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✴ Amir ✴

✴ Ageless ✴

✴ King | Ruler of the Cosmos | Master ✴

✴ Starcaller ✴

✴ Alignment: Neutral - Cosmos ✴




Amir most simply put, is King of the Stars. He's been around as long as time itself.  It's said he helped both Adonai (Human's version of God) and Lucifer, the Morning star, create suitable conditions for the planet now called earth and its solar system along with many others. Amir is most commonly recognized as Anu The 'Sky Father' in the middle east, Zvaizdikis in the Baltic States or the Black-God in Native American Lore. With ultimate creation over the galaxies, Amir has no other perks going for him. He cannot nor could he ever create life, or suitable living conditions. The stars are his masterpieces and his source of power, what inhabits them, he has no control. Before the great war between Heaven and Hell All three of the deities worked together to create a place for humans and other supernatural creatures to dwell. though when the great war between light and dark began Amir chose not to pick a side. He disappeared for a while until Lucifer, the Morning star infiltrated his kingdom in the stars. Amir, being unprepared, had his guard down costing his bride her life. He's since then rebuilt his kingdom into the flourishing city it is today. The Starcaller population once again is beginning to climb, after almost being cast into extinction on that day. Now, after his rebirth thanks to his second in command to the throne, he's returned to once again dwell the stars. Though Earth oddly seems to be one of his favorite...

Amir actually has two main appearances. (Picture above.) Once there were two separate beings, one consumed the other, allowing Amir to  ascend to his full self once again.  Taking the casual fashion from the part of him that was consumed, Amir dresses casual most of the time. Though he does have an Arabic feel about him. Most Starcallers also dress in Middle Eastern clothes and speak the language. It's said the Middle East developed their clothing style long ago after coming into contact with the Starcaller race.  While easily blending in with society, it's not Amir's first priority. When in his kingdom and in battle, our King will change his form to the more commonly recognized attire for King of the Stars. This includes, red silk drapes and several Middle East inspired gold pieces. This is Amir's "True Form" but one he's grown to use solely when necessary.


Amir is a jumble of a few different characteristics. Once two beings that shared virtually the same traits. Amir now also bares their signs of Violence and defiance. He's a schemer and prefers to do his work from the sidelines. Aside from his God-Complex, he's also what his servant Jett refers to him as a 'Closet Sociopath.' Amir's calm and cool on the surface, but certain things in that vast mind of his rub him the wrong way. He's abusive to his servants. This is his way of relieving the stress his mind causes.  Amir is ambitious, he gets what he wants, and doesn't stop until his goal is met. Oddly since his Resurrection, he seems to be a tad more peaceful. 

✴ Condescending ✴ God - Complex ✴ Charming ✴ Cunning ✴ Deranged ✴ Abusive ✴ Cool on the Surface✴ Leader 

✴ Extremely Intelligent ✴ No-Mercy ✴

✴ Single | Polygamy | Not interested | Heterosexual | Master ✴

Amir has had two lovers in his life that he relatively cared for. The first being a mere forest elf. She soon became his bride to be. Though in the great war against Heaven and Hell, Lucifer infiltrated Amir's kingdom, costing his bride her life.  The second was a Demon, yes even with his hate of Demons, Amir managed to look past it all. Sadly his instincts of distrust took the best of him. Paranoia pushed the two apart, though when they finally came together it looked as if he'd been right all along. She plunged her hand through his heart, leading to his death. If it weren't for his second in command Seren, Amir wouldn't be alive today. 

Amir doesn't usually Marry/ Mate for love. He's grown rather cold to the idea.  He can come off charming, dominant and even romantic at times, sadly most of that has just been acquired from eons of life.  Amir's not cold to affection however, pretty much any one that pledges their allegiance to him, he'll find a use for. This was the case for most of his past lovers and servants alike.  Being the way he is, his wive(s) and servants do most of his dirty work, so they're always handy to have around. 

Seren( Right Hand Servant )


Amir's second in command to his throne in the Stars. She handles all the 'boring' stuff, while Amir's away. She's his Army General and currently holds almost as much power over the stars as he does. Seren was hand picked and trained by Amir. She serves him well. Even though he doesn't show it, having Seren around always seems to take a load of stress off his shoulders. He's silently grateful to have her around.

Viviette( Almost a lover - Neutral/Enemies )


A past 'lover'. While the two never actually made it to that 'couple' stage. Maybe somewhere in another life the two could have worked out. Instead it ended in Amir's death. He remembers Viviette all the way back from when the two first met. She was innocent - maybe not, and kind hearted. An annoyance to him, but still a joy to be around. Now she's all grown up, and clearly has other motives that don't include him. He holds hate for Viv now, even if he doesn't show it. Murder a king once - shame on him. Murder a King twice? Won't happen.

Valkyrie ( Interest- Enemies ) 

Amir has known Valkyire longer than anyone he currently associates with, aside from his own people. She was the first person he interacted with upon visiting Earth for the first time after it's creation. He helped her prosper as leverage later down the line which ended up failing. Valkyrie puts a new definition to independent and Amir hates it. He has plans for her, and always seems to have an eye on her ever since those void abilities of her's awoke. It wont be long now before he finally makes his move. 


Jett ( Alpha Servant )


Although Seren is Amir's right hand servant, Jett is often at Amir's side far more than she. He keeps Amir's servants on Earth in line, and rarely goes to the Kingdom in the Stars. When Amir isn't around, all his servants answer to Jett. He's not only the servants' keeper but protector as well. Jett and Amir work well together, and Amir will always choose Jett as a first pick in battle. Amir doesn't ask much from Jett and Jett never receives abuse from Amir. Our King would sacrifice much to keep Jett out of harm's way.

Ceres: ( Released Captive - Neutral )


While the war between Lucifer and Amir was fought. Amir captured Ceres, Lucifer's bride to be. Lucifer however, had forsaken Ceres last minute making her a useless pawn in Amir's game.  Out of anger, Amir tortured and raped the poor healer until Jett finally convinced Amir to release her. Stripping her of her wings, Amir left her at Hell's doorstep naked and brused. He's yet to see her again, but knows of the friendship she and his Alpha servant Jett share. 

Atlas: ( Void King - Enemies )


Void King. Another king that for so long remained neutral. Atlas is Valkyrie's protector, often keeping Amir from going through with the plans he has for her. However, lately he's become dormant. Disappearing has left an open window for Amir to do as he pleases with Valkyrie. Little does he know, Atlas sleeps in Valkyrie's weapon. While the two Kings don't have bad blood, their motives don't seem to line up. Amir has no idea what Atlas is thinking, nor what plans he has ahead.




Starcaller: A celestial being, with primary control over the Stars. All Starcallers are purebred. Starcaller Genes are recessive meaning if another species is present the Starcaller gene will be killed off leaving the other genes to take over. Half breeds aren't in existence.

✴ Telekinesis:  The ability to move objects with one's mind. This includes telekinetic blasts and waves.

✴  Teleportation: The ability to move from place to place in seconds. Amir created his own version of this which all Starcaller's now use. By folding the particles of space, he is able to travel cleanly, leaving behind no traces, dust, or evidence. Only other Starcaller's can detect him in transit.

✴  Essence Sense: All Starcallers possess this ability. With their hereditary cosmic silver eyes, they can see the dust and other cosmic particles surrounding everything.

✴  Cosmic Creation: The ability to hone his energy into an area to create stars, planets, milkyways and galaxies.

✴ Seduction: A wonderful Man-whore

✴  Materialization: The ability to divide atoms to create more or less of an inanimate object. It's best to keep metallic objects away from him in battle since he thrives off those the most. He must have a core substance to build off in order to create new atoms. 

✴  Draining touch: If enabled Amir can drain someone's energy as his own. He's far from a master at this ability and it often takes several hours to regain full health.

✴ Burst: A telekinetic type shield that consumes Amir's life energy in order to block virtually any attack. The shield is transparent and can only be identified by small waves that emanate around him. This skill is similar to Chronolock yet slightly weaker.

✴ Passives: Immunity to Mind Control | Ability to breathe in space | Immunity to Mind Reading.



✴ Amir doesn't have many offensive skills other than his Telekinesis, which is why his servants do most of his dirty work.

✴ The Mind: Amir mind is so powerful and packed with information that it's easily over-loadable. He'll mostly inflict this on himself by over thinking things - resulting in exhaustion and sleep-lack.

✴ Amir needs sleep unlike most supernaturals. It replenishes his energy and gives him a break from maintaining the stars. Some say this is why stars only come out on certain nights. 

✴Sheer Darkness & Pure Holy Light: Exposure to Holy light and Sheer darkness weaken him. He takes more damage from these elements over any other. If Amir is cast into either of the  two, it will obscure his vision to zero. This weakness is a double edged sword considering both elements are also weak against Cosmic energy such as his own. 

✴ Burst: This is one of Amir's abilities that keeps him safe from virtually anything that is thrown at him. However, when the telekinetic shield around him takes damage, the pain is still felt in his body. His mind takes the majority of the damage which allows his body to stay healthy. This can send Amir into insanity or if damaged enough cause him to pass out. 


✴ Amir's name means "To Command" and "To give orders."

✴ Amir was resurrected by his second in command to the throne Seren - It's a fun story, ask Amir about it.

✴ Amir has a sinister plot behind a particular Berserker he bullies. 

✴ Amir fears his own blood. 

✴ Amir has a strong hate for Demons, ever since the war vs. his Kingdom and Lucifer's.

✴ Over the years he's rebuilt his kingdom in the stars from the waste of war. It's now flourishing with a population of 451 Starcallers and other species.

 During intimate moments, Amir's guard is down and his mind can be read.

✴ Several of his servants suffer from Abuse.

✴ The power of his brain and expanse of his knowledge is a toll mentally to maintain.

✴ The Starcaller population is still close to extinction, genes play a big role. 

✴ Amir can 'change' people into a Starcaller, much like Vampires and Lycan's can change humans to one of their own. 

Hello all, my name's Derek. I haven't been writing all that long so please bare with me. I'll be going on 3 years in a couple months. Amir is a very complex character so again bare with me. He's been my only character all these years. As much as I try to branch out, it never seems to work. A few things below I wanted to point out about my enjoyments and dislikes when writing.

- I'm fine with ooc chatting.

- I prefer to plot before starting a storyline but its never necessary.

- Rarely will smut occur, if it does please inbox. I don't want that junk on my profile. 

- I don't reply quickly - most of the time. It's just how I am. 

-I can't and wont write with one liners. I'm not asking for a book, but I need something in order to give something. 

- Want to be a Starcaller? Ask. Amir can make it happen.

- Have a really crazy plot? Ask. I don't think I've ever said no to any plot before. Probably the reason my character is so complex. 

- We should all know the basic rules of Rping/Writing there for the only thing I ask for is Respect and tolerance with my slow replies. 

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  • It was one of those days that were slow going for her, just like any other day for her really; wake up, go to work, chase down bad guys or kill someone, go home, try to sleep and start the whole routine all over again for the next day and keep doing this until you either break formation of it or just say fuck it and find something else better to do. Life hasn't always treated her kindly, sometimes she asked herself why she was even still around and still putting up with the same bull crap that she normally does on a regular basis these days. Some days felt longer then some, there were days when she just wanna to stay sleep forever and not worry about anything but when duty calls, she didn't have much of a choice to go do what needed to be done right?

    "Its not a very good feeling is it Kanesha?" 

    She knew that voice from anywhere, that voice that would made itself present every now and then whenever she was going to war within herself if she should even call it that; her 'True Self' as this one would like to call her. An exact copy of Kanesha really only difference was that her eyes were pitch black meaning that her demon 'Alastair' was trying to influence her once more but she wouldn't give in to him easily like last time. She didn't say anything to him as he spoke, her glowing lavender eyes watching the shooting star fly across the sky above, she narrowed her eyes a bit as she continued to walk along the deck of the beach with an ice cream in her hand. Apparently, it seems like she had patrol duty tonight like any other night when it was her turn to patrol around the city which was cool with her, no big deal cause nothing really goes on at night so it made her job easy in the end. She brought the spoon up to her lips and scoop the ice cream off her spoon and onto her tongue, savoring the cool yogurt on her tongue before she swallowed.

    "Its always the same Kanesha and in the end, you and I both know that we are monsters." 

    "We are not monsters, I'm not a monster....that was in the past." 

    She walked to a nearby trash bin as she tossed the empty cup of ice cream away along with the spoon, that was right...that was in the past. She wasn't a monster anymore, she refused to resort back to her old ways all those years ago, those were considered her 'dark' days when she felt like that the world was against her and she had no choice but to get even with the world, to show people what she had to go through on a daily basis and how she felt in a daily basis, it was a dark time in her life that she barely manage to make it out from up till now; though what she has done during that time has haunted her till this very day, she still has the nightmares about what she has done but she doesn't share it with anyone. She sighed as she ran her fingers through her brunette hair, she scanned around on the deck, hands shoved in her pocket. Nothing out the ordinary here, hardly anyone was here really with maybe a few to little people walking by here and there from time to time but that was about it....she didn't see no point in sticking around the area anyway, at least that's what she would have thought, plus she had other locations to patrol around for tonight.

    Walking further down, sitting at one of the tables on the deck was a male, a male that she hadn't seen around the area before, probably new perhaps? She didn't know why but she was getting some weird vibes from this man, her glowing lavender eyes darted in his direction for a quick instant as she kept it moving, his scent...wait. His scent, did he not have a scent or...was his scent being masked or something? This was new, something like this never happened to her before, strange...

  • // Bad ass. So, like I'm pretty much open to anyone being used at this point, guys or gals. Usually I have the other writer pick who they'd think would connect better with their character/s. So, if you'd like to choose, by all means. As for starters, I am super rusty and would definitely prefer to plot a little before starting. If that's okay? I'm pretty chill with going in blind after that. Did you want them to have previous history, like a meeting of sorts way back when, a run-in, something like that, and then jump back to the now for whatever reason, orrrrr... go straight into action and ass whooping and meeting that way? I am pretty damn patient and flexible. xD //

  • There's a point in time where things should be taken to a point in days that were simpler, easier. Perhaps walking the snow ground of a place she once often came to in a younger life. One where she would walk just to be, it was strange the people that she would meet. She met a love in these trees. He had just killed a man and she helped to hid the body. She met a friend, many friends. She met him. A man that had showed her the stars and taught her a decent thing in life, that not everything was as she thought it was. Not Hell, not God himself, or Lucifer even. She was able to explore the changes, the differences in life of a person, and it was here, in this abandoned park in a sad and cold place in town that she had met a man she used to love, one that was no longer about.

    Draven would always be different to her. She could not help but to love him, but it was a strange and off love, one sided even. She loved him because he was different, erotic, strange. He was an asshole, but he pushed the right buttons. She was annoying to him, but she brought him a strange entertainment for some odd reason. She recalled days that he had thrown her around, where she had thrown him into the ocean. Where he criticized everything about her and yet still had her around. She wanted to know things, he told her. They told each other things. She taught him that not all demons were the same, when more so she was teaching herself that she was not the same of all of them. Little Demon he would call her.

    She stopped in the snow, it was a thick blanket and it came up to her mid-calf. New York City was a place that she had not been in in some time. Sure she still lived in New York, but surely did not live in the city. Her little park was still just as rotted and old as it had been, but it's on little ecosystem was still running without the touch of the city to harm it. She walked through the long path of it, cracked and crunching snow under her boots. The hour that it took for to walk through lead her to a certain spot that would always be of memory to her, no matter the body she had or the different changes that he mind had gone through with the change of her rank and power.

    Because on the other side of the park out of the closure of the overgrown plants and trees was a building, a broken down shop. More so there was a roof, one whom she met the certain man whom she strangely loved. He had sat there, comically, asking her what the likes of her was doing wondering in a park. He was Draven at the time and cynical of everything that she said and did, even flirting with her when he could but it was no less more curious to her. Draven was gone now, however. In that place was Amir, one who lacked knowledge of their past, or at least, the feeling. The one that she had killed because he was an enemy who had threatened her life. Yet she was here staring up at the roof that she had met his better half. She had.. a feeling though. One that told her to come to this park tonight, one that coaxed her to stand and stare at the spot where she had met him. Perhaps she wished he were there, perhaps she wished to die because surely he would not take a second chance in knowing her. Perhaps he would kill her too.

    If she had the chance, would she say sorry to him? Would he give her the chance to? It would never be known. Or so, that's what she assumed anyway. Just an empty spot, and the lack of will to live.

  • ||No need to be sorry. I think my last reply was a bit too large anyways, but I tend to sometimes get overly descriptive.||

    Judar’s shoes left distinguished prints in the soft sands as he dusted himself off, not initially noticing what his spell was doing. As if the locator orb was conflicted on which way to venture, it did indeed float in different directions – first slowly floating south before quickly propelling upward, only for it to descend back down to travel north. It would be a repetitive cycle of uncertainty, leading Judar to soon after notice the various directions that his orb was trying to go while still attempting to follow it. 'The hell..?' Although a locator spell was a unique game of chance, the sight of his orb floating wildly was a first for the magi, leaving him to stare in both awe and annoyance. It seemed as if the fragment had numerous potential sources, something that he should have known, but it wasn’t as if he had much else to go on. With a defeated sigh then escaping past his lips, Judar raised his left hand to prompt the orb back to his hand – but it was in that moment that things began to take a turn.

    His orb propelled upward, only to then float east towards an unfamiliar path – a direction that it had yet to travel. The magi’s brow arched with curiosity as he followed with haste, with the orb still propelling upward, but now not as high. Perhaps it finally picked up one of the potential sources? It wouldn’t seem that way to Judar as he was led towards a large yet worn fence, which contained an equally worn down mansion. The unimpressive sight led to another display of confusion in the magi’s expression, and to his surprise, the locator orb proceeded to float past one of the many missing parts of the fence before gliding around in the front yard – but it would then cease, as if it were waiting for its creator to follow. After a couple moments of staring, Judar then slipped past the same opening, but not before causing an old board of the fence to fall onto the ground. Though it wasn’t something to care about as he began his walk up to the old-looking home.

    As if the orb was somehow now filled with excitement, it began another odd cycle of floating upward before going forward. If anyone was nearby Judar would fail to notice them, as his eyes focused around different sections of the residence while occasionally back looking at his orb. Not being fully observant was a flaw of the magi's, but his crimson hues just couldn’t seem to stop looking at how untidy the unknown property appeared. Was this place abandoned? Someone that is known as a Starcaller wouldn’t be in a place like this, would they?...Judar at least assumed not as he pressed onward through the front yard, might as well explore the area regardless. The orb in the meanwhile floated over to the porch of the residence, and if a certain figure remained outside it would then begin to circle around him; but if not, the orb simply floated in place.

  • || Greetings, and thank you! They're all pretty much blank slates to fill in as I write them. Amir here is utterly intriguing also. Maybe we can throw words sometime? :D ||

  • Her fingers went to reach over a picture that had been thrown on the floor, and in the darkness, she almost seemed to glow, she was so pale. "What the heck?" Cassie murmured to herself, turning the picture of the medallion necklace, but her attention was caught near the door way of the study. There were a few scattered books, and Cassie recognized a few of the titles. "Wonder if a witch or someone lived here..." She mumbled out loud. "Angels in their Heavens... huh... Dad made me study that one and... Star creation- Who would have this kind of book?" Her fingers outstretched to touch it, absorb it's words, and a buzz of magick flooded her. Before she could touch it though, a voice boomed, and her hand shot back, and she looked up, eyes wide like a deer caught in head lights. 

    Any grumpy behavior was quickly replaced by flustered behavior. "I'm so sorry, I thought this place was abandoned." Then she felt her throat go dry, and she wanted to slap herself. "Not that this isn't a nice home, but it's very... silent and strange." At least she was honest. Cassiopeia shut her mouth, thinking. How many times had she walked this place, and it seemed devoid of life? Then her attention isn't caught by those cosmic hues, but rather, another book, but... the book he's reading. "What is that book?" She asked, softly, her head tiling ever so slightly. What ever panic, or gloom was now replaced by a mix of confusion and curiosity.

    Cassie wanted to ask more questions, but then realized how rude she was being. She bit on her bottom lip, eyebrows knitting together as she thought of why this guy was in here. "Did you know the previous owner or current owner?" She couldn't help it, asking questions. "They have a few books and I would be willing to put down a few bucks for them if they're selling the house or anything inside of this house." And hopefully not press charges for trespassing. Forget-me-not-blue eyes glitter in interest and slight hope. 

  • Lily had made her way around the world trying to run away from her past and those chasing her. She had been in Germany for about two weeks now and she loved it. The cold weather kept her relaxed and calm. She had built herself a little wood cabin just outside of town in the woods surrounding it. That way she could run free when ever she felt the need.

    The morning had broken and lily woke up feeling anxious. Something was different today but what she thought. She sighed walking outside she stood there looking at the freshly fallen snow. Time to run she thought. With that in mind she stripped off letting the wolf push to the surface. Within minutes a large beautiful white wolf stood where lily once stood. She kicked off the porch and rushed off into the woods.

    She ran for what seemed like an hour before she came to a stop. She stood near the top mountain looking down at the trees and the world below. She loved it here tho it again might not be her final stop.

    She howled our listening to it echo Theo the mountains. God it was good to be free. With her nose to the air she court a scent or someone who didn’t belong here. She quickly looked around before following the scent. She hid herself staying low and out of sight.
  • Shell we just see where it goes. I enjoy the unknown. Send starter when your ready. Thank you
  • Rosa, Cassie and Romus were all at the beach. And of course, Cassie was left to third wheel while the other two teenagers huddled around the camp fire, giggling and curling up by each other. Waves kissed the shore, curling up before retreating back into their dark depths. Cassie watched the ocean, and caught the sight of a shooting star in the sky. A silent wish shot through her head: to find a little fun in her life. An irritated twitch hit Cassie's left eyebrow as Rosa pulled away from Romus. "Hey, Cassie, why do you look so down?" Rosa said, watching her little sister sigh.

    "I'm just... I'm just bored." Cassie admitted to Rosa. A mischievous grin hit the older sister's face as she looked around the beach. "You know what you should do Cassie?" "What?" Cassie asked, having a feeling what ever came next wouldn't be good. "Go into that house." Rosa gestured to what looked like a falling apart mansion. Both Cassie and the other teens didn't see Amir hanging up out on the upper deck. No, they were looking at the front porch, which looked like a horror mansion. "Why not..." Cassie mumbled, moving away from the other two, so they could make out more in private. 

    She felt her boots sink into the sand with each step. Wooden stairs creaked under neath her weight, and each second she got closer, paranoia snuck up on her. What was in there? With night approaching, the moon sweeling up in the sky and the lack of natural light, she let a natural pulse of light hit her finger tips. Cassie opened the door timidly, and there was a creeeaaak that made Cassie's moon-kissed skin crawl. "Hello?" She called out into the house, before walking in. 

  • Mmm, either/or is just fine with me; if you like plotting something out then we can plot something out if not the we can just go into it blindly and see what happens :)
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"  If she'd been coming here, it could have been for years and no one would have known. This was Amir's property, and oddly it had stayed his property aside from a few trespassing kids here and there. The home that sat in the distance was huge, yet e…"
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ᴡɪʟʟᴏᴡ ɢʀᴀᴄᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ and Amir are now friends
Feb 27
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"[Sorry for the delay, sometimes I get caught up in work and have to take a break from writing.]
  Amir took a few paces forward as if he was ready to leave her small residence. "I only tell you the things I tell you to perk your interest." He scoffe…"
Feb 26
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"[So sorry for the delay. Sometimes I get really caught up in work and have to take a break. If it's alright I'm going to do a little time skip here since Amir's first journey to Earth would literally just be him going "wtf is this thing on wheels?"]…"
Feb 26
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"I owe: Ember, Mephisto, Lily, Hattie, And judar"
Feb 17
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"(Hmm how to not have this end in a blood bath..)
 A mage indeed. 
  A tapping on the metal frame would surely pull her from whatever contemplation she had. Two cosmic silver hues would be all that met her gaze when she choose to match his. "You real…"
Feb 17
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Feb 5
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"I owe:
Kanesha and Valkyire. 
Offline - Sleep"
Feb 5