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I look like a girly girl, i like disney, sure. I dont look like i act. I'm missunderstood, Some people might call me weird, Idiotic, obese (Which is not true), But words dont hurt me anymore. I've delt with bullying. I'm not going to waste my time here if im going to be critisized.

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Character Appearance

Standing at 5'4, Rosemary is considered a "medium" female. Her baby blue with sea green eyes are one of the most enchanting in the kingdom.. And yet her hair,which is almost always wet, looks dry and beautiful as that light brown wavy color falls. (Picture is profile picture)

Character Personality

Rosemary was a cute, gentle and caring sweetheart when she was a child, until the evil queen snuffed out all the light in her heart by eating her birthday cake, calling it disgusting and throwing it on the ground.. She hasnt been the same since and now, despises her dad and the evil queen for all the torment they've caused her

Character Likes

-The sea -Music -Being alone -Forests

Character Dislikes

-Being lonely -Running away -Rulers

Character History/Story

Rosemary was born on the beach by her mother an evil siren who had put under a curse a pirate for a little time. Enough to woo him, have his child and give him the responsability. After she was abandoned, he has been asked to meet her there… And he just saw a child, looking up with her baby blueish green eyes. He took her and walked back home, assuming she was an orphan. But when she came back to tell him it was his real daughter, he started panicking. Almost treating her like a slave, he kept commanding her like a pet ever since he found out she was going to be his newest generation… And he didn’t appreciate it. he wanted a boy, and she failed him.. But she didn’t want her nor him. She just wanted a descendant to continue living… Little did they both know, she was a powerful siren, capable of summoning rageous storms at night and play with magic. Though once, the queen visited, looking at her and smirked.. “You’ll never be like us humans… Did you really think you could fit in with our race?” The queen said, pulling back from the little girl’ ear and taking a spoon of the little cake she had made “Disgusting” She threw the fork on the ground and the guards threw the cake down. They soon left and… Rosemary was never the same again… “It was for my birthday…” She mumbled, her eyes welling up… Of course her dad wasnt there. He never was, he was always going drinking and when he came back.. He scolded her for having messied the place and made her clean it all over again… ...

Character Inventory

- A steel sword with the rarest metals found at the bottom of the oceans on the handle, a small jar of pixie dust hanging around a leather cord around her neck with her necklace

Character Abilites

-Singing (wooing) her adversaries with her siren voice -Luring people away -Fighting pretty well with a sword

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hey, I'm... I guess I'm Amelia. People can call me whatever they want, they wont stop me from doing what I love.. So dont try to put me down. -Writer

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