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Character Relationship Status

Arranged to marry.

Character Appearance

Height: Five Eight Weight: One Hundred Twenty Five Pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Azure Blue Others: Has naturally red lips and a heart shaped face. Skin: Alabaster Body Shape: Curvy

Character Personality

Kind, Compassionate, Determined, Helpful, Loyal, Honest.

Character Likes

The Rain, Flowers-dancing in the fields among them, The Sunrise and Sunset, Perfumes and Lotions, Sweets, Children, Reading, Dancing, Singing. Cuddling. Riding a horse.

Character Dislikes

The Umvbre religion-something about it bothers her, violence, arrogance, nightmares, being alone.

Character History/Story

Place Of Birth: Port Odette. Family: Laxion Fredericke. Father. Deceased. A blacksmith born and bred in Port Odette, Laxion Fredericke devoted his time to raising his daughter Aluxsa after his wife's inner demons spirited her away to take her own life. Seemingly a jack of all trades, Laxion in his youth was once a mighty merchant sailor whom saw much and did plenty. However, once he settled down with a wife and child his seafaring days became few and far in between. Having anticipated the birth of a son, surprise filled him when his baby daughter was born and he immediately fell in love with her and dedicated himself to teaching her everything he knew. Unfortunately, having caught an illness Laxion succumbed to his affliction leaving behind his daughter. Relationship: Arranged to marry Valeb, pronounced Va-leeb, Urono. Valeb is the son of Sione, Si-own-nay, Urono patriarch of the Urono family one of the most wealthiest and known families across the port city. Having known one another since childhood, a marriage between the pair seemed likely but what the public doesn't know is that Valeb is rather cruel and vindictive. He frequently verbally and physically mistreats Lux to the point of her having to hide her bruises. A devout Meek of Umvbre much like the rest of his family, Valeb wants to conform Lux into a traditional wife and that means making her severe ties with Theodoric Klein permanently. Motivations: Having a life and freedom of her own, Klein. Fears: Valeb and Sione Urono, her upcoming marriage.

Character Abilites

Special Characteristics: Sailoring, Fishing, Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Close quarters combat, Minimal Swordsmanship. Elements: ???

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Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

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Aluxsa Fredericke posted a status
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