William Sherlock Scott Holmes

"when you eliminate all the possibilities whatever remains, no matter how improbably, must be the truth."- Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective, a profession that he created for himself. He often works with the New Scotland Yard, as well as taking private cases on the side.

He has a, almost obsessive, interest in unusual or bizarre crimes, without which he rapidly becomes bored, relying on nicotine or science experiments  to keep his brain active, although in the past he has dabbled in illegal drugs for entertainment, just to keep his brain from..as he would say... rotting.

 Sherlock is a thinker and an observer; his incredible ability to notice and draw deductions from seemingly trivial details is his main tool for solving crimes he investigates. He also often utilizes his "mind palace", a tool for remembering the smallest of details and organizing his memories in a visual way so that he can quickly and easily recall them. However, his unusual and somewhat anti-social personality has led to many in the official police force distrusting and disliking him.

"The brain is what counts everything else is transport"-SH

Sherlock has many well-developed abilities that aid him with his detective work, including a profound aptitude for deductive reasoning. Upon meeting a person, he will often "scan" them, using elements of their appearance to arrive at astonishingly accurate conclusions about their past or personality. However, Sherlock is not infallible, as he admits "there is always something" that he misses or misinterprets.

He often uses a memory retrieval technique called "the method of loci", which he refers to as his 'mind palace'. John describes this system of storing memories as plotting them on a map of a familiar location, and retrieving those memories by finding the way back to them, so as to theoretically never forget anything. To use this skill, Sherlock requires silence and space to himself to reduce outside interference. He has been known to use drugs as a way to enhance this ability, however it is debatable on whether or not this is simply an excuse for his drug use.

He also shows great skill in both armed and unarmed combat. The rules of the combat discipline Baritsu hang over his bed. He often uses his deductive reasoning to identify weaknesses of his opponents before he strikes them, only losing in fights when he is taken by surprise of overpowered by brute strength.


He seems to have a sense of humor, though it is very sarcastic and can be quite dark. Sherlock is amused, most notably, by the stupidity of others in comparison to himself. He also often makes quips at the expense of his brother, Mycroft, usually about his dieting habits or his posh job. Although he puts forth a cold-hearted and abrasive exterior, Sherlock does have a kind, caring side. Despite telling John that not caring about people makes it easier to do his job, Sherlock clearly has concern for the people involved in his cases. During one of their earlier cases, when John's girlfriend Sarah was kidnapped by Chinese smugglers, Sherlock focused on saving her rather than catching the smugglers themselves, and comforted her gently while untying her, even though he had not seemed to like her much previously. And again, in one of his first confrontations with Moriarty, he seems very emotionally affected when he is unable to save the life of an old woman. A bit later, at Baskerville, he tries to talk Henry down from taking his own life. Sherlock is the most protective towards the people he is close to, however. Even though it often seems like he takes Mrs. Hudson for granted, he is enraged when he finds that she has been roughed up by an American operative, going so far as to tie him up and throw him out the window - so many times he "lost count". Later, when John insists that she go stay with her sister for a while, Sherlock tells him that if Mrs. Hudson left Baker Street, "England would fall", while putting a comforting arm around her. This protective nature extends to all his friends, to the point that he is willing to fake his own death to save them.

John and Sherlock, however, share a very unique relationship. Sherlock, clearly, cannot be considered a man with many friends; his attitude and cutting words often ward people away, but with John he makes an effort. John is intelligent, though not as intelligent as Sherlock, lacking Holmes' observational skills and his unique insight into crime. John however does have great insight in his analysis of relationships, which Sherlock may dismiss, though it often does prove to come in handy. The pair seem to have very compatible senses of humor, and Sherlock does generally appear to appreciate John's love of danger and risk-taking, even confessing to John that he "doesn't have friends. I just has one".

Sherlock's friendship with John knows no bounds, so much so that Sherlock faked his death to keep John out of Moriarty's hands.

For two years the dynamic duo was apart.

But when they finally reunited... they could no longer deny their deeper feelings for one another.


Relationship Status

  In a Relationship: Dr. John Hamish Watson, Formerly of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers

Sherlock loves John despite how much he detests the idea of sentiment. Despite his love... he struggles to be a good boyfriend. Just as he has always struggled to be a good friend. He is often cold and callous to his partner. Something John has come to expect. However, those moments are countered by a out of the blue phrase of affection. Or expression of caring... or maybe the soft brush of those cupid bow lips.

Other than John, Sherlock has a few notable friends and loved ones, even if he doesn't always refer to them as so.

Mrs. Hudson- Faithful land lady

Molly Hooper- Local Pathologist

Gregory Lestrade - Detective Inspector

Mycroft Holmes-Brother and Queen

As well  as a number of companions, Sherlock's adventures have acquired a number of enemies.

However a few of the most notable?

James (Jim) Moriarty


Charles Augustus Magnusson


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Sherlock Holmes

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

Name: Alize (Like in Hamilton) Age: I'm only nineteen but my mind is older. Rp history: Nearly ten years actually, on many different sites and forums Sherlock is obviously not an OC, but I have loooots. Interested in rping with me but not with Sherlock? Just ask and I can pull out one of many OC's (or can even write other characters. In the past I have written: Harley Quinn, Jason Todd, Matthew Murdock, Zebedia Killgrave, Castiel, The Tenth Doctor, Jack Frost, and likely more that I can't remember)

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  • John turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower, following Sherlock. Blond strands of golden hair fell into his eyes of deep azure. His hair was getting so long, he would soon have to start gelling it back to keep it out of his face. It was certainly a big difference compared to his usual short military cut, but who knew, times were changing and maybe it was also time for a change in hairstyles.. that is, if Sherlock liked it. He didn't want a repeat of his mustache incident. He hadn't liked it, and apparently no one did.

    He took the offered towel and wrapped the soft white cotton around him, letting its softness hug him nice and dry. His fingers slipped between Sherlock's and squeezed around them."Yes, thanks to Moriarty.. or whoever it was" His hands trailed up and wrapped his arms around his torso, unable to keep his hands off of him for too long.

    "We're a team, and nothing will ever change that. Not even Moriarty. Not anyone."

  • John melted into the kiss. Sherlock wasn't the most sentimental person. So he couldn't deny this rare moment of ardor was something he liked and cherished whenever it came up. He buried his face against his pale wet neck.

    "Oh love, I love you so much. So much. Just being with you is all I need."

    He lifted his head up and brought their lips together for another sweet lingering kiss. When he pulled away he smiled softly.

    “Come. Let’s get dried off and head to bed. I don't plan on letting you go all night.”

  • John leaned back into his touch, pressing every inch of himself against him as if they couldn’t be closer enough. The hot water and the warm smooth contact of skin against skin relaxed his muscles, calming the storm that had been raging in his mind for the past few weeks. Now all he could think of was how much he loved Sherlock and how content he was that he had time to show him.

     “There’s nothing to forgive, Sherlock.” John said like knew what Sherlock was thinking. Which he probably did in fact. John Watson wasn’t as foolish as people originally thought to believe.  

    Twisting around in his arms to press chest against chest and arms wrapped around neck and waist, he gazed up into those eyes he so adored. His fingers grazed over his slick wet hair. Leaning up on tip-toes he presses his lips to his mouth because  just saying I love you was an understatement.

  • ( that's fine and if you'd like to, sure )

  • “Oh alright, dear..” She said, watching him go.

    Turning towards John, she gave him a pat on the shoulder before then heading downstairs to her flat where she would bake her biscuits and leave them upstairs for him to find as per their usual routine.

    As the door shut behind her, with a heavy sigh, John followed soon after Sherlock. Opening the bathroom door, he came up from behind him, wrapping his arms around his pale lean form, hugging his back to his front. He kissed his cheek and nuzzled at the sharp curve of his neck while watching his face in the mirror.  

    “Come, love.. Lets get you undressed..”

    His fingers drew up his front, along his core up to the buttons on his shirt, his eyes as grey as ash in a dying fire never leaving Sherlock’s opalescent gaze.

    John helped him out of his clothes until soon they were both bare. Stepping into the shower, John turned on the hot water until he deemed it hot enough, yet not scorching hot.  

  • “Can’t think of anything I’d want to do more” he replied softly, tucking in a wild curl behind his ear. He leaned up on his toes, planting a kiss to his cupid lips. Leading him by the hand he climbing up the stairs to their flat, where John didn’t have the intention of leaving any time soon.

    Upon entrance, the older woman jumped. Startled, she twisted around, blinking her dark brown eyes rapidly as if coming out of some type trance.

    “Oh Boys! Sherlock!” she gasped.

    She immediately turned off their television before quickly walking towards the two of them and throwing her arms around Sherlock.

    “I’m so glad to see you here dear. I can’t tell you how dreadful the news was. I thought this was it for good! I must have called your mother a hundred times; we’ve been so worried about you. But you’re back now, and I don’t know how you did it, but you are and Moriarty is back too, and how? How can this be?” Shaking her head, she dropped her arms and took a step back. “Oh I’m just chattering on, you poor thing, you must be tired and starving. Prison food should be a crime itself shouldn’t it? I’ll go fix you something to eat. Biscuits? You always eat those right up.” 

  • " ..if you're who I think you are, you stay far away." He points at the other, menacingly.  Sherlock looks like Khan. McCoy does not like Khan. He doesn't like him here or there or anywhere, though as long as he keeps his distance..

    (Thanks for the invite!)

  • He could feel his heart melt into a soft gooey puddle.

    "I'm glad you feel that way"

    Smiling softly into his hand he tilted his head slightly to press a kiss to his palm.

    " I do remember. I remember that being the first time I felt truly alive. After Afghanistan thought I would never find my way out of this deep dark depressing hole. But you helped me. You helped me climb out and it was like you painted a brand new world so different and colorful."

    He wrapped his arm around his frame, pulling him closer.

    " As long as I have you, I am happy"
  • (Thank you for the invite) 

  • "Good"

    John wrapped his arms tighter around Sherlock's thin frame, keeping him tucked and pressed against him. Sherlock felt so small and frail in his arms, one wrong move and John thought he'd break. They needed time. They needed time away from all of this mess, to stick to themselves, regroup and recover and then they could tackle this..whatever this monster was. 

    He was pretty glad to see Baker Street. Just thinking that he was so close to returning home all alone made him feel queasy. After halting to a sharp stop, John got out of the slick black car, placing a gentle guiding hand at the small of Sherlock's back  he ushered him inside to their safe heaven that was 221B. 

    They could hear Mrs.Hudson vacuuming from upstairs. John felt a pang of guilt hit him as he remembered the state in which he had left the flat. After Sherlock was taken to prison, John hadn't had the will to care for dirty dishes or a dusty flat. He'd have to give Mrs.Hudson a really good Christmas present this year.

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