Name>> Alyson Carver

Faceclaim>> Emma Roberts

Age>> 17

Eye Color>> Hazel Green

BloodType>> 0

Height>> 5 ft 8 inch

Weight>> Has a slender frame

Species>> 2% Avian And 98% Human Hybrid

Occupation>> Used to be an assassin and agent for Zion corporation. Until she escaped the labs, and now went into hiding, in NYC.

Wing Type>> Hawk

Wing Color And Span>> Her wings are very dark brown with white and dark streaks on the ends. The length of her wings are around 19ft.

Personality>> Somewhat Sarcastic, and very tough along the lines. Alyson can be more of a kind and caring person, once you get to know her over time. But for being an experiment since she was 3, Alyson tends not to trust regular humans. She is also fierce, and a strong person to deal with.

Likes & DislikesLikes>> Flying, reading books/manga, watching anime, moonlight nights, hamburgers, shakes, animals, including the rain. Shopping, and going to dance party’s.

Dislikes/Hates>> Whitecoats/Scientists especially her father, hospitals, needles, laying on her back, Thunderstorms, hates assholes and people who are very obnoxious towards her. She is also claustrophobic when in a small room with or without no windows. Her father 

Love Life>> None boy’s but really don’t care for any romantic relationship

Family>> Mother-Caroline Carver (Deceased) Father- Maxus Carver (Alive and works as a Scientist at Zion Corp.)









Background history

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Born in the year 1998 Alyson’s mother and father worked as guards for a private company called Zion. The company had gained more power using money for weapons and other experiment’s. They even had an excellent apartment resort in Stuttgart Germany, which Alyson had began to become a local experiment once she turns 5 years old. Her mother started to grow ill and passed away, in 1995. As for Alyson’s father Maxus he began to move on with his life and gaining a new promotion as a lead Scientist at Zion. For seventeen year’s Alyson’s life became nothing more than a living nightmare. Having been grafted with avian bird dna after she was born,she started to hate her father and other scientists as well. At first it began with the testing with blood and other obstacles she had passed through. And the amount of training including torture throughout the years. When she had turned sixteen, Alyson gotten a job as an assassin for the Zino corporation. Before ITEXCON school in Germany had came around to retire old experiments with other new ones. Replacing The Echo Soldier’s with their new and approved Eraser’s/Wolf men that can morph into a werewolf still having their capabilities of a human. The Zion Corp had also moved on as well, using their own Avian experiment’s into the world. Making them into more capable soldier like assassin’s, killing those who knew about their whereabouts and wanted to expose them. Giving a strict and cold blooded order to execute an experiment. Alyson had refused it displeasing her father which a year later he climbed up to the ranks of Director and placing his daughter in a operation room. If she wouldn’t obey his order’s then he would have to extract Alyson’s emotions out of her. Wiping out all of her prior memories, perfectly sealing her inside an Isolation Tank. Growing furious Alyson escaped the Zion Labotory, starting a new life alone in the open world. 


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