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1. Don't control my character or characters.
2. SFW Only, although I don't mind romance and fade to black.
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January 18



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Character Age


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single for now (Is Bisexual)

Character Appearance

Black curly hair, white skin, grey eyes, athletic build but slender. I'm willing to send a picture that I use as his face claim. It's easier that way.

Character Personality

Anxious, Kind, Caring, Guarded (Due to trauma and hiding a secret).

Character History/Story

Ambrose was seventeen years old when he accidentally murdered someone. He was walking home from a high school party and two teen males happened to try and mug him. Ambrose was drunk and when drunk he tended to get angry more easily. The two teen males grabbed Ambrose and pulled him into a dark alleyway. One mugger held Ambrose back while the other punched him repeatedly in the stomach.

Ambrose fell over in pain. As he was on the ground, one mugger searched Ambrose's pockets for money. While the other kept a look out for the sheriff or any cops. They knew who Ambrose was, and the risk they were taking. He is the son of the sheriff of the small town.

It was late at night. Once the one mugger got the money he was about to walk away but Ambrose, having recovered, grabbed the teenager's ankle and caused him to fall down. Ambrose saw red, he was so pissed off at the muggers. But especially the one who stole his money. He got on top of the teen who stole his money and strangled him for a long time.

Ambrose didn't hear the other teen mugger begging him to stop, that he was killing him. By the time Ambrose came to his senses. It was too late. The teen mugger was dead. Ambrose gasped in shock.

He let go of the mugger's neck and stood up. His hands were shaking. He looked at the other teen mugger who was about to run off. But then the mugger saw a sheriff's vehicle. Ambrose's father.

The mugger froze in his tracks, terrified. The sheriff got down from the vehicle and put handcuffs on the teen mugger and put him into the back seat. Ambrose's father said "Ambrose go on home, I'll take care of this." There weren't any witnesses to the crime as it was late at night and it happened in an alleyway. Except for the other mugger who was now handcuffed and in the sheriff's vehicle. Ambrose walked back home, it wasn't far.

He was still in shock at what had just happened. As soon as he got home, he closed the front door. Ambrose felt like he couldn't breathe. He held his chest and gasped for air. He didn't understand what was happening to him, he just knew he couldn't breathe.

He was having his first panic attack. Ambrose was shaking and felt like he was going to die. It lasted for twenty minutes. By the time it was over, Ambrose was exhausted. He went up to his room and laid on his bed.

But every time he would try to rest he would see the dead mugger's face. He couldn't sleep, he felt so guilty. Ambrose got up and grabbed his switchblade knife and went into the bathroom. Closing the door and locking it behind him. He pulled down his pants and began to make cuts on his legs, not too many where he would bleed out but enough to punish himself for what he did.

This was the first time he had ever self-harmed. He was sobbing while he did this. Once he stopped cutting himself he grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and held it to the cuts. Until they stopped bleeding. He got the first aid kit and bandaged his legs as best as he could and pulled his pants back up.

He heard the front door open and quickly got rid of the evidence. Flushing the bloody toilet paper down the toilet and cleaning the bathroom floor of blood, putting the first aid kit away. Ambrose also washed off his switchblade knife and put it back in his pocket. "I cleaned up your fucking mess for you! You should be grateful! I had my cops sworn to secrecy and had them take care of the witness! I can't have my son labeled a murderer! It will ruin my reputation!" His father yelled at the bottom of the stairs. Ambrose went out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom.

His legs hurt but he walked as quickly as he could and locked his bedroom door. He knew what was coming, his father was going to beat him but in a way that wouldn't show. He heard fast footsteps going up the stairs toward his room. Ambrose sat at the edge of his bed, head in his hands. His father began to bang on the bedroom door with his fist and tried to open it.

"Ambrose, you better let me in! You faggot!" The banging lasted for a while until it finally stopped and Ambrose heard his father's footsteps walk away and a door slam shut. He hoped his father would get drunk. So when he came down the stairs in the morning, his father wouldn't beat him and be passed out drunk. His father is an alcoholic. Hours passed and Ambrose tried to sleep but each time he closed his eyes he saw the dead mugger.

When he finally did fall asleep, he had nightmares about it. Ambrose left town as soon as he turned eighteen. He didn't enter college until he was twenty, leaving for a college in another town far away. He would have constant panic attacks and was still actively self harming his legs. His nightmares never went away and he was constantly sleep deprived.

Living off of coffee and energy drinks. To try and stay awake. He lived in the dorms. His father wanted him to be in law enforcement, but Ambrose hadn't majored in anything yet. As he didn't feel like he deserved to be a cop someday.

He had a classmate in high school he used to hang out with. Named Jasper. Jasper is nothing but trouble and is a drug dealer back then and still is now. He goes to the same college as Ambrose. Jasper grew up rich and privileged.

He never got in trouble in the small town for dealing because his father was mayor of the town and donated to the police department lots of money. He followed Ambrose because he wanted to "expand his business" as he put it. Jasper didn't know anything about Ambrose murdering someone. Ambrose's father told Ambrose to take the secret to the grave. But it was eating away at him.

Jasper just knew that Ambrose seemed different after that high school party. Unstable, dark circles under his eyes, having panic attacks. He didn't know about the self harming either. Ambrose chose to keep that well hidden. One day Jasper offered Ambrose some cocaine.

The coffee and energy drinks were no longer working to keep him awake.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore

About the Writer (OOC)


Pronouns: She/Her and He/Him.

AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth)

Age 24


Possibly Asexual



I'd consider my roleplaying style semi-lit. I love roleplaying triggering and dark themes. Looking for someone open to this story. Also I'd prefer if our characters meet before Ambrose starts his cocaine addiction. Adds more drama to the story in my opinion. For your character to see changes in Ambrose.

I'm happy to send a picture of how Jasper Thompson looks. As he will be important to the story as well.

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