playful, to serious and clinical. generally highly traumatised by the general woes of any immortal but overtly empathetic being. selfless at the best of times, tyranically benevelont at the worst.

incredibly considerate of others to the point of somehow assuming, with and as supported by, complex reason, what's best for them, and circling back into being quite obtuse and presumptive as a result...

what is best, is not always the best for someone, after all.

loves dearly; far too much so at times. extremely romantic, and sentimental. overthinks everything, but in ways so mature they become entirely senseless and juvenile. this is a pattern. fashionable, and beauty oriented; has a wicked eye for artistry in all things, no matter their sorts. is a liar and a cheat; but only in the most honest of ways, of the most kindly in these such things.

the greatest forgery artist in conception. can, and will, steal your style, in all notions of that so term.

Character Likes

discussing anything and everything,

dissecting anything and everything,

dealing with anything and everything,

doing anything and everything,

et cetera.


except for certain things that are personally blacklisted by manner of long-term rationale, and subjective intuition and feeling, which are listed as thus:

- being a twat.

- all other things related to the fact of being a twat.

- not giving anyone or anything any due consideration.

Character Dislikes

being a twat.

things and people being twats.

inconsiderate things, matters, and individuals.

everything related to all above listed data points.

Character History/Story

the primary source of all Cagliostros. [joke (hilarious: referential)]


an ancient evil awakened by a desperate, mad scientist of a shaman to slay their empire's gravest enemies. however, the ritual was botched, in that it was less a ritual and more so the haphazard experimental efforts of a woman posessed. causing an event of which is typically known by as an Eldritch Incursion of Putrid Unknowable Forces.

the blood of dragons, first of the tree; endlessly devoured, from bough, to root.

this mindless monstrosity of a crimson clotted anti-dimensional slime promptly ate her summoner, and then a lot of other people; all rabble babble, hubris and the fall, the usual as all told...

she claimed sapience by manner of this assimilation of souls and being, and was thus willingly chained unto a mortal vessel by two of her first friends, and forever chosen family, who had happened to be there for their own purposes by sheer utter coincidence at the time.


many things happened thereafter; she suffered an incomplete physiology and anti-cancer for a while due to unspecified existential disorders, went on adventures, contemplated life, death, and mortality, learned to be more complete as a person, and the highest importance of which love and understanding held to the dearest blood and promise of all things.

and then she died. surprisingly not to her extremely chronic and constantly worsening existential illness, but rather, to the remnant form of her original source, of which had been newly awakened into a vessel by a completely different, but yet equally related, individual, to which had first awakened who she was before.

she promptly rebirthed herself, killed and ate her last missing piece, and finally completed herself. thus ending the first chapter, and beginning, one branch of many, of her, just so, endless journeys all...


I am assured that there had been a whole lot more dramatic conflicts, emotional events, circumstances of interest, and narrative explorations of various ideas or philosophies, involved; but as I am not currently writing that book, I will not be divulging them all here.


Character Abilites


- magic [general]

- spellcrafting [research & acquistions specialist]

- psionics [general]

- divination [art & field]

- healing [art & field]

- forgery [art & field]

- alchemy [art & field]



- reverse hivemind antics

- rebirth

- replication

- metamorphosis

- specialisation


- caterpillar + butterfly + ophidian + draconic physiology

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

most powerful wizard-witch trans girl and system in creation. good meetings. world's most clinically insane & non-productive renaissance girl.

shittiest natural philosopher in existence. objectively the best; subjectively the worst.

all-time smartest idiot girl: real. [scientifically proven (pending)]

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  • I don't know the album you speak of! I'd love to hear it :) Maya's song will actually be changing soon! 

  • Hi Alessa! In regards to the last comment on your profile. When replying to someone else, it's typically better to reply on the comment section on their page so they see it! A lot of people don't go back to someone's profile to read replies, but they will see it on their own profile! Welcome to the site ^-^ happy you're here ❤️

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