Full Name: Amelie Zagurian

Nicknames: Ames, Mel, The Tempest.

Gender: Female

Age: Physically:- Twenty-Four. Chronologically:- Pick a lifetime.

Birthday: November 21

Race: Fallacian/Baylencian.

Species: Chaotic Storm Witch. Partially Demonic.

Occupation: Assassin. Black Division Coordinator for New Order.

Titles: High Priestess of The Dark. Co-Head of The Zagurian Family.

Orientation: Straight


˜”*°•.˜”*°• A  p  p  e  a  r  a  n  c  e  •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Height: 5'6

Figure: Slender.

Eyes: Midnight Azure. Dark Like The Ocean at Midnight.

Hair: Blonde.

Skin Tone: Creamy Complexion.

Tattoos: None as of yet.....

Scars: Some. Her arms are littered with crisscrossed scars and she has one notable scar across her left side. Usually hides them with a glamour, making her appear flawless.


˜”*°•.˜”*°• Past  •°*”˜.•°*”˜

All stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, and mine is no different, it's just that some stories well, some stories carry on after they end. Because some stories reset and start all over again. But why don't we start at the beginning yeah? My birth took place in a strange realm, one where dreams could become a reality if only you knew where to look, how to believe, that realm is known by the name Fallacy, perhaps if you visit it you may understand why. I was born to Irys Night after her rather brief relationship with my father Lexi Zagurian, who she'd been completely in love with, everyone makes mistakes and he was hers, they were together only briefly but in that time he'd made her feel like she was special, he was a master maniplulator like that, when I was only four years old he stole me away from her taking me to the human world where he raised me alongside my three older brothers, out of them all I grew closest to Michael, who at the start had avoided me as if I were the plague but finally came around, we became incredibly close and if I'm honest he's probably the only reason I survived our father's harsh treatment at all. 

You see daddy dearest didn't take me away out of any special love for me, nope, he didn't love any of his children. He didn't even love his wife enough not to cheat on her. What he wanted out of us was more power, he wanted weapons and I being the strange hybrid I was intrigued him. What kind of powers would I reveal? Would I be powerful? I'm afraid it would be a long time before he ever found out. You see no matter how many times he beat me, terrified me, left scars littered all over my young body. I revealed no powers. Did I even have any? For the longest time it would appear I'd been born powerless, until age eleven, almost twelve. When my second oldest brother irritated me to the point I lost my temper became so angry that I...lashed out at him with abilities I'd never known I had. All this time my power had just been waiting, dormant for the right trigger. My father had tried to use fear but he'd been wrong, that wasn't my trigger, anger was.  When driven to the point I wanted to lash out a dark rage had filled me, and with it came my rather unique abilities, a type of elemental force seized hold of me, I call it the storms essence. I'm a Storm Witch: a rare type of witch that can control not only the storms as a whole, but each individual aspect too. On the day I lashed out at Draven, wind came to me. I sent my asshole brother crashing into a wall and then I disappeared like particles on the wind.

And so starts a new chapter of my life, the part where I'd unknowningly returned to the realm of my birth, to Fallacy. I'd been given the chance to get to know my mother and her side of the family, which really only consisted of my endearing and yet completely insane Uncle and his daughter, whom was around the same age as me. It was nice but I'd really regretted leaving Michael behind and that sort of...put a dampener on my mood. Like a typical teenager by the time I was fourteen I wanted to explore, it was boring with nothing to do but sit around in the various rooms the large family estate sported all day every day, even I could only read so many of Uncle Baine's books. I'd already explored every inch of the realm, I was craving adventure something fierce so naturally I dragged my best friend Cyan Jay, the ice elemental I met the day I arrived out into the multiverse, exploring different worlds, I even made him come back to Earth with me. I was determined to find my brother, reuniting with Michael had become my ultimate goal. I wanted my family whole again and until he was a part of it, it simply wouldn't be.

One such expedition ended quite badly, I'd go as far as to say it was a complete disaster, talk about biting off more than I could chew. I'd managed to be attacked quite brutally, was just cast aside and left for dead. Wasn't dead though I quite possibly would have been if it weren't for the blood transfusion a kindly stranger gave me. This stranger...he saved me...and changed me. My savior was apparently a demon, a very old and very strange type of demon whom has the ability to make more of his kind through the trading of blood. The transfusion partly altered my genetics giving me the traits of a demon on top of everything else.

Here's where my story takes a bit of a dark twist, you see one night when Cyan and I were on our way back to the estate, we were attacked by a crazy woman. And I mean that literally, she was a complete psychopath. Yet I still tried to fight her off relying heavily on my demonic traits, not just my powers. Of course she still managed to kill me. I know what you're thinking, this is not the end of the story, we're still in the middle. My uncle, in his brief moment of lucidity performed some seriously dark magic to bring me back, the cost was a life for a life, Cyan traded his own for mine. Willingly. Unfortunately my uncle didn't read the fine print when casting his spell, because the damn thing wiped my memory and it would be...a long time before I'd piece it back together again. I'd later learn the woman's name was Nikani.

From there I took off to learn the assassins art, I was sick and tired of people dying for me, no fuck that, I would protect my loved ones. I trained under one of the best in the field and took to it surprisingly well considering I was only sixteen. It took very little time at all to make a reputation for myself as one of the most deadly killers to ever live, with a few minor quirks. I may be an assassin but I don't take hired contracts to off people. I kill to protect those I love from those who would seek to do them harm, and you usually have to be pretty irredeemably bad for me to decide killing you is the best course of action. I was sent on assignment to track down a group of rogue blood magic practitioners after only a few months of training, hey what can I say I'm a quick study. Cornering them in Greece of all places, on a deserted street in the middle of the fucking day. They were harrassing a young blonde girl when I jumped in and took care of the problem. That girl's name was Nikki, my sister-in-law, or soon to be at the time. Against all odds...I found my brother again without even remembering I had a brother. 

Many different things happened after this, I won't go into epically long details, it'll take too long. Keeping it brief, my family grew bigger, my brother and Nikki having kids of their own and also adopting a bunch. Then they abruptly disappeared, leaving me to take off and find my footing on a new world, one that's wartorn and chaotic half the time. I thought I'd be alone for the rest of my days but Michael returned, bringing with him the whole family. We settled into a new life, I was married, had kids of my own, got divorced, found new love, lost that new love just as fast. You could say I was cursed. Then I met Kyrell Giese, it's a strange relationship we have, sometimes I think we're more like friends even though we came to have a daughter together, Liliah. A daughter that would then be used against me in the cruellest of ways. To trick me into losing focus, losing my cool and ultimately getting myself killed.

Except for one small fact....Zagurian's reincarnate...

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Present- New Life •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Dying can be a pain in the butt, there's no question about that, but what would happen if you didn't know you'd died? If you couldn't remember ever being anyone other than who you are now? But if even who you are now didn't and doesn't feel right? That's my life right now. My name is Amelie, that's it, that's all I know. I had parents, at least I think they were my parents, they were human and I'm quite clearly not. They're also dead, died when I was sixteen, the same day I woke up bruised and bloodied on Hector's doorstep with no memory of how I'd gotten there...or how I could possibly have lost so much time. I live with Hector now, he feels familiar to me, so does his wife. It's really freaking strange it's like if I just try I know I could remember something.

I dream of her...every fucking night, same dream, the dark haired woman with eyes so much like mine dies. How or why I dream of her I honestly could not tell you. But I want to know...I feel like I need to or I will go completely mad. Is there someone out there who can help me?

My dreams finally led me to a place called Hellifyno, the tavern I'd been seeing when I wasn't dreaming of death, the Blue Moon tavern as the locals call it, is located there. I ran into a stranger who showed me where to find the place, the feeling of familiarity I got from the building and even Harry the bartender made me feel like I'd been there before but I knew I hadn't. It was the most disconcerting feeling to experience. People seemed to act like they knew me, one girl told me I was the woman she referred to as her aunt reborn, I refused to believe her, the whole idea was ludicrous so you'll imagine my surprise when I run into Michael, the man who turns out to be my brother and learn that everything the girl said is actually true. I am none other than Amelie Zagurian reborn. I've found my brother but everything else and everyone else is still a blur.

I'm starting to put the pieces of my life back together, it's slow going re-meeting your family, having to get to know them as if you were a stranger, fucked up if you ask me, oh that's right nobody bothered to ask me. I've recently been reintroduced to two of my nieces: Evelyn, who prefers to be called Eve and Elva who I'm told is one of the adoptees my brother and his wife took in, I was also introduced to baby Eden, Eve's little girl, my great-niece. Something about seeing that baby made me flinch and recoil deep inside, did I have a baby before my last life ended? Did something bad happen to her? I feel like I know but I don't want to let myself remember, because remembering hurts and I'll be damned if I fall apart. I know Isys knows, my alter-ego remembers everything, I'm sure of it, the hows and whys are the things I don't and can't explain.

Moving swiftly on, I'm told I have more nieces and nephews to meet, some adopted, some not, I think I've seen the younger ones around the house, but I'm unsure as to which are which, I won't know until they're pointed out to me by name, then I'll remember, I can't not, the gift or perhaps curse of having a photographic memory. I think the biggest shock will be being introduced to my kids, my fully grown kids, according to my brother's memories I have three and they'll all probably be older than I now am, gods rebirth is a mind fuck. Are there any other familiar faces I should know about? Dear lord is an ex-lover going to fall at my feet and confess undying love? I know I know, I'm being fucking ridiculous but how else am I supposed to survive this with my sanity intact?

I've recently learned the ones who killed me played a cruel trick, my baby daughter, whom I'd thought was dead, isn't. They used illusions and other such trickery to fool me into thinking they'd killed my child, lord only knows who's child the baby her father found actually was. When I find them. They'll pay with their damn lives. But first I have to find Lili. She's my priority and I'll look everywhere in the damn multiverse for my girl if I have to. Get in my way at your own peril.

 It took some time, quite a bit of it in fact. To the point at times I felt as if I wore blinkers like a damned horse, unable to focus upon anything but the goal, to find my daughter. But eventually I...we succeeded. Liliah is once again free and amongst family. What's my goal now? What purpose keeps me driven? Is it learning about my previously unknown past life, where I lived as a witch upon Asmiara. The life in which I saved a cougar cub that would later grow to become my magical familiar Anton. Or maybe the goal should be exploring this new found closeness with another witch and my counterpart in darkness, Bryceton Von. This is a new and different experience for me, feeling fond and close to two very different people. 

˜”*°•.˜”*°• F  a  m  i  l  y •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Michael Zagurian

Michael and Amelie had a rocky start to their relationship, she was brought home by their father at only four, Michael had just lost his mother. To him Amelie was a reminder of their father's infidelity and for awhile he hated her, tried his hardest to simply avoid her and managed to for two full years, until she was six and him eight. That was the day he came upon a group of their fathers followers picking on her and came to her rescue.

From then on the two developed quite a close bond, they had two elder brothers, Dal and Draven but neither were what you could consider good people. Having nobody else to look out for them, they began looking out for each other, keeping themselves sane. When Amelie escaped at age eleven (almost twelve) she'd thought she'd never see her favourite brother again, but luck was with her when she met a girl by the name of Nikki during one of her jobs on Earth, by becoming friends with Nikki she reunited with her brother, neither have been very far from the other since. When she moved to Hellifyno, Michael and his family followed, they've been there ever since.

Other Siblings:

Solitaire Zagurian

Goddrick Zagurian


Alea Zagurian

Zachary Zagurian

Kaia Skye Zagurian

Liliah Zagurian-Giese

Everleigh Paxton


Irys Night.

Lexi Zagurian. (Deceased.)


Baine Night.

In Laws:

 Nikki Xivaous-Zagurian


Irena Stryder

Nelly Faolan

 Levi Zagurian

Eve Zagurian

Elva Zagurian

Camden Zagurian

 Aaron Zagurian

Warren Zagurian


 Lyall Silverhide-Zagurian  (Deceased)

Gregor Silverhide


Clarissa Erica Bloodwalker.

 Trystan Stryder (Missing)

 Lyon Stryder

 Adair Zagurian

Lilou Zagurian

 Damien Zagurian

 Josephine Zagurian

Bellamy Zagurian

Kylar Faolan

Desmond Faolan

Eden Zagurian

Katerina Stryder

˜”*°•.˜”*°• M  a  g  i  c  a  l   S  k  i  l  l  s •°*”˜.•°*”˜

 Storm Magic - As a storm witch Amelie has the ability to create and harness the power of storms. This includes the several different aspects individually, such as wind, lightning and thunder, as well as the ability to manipulate a full blown storm. Usually Thunderstorms. Storm witches can also commune with the wind, which seems to almost speak to them, a handy talent to have when trying to track someone, or avoid being sneaked up on.

 Chaotic energy- While in her last life she didn't possess this, it had been overwritten with an ability to manipulate the darkness that was torn from her, another dormant ability that was within her blood as a Zagurian activated granting her the ability to form and manipulate chaotic energy; which for her takes on black and orange flames, crackling with lightning. When landing on a target, the flame eats away at the object or person like a flesh-eating virus. When the energy is used in a large attack, it can swallow the intended target whole. Unlike with her family however hers feels darker due to her lingering connection to The concept of Darkness.

Runic Magic/Spells - While not your traditional witch Amelie has a slight mastery over spoken spells but this is not her main magical strength, her talents lie in runic magic, the creation of magical symbols that have a specific purpose e.g. her runic butterfly spell or the "storage" rune.

 Telepathy - Ames is a Telepath, able to project thoughts and images into the minds of others. With family, especially her elder brother Michael this ability is stronger, almost effortless. Despite this ability or maybe because of it she has immensely good mental shielding, so good that should she sense someone attempting to connect to her mind without her permission as a defensive mechanism it causes what's called a "psychic lashout" rebounding the person not just mentally but physically too.

 Speed/Strength - These are two of the abilities that come from her partial demonic blood. Speed allows her to move faster than the eye can see, appearing as nothing more than a blur of pale blonde and black motion. Strength gives her the ability to do more damage to someone with a single hit than should be physically allowed by her size and stature. She could throw a person if she really wanted to using it but prefers not to since that can drain her of a lot of energy.

Heightened Senses (Hearing/Eyesight) - Another perk of her partial demonic blood would be the heightened senses, her hearing is so sharp she can hear things beyond the normal hearing range a person possesses, this means she detests loud noises with a passion, you don't have to shout to gain her attention since she could quite easily hear you whisper her name from miles away. Her eyesight is also sharper, though this she can adjust, sharpening it in situations such as near total darkness or when needing to see long distance or pick out details one might otherwise miss, rest of the time her eyesight is normal.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• I  n  v  e  n  t  o  r  y •°*”˜.•°*”˜


An old style ring hanging on a vivid blue chain - The only thing left of Cyan the best friend.

A Snow Cat claw, which hangs from a black lace chain - A Memento from a Snow Cat Hunt.

A necklace of wooden carved beads with a circular pendant- Made and Gifted by Delphine.

A necklace, the chain a mix of silver and iron, the stone amber. Crafted to ward off attempted possessions. - Gifted by Leila.

A bracelet featuring a small wooden crafted rabbit - Made by Nelly.

A hand crafted dog tag featuring her name in Greek and those of her family, hanging from the same bracelet - Made by Irena.

A butterfly clip that at first glance looks simple but holds hidden within images of her family and closest friends - Gift from Michael.


White doves head hilted Sword: Aithollo. (Gaia blessed after the Void Zombie incident)

Black raven head hilted sword. (Opposite of Aithollo.)

Switchblade etched with a message in a secret code, gifted to her by her mentor.

Twin black Scimitars with red hilts (Curved blades.)

Two Saber Claw blades. (Gifted by Moyu)

An assortment of throwing knives/daggers.

Darts laced with a strong sleeping drug/venoms and toxins.

Vials of deadly substance. (e.g poison, venom or toxin.)

Other Stuff:

A Sketchbook (She likes to draw, it soothes the mind.)

A collection of miniature ice sculptures. (Makes them herself with Cyan's ring, which gives her access to his magic.)

˜”*°•.˜”*°• A  n  i  m  a  l  s •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Shade (Raven Familiar) - Like every other Zagurian Amelie has a familiar, an animal which is close to her, connected in a bond of sorts. These familiars are usually very well suited to their companion. Amelie's familiar is a raven named Shade, probably one of the most disobedient birds she's ever known but he's been with her though a lot and though she complains she probably wouldn't change him for the world.

Oroan (Baylencian Lion) -
Native creature of Baylence, Oroan is a fiercely protective friend to the assassin, always there when she needs him and always willing to rip people apart for her. He doesn't share the same bond with her as Shade, her familiar but loves her all the same.

Runic Butterfly (Spell Creation) -
Not a pet persay but very important nonetheless, when she was young, perhaps just after she made it home to Fallacy, needing a distraction to forget for awhile that she'd abandoned the only person who'd cared for her for so long with their father Amelie began experimenting with rune magic and quite by chance developed a rune which when traced creates this beautiful golden butterfly who's wings are decorated with runic symbols.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• T  h  e   M  e  d  i  u  m   -   I  s  y  s •°*”˜.•°*”˜


Like all full blood or half blood Zagurian's Amelie has a Medium, a sort of alter-ego that's inside them, usually fueled by the chaos in their blood. They're triggered usually by a moment of trauma, as a way of self preservation, in her last life that was when she died and was brought back, however in this current lifetime it occurred when her parents were killed, she would have suffered the same fate had her alter-ego not reawoken. Her Medium's name is Isys, completely cold and unfeeling Isys cannot be tamed by much, she's a force to be reckoned with, bad luck for the enemy huh?

Isys stands at the same height and has the same facial structure and figure as her counterpart but that's where the similarities end, her hair is blonde streaked with black, she has grey hued skin which is tougher than it's smooth appearance seems and in this lifetime, now the darkness has been altered within both her and Amelie's genetic makeup, crimson wings and stormy grey eyes, which crackle with lightning.


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- If you wanna write, or plot. Ask me, I don't bite. Much ;) -

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- Lastly, have fun and enjoy yourselves. ^-^ -

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  • (I'm sorry its been so long... It grew busy for me. Oh I'm just borrowing the idea, Tristyn is all thought up on my own as well. If that will work then, I'll try and think of an starter then, is that ok?)

  • (Then maybe the Hydra idea then? With their experimenting and everything, he could be the mastermind behind it and have done an lot of things worse than the Winter Soldier, but instead of having been brainwashed, Gerald (Tris's foster Father) could've been completely aware and even glad to do his work. He could be enhanced as well an actually Nazi, dating back to the camps and did experimenting there. I hope I'm coming up with better suggestions. I'm trying.. )

  • (Oh ok, I'm sorry that was an bad suggestion.. Oh! Then maybe the Hydra idea then? With their experimenting and everything, he could be the mastermind behind it and have done an lot of things worse than the Winter Soldier.. He could be enhanced as well an actually Nazi, dating back to the camps and did experimenting there. I hope I'm coming up with better suggestions. I'm trying.. )

  •                 Exasperated by this immeasurable woman, Heinrich let out a discouraged sigh, nodding to himself more than to her, spilling out the secret that would at last satisfy her inquiry on the matter and the subject. Perhaps, then, could he obtain out of her what he desired: “I was given that information by a contact going by the name of The Eves all the way from England,” he uttered, clearing his throat as he assessed what he had spoken. It had been the truth. He would not have lied to her at this very instance. He would give her his word and he would receive hers, no matter what.

                    “They didn’t exactly know of the subject’s supernatural abilities. I would’ve been informed about it,” he surmised, shrugging it off since it now idled in the past, not in the present. “I suppose they weren’t prepared for it or they hadn’t expected it. The files and the system can only speak so much, after all. Your contact, which I’d like to know about it, is obviously more endowed than my own.” A pause. “If you could now reveal it, that’d be splendid. If not, I wasted my breath for the likes of you.” How discourteous.



  • More than likely. It was probably the same answer she would have given if he had been the one asking it. They both hold the same determination to find their daughter again and to make sure she was home safe and sound. Upon exiting the portal they found themselves in what only could be described as a vast desert. Nothing but sand for as far as the eye could see. Wait. There were birds overheard. Vultures circled above them making that sound they did when they were waiting for something to die. Surely, it couldn't be them. He glanced around and spotted it. It hold the body of a man, but had a face of a pig. It looked to have been wounded. Its hands were pressed against it side, trying to hold its guts in.

  • “If you’re asking for money, just name the number and I’ll be happy to oblige,” he effortlessly informed her, shifting with his posture as he now faced her from a few feet away, dancing on the thought of leaving already, hindered by his lack of knowledge on the woman. “I can’t simply depart from her without the information, ma’am, even if you saved my life.” He was already whipping out his checkbook and a fountain pen, keeping them in his clutch as he awaited her numeric response. Money certainly was no limitation for him.

  • There was no need to wait for an answer, or perhaps it was simply that the answer should have been clear even before she asked it. They shall. There was no force in this universe that would keep him from it. One way or another he would find his daughter. He eyed the portal that Amelie open before looking at the thread. It does seem to be going into the portal. It was not surprising. He didn't think his daughter would be found on this world. Of course. that was assuming this thread was their daughter. It could be something else. Someone else they both shared a connection with. He entered the portal---curious to see where this thread would take them. 


                    “Aren’t you a lively one,” he stated, amused by her temperament and her way of speech, shrugging off her approach with words to settle his full concentration on her inquisitive assertion, shifting his posture to permit himself to overcome the reality of the circumstance around him. He had just faced a hellhound for the very first time. A shame it had been the first and not the second; he would have emerged as a victor, otherwise.

                    “My contact is private. I don’t have any reason to inform you of the organization unless it involved my death if I didn’t answer you,” he retorted, appearing discourteous, yet also proper and moderate. “I’d prefer to know why you’re here to begin with,” he emphasized, adding in the question again in the form a declaration. 

  • No one say eye to eye with everyone all the time, but that did not matter. It would be boring if one agreed all the time. More than that it was these disagreements that made bonds stronger. "Sounds like a plan." They really had no other choices. Sure, they weren't wondering as blindly as they might have without the mirror, but they had no clue which of these path they needed to take. He looked through the glass for a few moments, pondering. "This one looks promising." He pointed to one of their lines. 

  • “Coincidences might exist or they might not. It’s all relative and based on the individual’s understanding of a coincidence,” he explained to her, shrugging his shoulders to loosen his muscles for a moment. “But this is no coincidence and you dodged my question, miss,” he emphasized, observing his Porsche from the distance, pondering on whether or not he should leave her to her business since he had meddled into territory that did not benefit him at all. Clearly, other men, and women such as her, were more fitted than him to handle these creatures because a human could not, simply put.

                    “You don’t have to answer it, regardless,” he muttered, relaxing himself, standing by the door, ready to simply leave, held back by the fact that she hadn’t left the scene of destruction just yet. What else did she want? 

This reply was deleted.

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