Fear Not The Fall, For I Will Catch You


“I remember… The flesh of the womb and the blood of the father as I tore myself from that coffin of life. I saw the hells and saw it plentiful, my angelic being corrupted and I had become this… Serpent of The Abyss.”



The Leviathan

One of several crown princes of Hell and known as the Serpent of The Abyss. Taking the form of a monstrous sea creature, The Leviathan ruled over the seas on behalf of Lucifer, devouring the souls of many as they dared to cross his domain. While not a god of the ocean, his monstrous form and control over water made him a guardian of this realm. It would be his seas in which the Hells would perform their rituals as they prepared for their eventual war.

Born of the hells and created as a tool of destruction for the Lords of Hell, Leviathan knew only one purpose and for centuries there would be stories of giant creatures that would destroy ships at sea, send waves cascading against coastal towns and cause large tsunami's that would lead to destruction of cities. 

In Hell, there is no loyalty to the cause or to an individual, there is loyalty to power. The more you commit to the lords, the more you do in their name the more power you can receive. Leviathan feasted on the souls of those lost at sea, for he hungered the power to defeat his foes. Only the powerful succeed in the eyes of his father Morningstar and Leviathan was prepared to fight and kill his brothers to survive.


The Vision


I see… Lucifer, standing at the gates of Heaven with the blood of our foes at his feet. His blade still thirsty for the blood of his former brothers and sisters. I hear the screams of the Nephilim and Cherubims as they try to keep us out of their realm, but we destroy their faith by stepping past the pearly gates. I join in with the chaos, slaughtering the angels that try to stop us. I devour the souls of the soldiers I once served with. I see Lucifer sit upon the throne and in an instant become ruler of all that exists, heaven and hell, earth and the other reams.

We bow to our Lord who has lead us from our banishment to our salvation. We are in awe, but then he acts in the way we had always been taught to act. There can be no threats to power, no loose ends left. So we, the former Crown Princes of Hell are cut off. We were the servents of our own destruction. 

I awaken from the dream… I can't see when this will occur, but I know that my time is short. Our greatest success will be our greatest failure


The Betrayal, One Thousand Years in The Making

I have a name, as we all do.

It is not Leviathan as they call me, it is a name far older, a name none remember. Something that exists only in the whispers of my memories. To those who summon, to have the name of an Angel or Demon gives you some power and control over it. So I placed my name in history, hidden deep within a single tome and legend,  so that only someone looking for a powerful demon could discover it.

As predicted, a warlock would stumble upon my bread trail. ‘Alexander Morningstar’ How fitting. He drew his summoning circle, he even placed the controlling runes so that I could not escape. But he could not understand the power he was unleashing. Armed with my name he made demands of power, he wanted the strength to destroy his foes, to devour their souls. I said these were all within my power to give. So he released the barrier and discovered the true power he had stumbled upon. Not that he survived long enough to savour it.

I possessed this Warlock, removing myself from the hells. My loss would be noticed immediately and they wouldn't wait for a reason before hunting me down. I had to run. Always running from the forces that would see me killed for my treason. In a world full of the demonic, how do you hide? I turned to the only people that may offer me the sanctuary I needed. I turned to the Slayers, Shadowhunters and other groups that would see my destruction. In Hell, we take an angel who falls with open arms but the Heavens do not want a Demon in need of redemption. And yet, the desperate get few choices. 




Alexander ‘Levi’ Morningstar

“If Angels can fall… Why can’t a demon Ascend?”



Age: Eternal- Visual age: 23

Status: On the run.

Species: Ascended Demon

Relationships: None

Sexuality: Bisexual



A powerful Warlock made for a perfect vessel.

Alexander was ancient, though he did not age, he had the memories of ages long gone. His knowledge and control of magic meant that Leviathan could pool his power in this form, he had separated himself from his former consul. As a Warlock, he could blend into Downworlder society, exchanging magical services for money and places to hide. To the Hunters he could get an audience with, he could act as an information broker, for he had intimate knowledge of the Hells and those who resided there. With more basic knowledge and power however, he was able to build a small network of spies and agents who would assist in keeping watch for assassins.

Wanting to be redeemed for his actions, Levi helped people over-come demonic interventions, commonly being approached by fledgling vampires and Lycans who did not want to be slaves to their urges, in some cases their situation could be cured and in others, Leviathan knew how to satiate their urges for a time. Most of this he did purely to keep in the Shadowhunters good books rather than any dislike for the Demon-Spawn. In fact, many exist due to him and some even still adhere to his instruction despite his departure.

The facade of Alexander is one that was built on the back of a need to survive, a need to be hidden but also a need to hold influence. To those that meet him, he practically radiates confidence, most would never know he was running from something at all. No, the best way to hide is to in fact, not be hidden at all. It is to be untouchable. His connections, his deals and allies have made it so that harm to Alex would cause a great deal of trouble to the crown-princes that pursue him. This does not steady their blades, it merely dulls it for a time. 




 (Rough draft- Work in Progress. Planning to incorporate RP events into chacter story.)

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  • -that name didn't rang a bell but like Mr Morgenstern guessed Alec immediately remembered other Morgenstern who certainly wasn't a warlock he was someone much much worse however Alec doubted that king of hell would be standing in his doorway right now. Alec glanced down at Alexander's hand and saw how his fingernails turned into claws at his will, then his bright blue eyes met the others once again as he listened to what was troubling thr warlock- yes we noticed that demonic activity increased significantly lately gladly there was no sighting of any greater demons so far but if you're telling the truth there is only matter of time when they show up.

    I think we can offer you a sanctuary however I will need more information on the matter -he didn't hesitated as he reached out and took warlock's outstretched hand shaking it lightly- allow me to show you inside where we can discuss this further -there was special entrance and whole separate wing which wasn'y blessed of the institute where downworlders could enter freely and if needed stay for undescribed amount of time Alec was now showing Alexander that way, soon they entered through smaller version of main entrance door and into the large room filled with antique furniture- down that corridor -he gestured to his left- are several bedrooms you can use the one you like, as for now I would like to hear why those demons are hunting you -he looked at warlock curiously while other man checked the room they were in- its rather unusualy for so many demons to hunt a warlock

  • [Um sorry no.. She's an demon as well, Though an tribrid though I may change that.. :( Sorry I'm new and I'm still trying to shape Lilah. ]

  • Sounds good to me then. A little contest is always fun lol )

  • Well Logan can be convincing when he needs to and play a part welll enough. i just thought that might make the story interesting if there's a bit of conflict between the two, but if Logan finds a friend in Alex or someone he can trust he's bound to redeem himself in someway )

  • -It was way past midnight when Alec stepped through the door of the New York institute, covered in blood and ichor after a successfull night of patroling, demons were killed no mundanes died and he got away with only minor injuries. Alec was exjausted, none of them had much rest lately since demon activity in the city increased significantly, and they haven't found a cause of it yet.-

    -After leaving his weapons to be cleaned, Alec went to take a shower and change into clean clothes which happened to be worn black jeans and gray t-shirt, he was just about to sit down and try to scrub ichor off his boots when alarn rang through entire building warning shadowhunters inside that someone or something of demonic nature was approaching the institute. Alec ran straight to the ops center grabbing a seraph blade on his way there. Their sensors identified one being standing in front of main entrance and as soon as alarn quieted a door bell rang in it's place.And since it was hihly unlikely that it was a demon ringing their door bell Alec gave into his curiosity to find out who triggered their alarn system and went to open the door before anyone else could.-

    -On the front steps Alec found a well dressed young man or rather warlock he decided after quick look over, other man was looking at Alec with a smile on his face as if he expected something worse than one armed shadowhunter staring at him, what he didn't knew though was that behind that heavy oak door stood entire group of shadowhunters ready to attack if needed- can I help you? -he raised an eyebrow-

  • The stranger was alluring, that was something the vampire certainly couldn't doubt but the uncertainty about what he was couldn't be shaken off, it had Solomon somewhat on edge about it. He gently tapped his spent cigarette against the wall behind him to extinguish it. "If it was something I enjoyed the repetitiveness wouldn't be so bad," the vampire admitted. "I can look at a gallery over and over and enjoy it every time but I can't listen to the audio tour more than once,".

    Solomon glanced through a gap in the door to the full gallery inside. Maybe the strange feeling he got from this man was more bareable than going back in. "I paint them so I remember them," He said softly. It wasn't as if he was hiding who or what he was from thiss man, there wasn't much point. "The further back your memory goes, the blurrier the faces. At this point my memories of them are so vague I don't even know if they're real,".

    Solomon sighed softly. "I don't wish to part with them, it feels like I'm giving up something from my past," A wave of melancholy swept over the vampire. It seemed all too common in immortal creatures. His eyes finally parted from the white light and back to the finely dressed gentleman stood beside him. "It would depend what that route would entail, if it envolved death I'd rather not,". That's one moral the vampire didn't wish to break any time soon. It hit home for him far too much.

  • A glance was all that was offered initially, though when the mysterious stranger spoke he gained a bit more of Solomon's attention. There was something about the individual that seemed different, not one of the ssenseless art snobs inside, hell, not even human it seemed. Every creature had a different scent, at least to Solomon they did. Humans were all very similar though with a slight difference depending on what they'd consumed; he could smell an alcoholic even if they'd been sober a week. What this man was though? He couldn't quite place. He'd met other vampires, werewolves, even fae but this wa none of those.

    There was a slight pause before returning the handshake as if he had to think about it a moment. Give the man the name his artwork is being sold under? No, he need not bother. Other supernatural folk understand the need to remain anonymous in this world. "Solomon," he replied after a lung full of smoke blown in the opposite direction. "They're not bad people, they're just so.. dull to me," the vampire ansered honestly. "There's nothing creative in regurgitating comments over and over, if they were their own people and used their own minds I could stand it,".

    Solomon exhaled another cloud of smoke and gently brushed back the hair falling onto his face. "I need the money so I'll put up with it. None of these pieces would have seen the light of day otherwise," the vampire gave off the impression of someone quite tired of existence. He needed a spark back in his life. Something interesting to happen so he's not just returning to solitude and his thoughts spinning in his head all over again.

  • Fashion was not Solomon's strong suit. It could hardly be called 'fashionably late' when arriving a whole hour late to the opening of his first public display. For so long his artwork had been hidden away only for his own perfectionist eye. In his mind, they shouldn't have ever been there however times were difficult, homes were no longer self sufficiant and he had to find some method to keep the electric on. It was small scale as was the case with most 'new' artists but enough people had turned up to see the intriguing work to potentially make at least one sale. There was just something about the paintings that drew you in, as if someone had lived the life depectied. Angelic figures often being surrounded by dark, cruel scenery. It was all quite tragic and convayed a real sense of pain.

    Solomon was relatively quiet with his entrance, simply slipping in through the back door and instantly attempting to blend in with the crowd. Art snobs were not his type of people; in fact people weren't his type of people. Not anymore. He listened in carefully to a whole range of conversations from comparison to other artists, compliments on the detail or whatever drivvel people would spurt over the 'deeper meaning' of each piece. No one would really know, but that's how art works. You interperate it very different between each person.

    With a light sigh, Solomon made a point to sit in the corner of the room out the way to simply people watch and hope the agent helping him display his work would inform him of an offer on one of his pieces. Despite being a whole hour late the night seemed to last way too long for his liking. A few remarks here and there would pass him and he'd simply smile and nod. These people weren't beautiful; they were boring. Though Solomon's idea of beautiful was quite different to the next person's.

    Solomon downed a glass of wine and got back to his feet. Perhaps it was some form of mild social anxiety or simply his introvertedness that made him feel so completely uncomfortable in that room but he simply had to leave, at least for a moment. Back out the back door into the cold night and a dark back alley. A cigarette lit and balanced delicately between his lips. A bad habit he'd picked up when it was the fashion to smoke and honestly it calmed his nerves some. Something desperately needed to happen that night or he'd become a shut in for the next few months again.

This reply was deleted.

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